10 Best Wing Chun Schools in the World

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While Wing Chun may have originated in China, its popularity has now spread around the world. This has led to many world class martial arts schools teaching students on every continent. With this poses the question of where are the best Wing Chun schools in the world?

Well, that’s what we’re going to find out here. We’ll check out some of the best schools, where they are and what they teach. Hopefully one of these schools is near you so you can benefit from their teachings. Let’s get started!

What Makes a Good Wing Chun School?

There are several factors that go into what makes a good Wing Chun school. Firstly it will need qualified instructors that are highly respected and experienced in Wing Chun. Lineage that can be traced back to a Wing Chun master is always a sign of a good school with quality instructors.

However, a good school is more than just qualified instructors. You’ll also want it to have a well-structured curriculum, a strong emphasis on fundamentals, and the ability to transform those fundamentals into practical applications.

Beyond Wing Chun itself, any type of school thrives when it has a supportive environment where safety is prioritized, and proper training practices are put in place. A school should always encourage your growth.

Those aren’t the only factors either as class size, individual attention, community and culture, philosophy, and reputation are all important. These are all factors that we considered when creating our list below.

10 Best Wing Chun Schools in the World

Here is our list of the best Wing Chun schools in the world. While we’re only showcasing 10 here, there are countless excellent Wing Chun schools around the globe. If there isn’t a school near you on this list, then make sure to do your research on World Wing Chun Federation schools near me.

1. Wing Chun Ip Chun Academy

Country: Hong Kong

Location: Kowloon

Founder: Ip Chun

Website: https://www.ipchun.hk/

Established in its current location since 2002, this school is overseen by one of the most famous Wing Chun practitioners of all time, Ip Chun. While the son of the legendary Ip Man is no longer teaching, there is a sizable list of world-class masters in this martial arts academy.

The main aim of this academy was to bring together all of Ip Chun’s disciples along with Wing Chun practitioners from all over the world. This allows for a place where people can freely exchange their ideas and experiences in practicing Wing Chun.

The school is all you could ever hope for as it gives you the truly authentic Wing Chun experience with its practical teachings and philosophy. Its students and able to progress quickly with the added motivation of this school having perhaps the strongest lineage of all.

2. 5 Elements Martial Arts and Wellness Center

Country: USA

Location: La Mesa, California

Founder: Sifu Mario Mayorga

Website: https://5esd.com/

If you’re anywhere near La Mesa, then the 5 Elements school would be a great choice as one of the best Wing Chun schools in USA. It’s a family-owned business that cares a lot about its students. They teach a wide variety of martial arts, including Wing Chun.

They have an appreciation of the importance of the mental side of martial arts, including its philosophy. They have a holistic approach to training with instructors who are there to guide you through.

5 Elements has Wing Chun classes for children, teenagers, and adults along with clear pricing so you know exactly what you’ll be getting. Their curriculum is excellent and will teach people the art of Wing Chun at a steady pace which expertly covers its techniques, forms and philosophy.

3. Applied Wing Chun Okinawa

Country: Japan

Location: Okinawa

Founder: Sifu Duncan Leung

Website: https://www.okinawawingchun.com/

The best Wing Chun school in Japan can be found in Okinawa. This school has a focus on teaching you to fight in a real-world manner. It ensures that its teachings are done in a functional manner that can be applied away from the school.

While not teaching what they call ‘fantasy techniques’, they still stay true to the philosophy and forms of Wing Chun. They offer a range of different services with their three Sifu’s which include one-on-one training as well as family classes.

They place great importance on the understanding of the theories and concepts behind each movement and technique, allowing their students to grow and gain a huge amount of confidence. The effectiveness of these classes can be shown in the close-knit bond the students have and their excellent results.

4. IWKA Kung Fu Hong Kong

Country: Hong Kong

Location: Des Voeux Road

Founder: Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola

Website: https://www.kungfuhongkong.com.hk/

Another school on our list which is situated in Hong Kong, the IWKA school is a highly professional organization that allows people to learn from a wide range of backgrounds. The school brilliantly supports them through their Wing Chun journey.

Whether you’re looking to defend yourself, improve your fitness, or improve your confidence, IWKA can help. They see Wing Chun Kung Fu as a vehicle for physical, mental, personal, and emotional development.

The school has a very open environment and will support people of all ages to reach their potential. Under Sifu Sergio’s IWKA System, you will learn all the unique techniques in a friendly environment that will allow you to reach your Wing Chun goals.

5. Ving Tsun Kung-Fu

Country: Germany

Location: Duisburg

Founder: Dirk Eiringhaus

Website: https://kampfkunstcentrum.de/

There are also many fantastic Wing Chun schools in Europe too, with the Ving Tsun Kung-Fu school in Germany being a great example. Their child classes are particularly exceptional which allow children to not only enjoy marital arts but learn some vital techniques and philosophy along the way.

While their curriculum is excellent, they also have a focus on mindfulness, respect, and discipline. It makes it a fantastic environment to learn which has plenty of flexibility in the classes you can enjoy and how you fit them in around your life.

The teachings are authentic to that of Ip Man and have been structured in a way that ensures your progress will be rapid. With Ving Tsun Kung-Fu you’ll not only gain some valuable skills but you’ll also improve your self-confidence and physical fitness.

6. Wing Chun (VingTsun) Kung Fu Institute of Learning

Country: Canada

Location: Calgary

Founder: Grand Master Greco Wong

Website: http://www.vingtsun.ca/

The Wing Chun (VingTsun) Kung Fu Institute of Learning is one that has an extremely strong lineage. The legendary Ip Man taught Wing Chun to Grand Master Moy Yat and then he taught it to Grand Master Greco Wong. And it’s Wong who opened this fantastic school.

The school runs three classes a week, which are both situated in the heart of Calgary. Here their students can learn the art of Wing Chun but do so in a safe and friendly environment. They see their school as much more than just a business and run it more like a social club.

Their curriculum is excellent as it will expertly guide you through all the vital forms and techniques of Wing Chun. With such a strong lineage, you can be confident that you’ll receive the highest quality of teaching while also having plenty of fun along the way.

7. Wing Tsun Concepts Academy

Country: Spain

Location: Barcelona

Founder: Sifu Arthur Sánchez

Website: https://wingtsunbcn.com/

For anyone in Spain looking for the highest quality Wing Chun training, they don’t need to look any further than the Wing Tsun Concepts Academy. Opened in 2010, it has quickly grown to be a highly respected Wing Chun school.

A member of the International Alliance of Wing Tsun Academies, the school regularly holds classes in Barcelona but also takes part in European workshops to get the added insight of internationally recognized teachers.

Under the guidance of world class teachers, members of this school will learn Wing Chun concepts in the traditional Hong Kong style. Classes are held twice a week and anyone is welcome to learn all about Wing Chun forms and how to apply them in the real world.

8. The London Wing Chun Academy

Country: UK

Location: London, England

Founder: Dr Mark Phillips

Website: https://londonwingchun.co.uk/

There are many great Wing Chun schools in the UK but The London Wing Chun Academy is probably the best. Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, there is a huge variety of classes here that can cater to any needs.

The head instructor Dr. Mark Phillips has over 35 years of experience and will allow students to not only improve their technical skills but also their fitness, confidence, and mindset. It manages to do all of that in a supportive and welcoming learning environment.

While there is a focus on Wing Chun, a huge variety of other classes are taught here for any keen student looking to expand their martial arts portfolio. It’s a highly professional environment and a perfect place to learn Wing Chun. 

9. Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Country: China

Location: Shandong Province

Founder: Master Shi Xing Qing

Website: https://www.chineseshaolins.com/

We couldn’t complete this list without mentioning a Wing Chun school in China. The Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy is a large organization that teaches a wide range of Kung Fu styles which, of course, includes Wing Chun.

It’s a school that embraces Chinese culture and teaches using traditional methods in its Wing Chun training camps. It’s a wonderful place for international students to travel and learn martial arts not only with world class teachers, but also in a stunning environment.

With training by masters with years of experience, your skills are sure to rapidly improve. Training is open to anyone of any level and there are many different plans to choose from. They all come at an excellent price, making this a wonderful opportunity to expand your culture and learn Wing Chun.

10. Wing Chun by Sifu Chow

Country: USA

Location: New Jersey

Founder: Sifu Chow

Website: https://sifuchowwingchun.com/

For those looking for the best Wing Chun schools in New York or New Jersey, this Wing Chun school established in 1972 is the place to be. With over 50 years of experience, this is a school that will perfectly guide your path to becoming a Wing Chun expert.

The lineage here is very strong as it’s just three generations from Ip Man. The school has two training centers with one of them being in Tribeca, New York and the other being in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. In both of them, you can expect world class teaching.

The list of instructors is very impressive and the locations used are excellent spaces with the highest quality equipment. If you’re serious about committing to Wing Chun, then this school will expertly guide you on that path in a supportive and skilled way.

How To Find the Best Wing Chun School for You or Your Child

Finding the best Wing Chun school for you or your child will require some careful research. There are many different aspects to consider, especially if you live in an area with a few different schools to choose from.

The first step you should take is researching Wing Chun yourself. It’s a great idea to better understand the philosophies behind the martial art and the benefits that it offers. After you do this, it’ll allow you to have a better idea of what you’re looking for.

Once you do that, you can start to look into the differences between Wing Chun Kung Fu schools. Here’s a rundown of everything that you need to consider.

Location – Of course, location is going to be by far the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a Wing Chun school. For those who live in more rural areas, they will often realistically have only one school to choose from when searching for Wing Chun lessons near me.

However, it’s worth looking a little further out as there may be a brilliant Wing Chun school within reach. While distance is the biggest factor, sometimes it’s worth traveling to get the perfect fit for you.

Reviews and Recommendations – As with any business, looking at reviews is going to be important. Reviews are usually available on many platforms such as Google and Facebook. This can give you a crucial insight into how happy students have been with the school.

While some negative reviews are to be expected, you can look into them and see if they follow a common theme. Another good idea is to ask family and friends if they have any recommendations for a great Wing Chun school.

Instructor Credentials and Lineage – The next step is to research the instructors at the school. Ideally, you’ll want them to be both experienced and qualified. This information is usually freely available on their websites and Facebook pages, and can be a red flag if it isn’t.

The school being affiliated with a recognized Wing Chun lineage can be important too. This will give you further trust that you’re dealing with a respected organization.

Facility and Equipment – It’s always a great idea to visit any school you’re interested in. Here you’ll get to see first-hand what type of equipment they have and get a sense of their professionalism and teaching methods.

Especially for your children, ask about how popular their classes are and how they are structured. Most places will offer you a trial class. Here you can experience what one of their lessons is like and then make a judgement from there.

Atmosphere – Getting a gauge of the atmosphere is another good idea. You’ll want a school that is both supportive and respectful. You can even talk to current students (or their parents) about their experiences in the school.

While you’re there, you’ll also get to learn their philosophy and values. Wing Chun is not just about the physical art form but is also about personal development and discipline.

Cost – Of course, we can’t ignore that cost will also play a significant role in your decision. The school should be upfront about its pricing for its various classes. Ensure that you can afford the fees before you enroll yourself or your child in a school.


Can Wing Chun be self taught?

Yes, you can learn Wing Chun at home through the use of books, instructional videos, and even YouTube. However, learning at home is going to have plenty of limitations and it will be hard to progress to a high level of proficiency without a teacher.

Is 50 too old to learn Wing Chun?

You’re never too old to learn Wing Chin. In fact, many see it as the perfect martial art for older adults due to the use of open hand techniques. Wing Chun is a martial art that can be ideal for all ages as it can help boost fitness and confidence, along with teaching you an effective martial art.

How many years does it take to master Wing Chun?

There is a big difference between being good at Wing Chun and being a master. You can get to a good level of proficiency in a few months. However, to be a master of Wing Chun you are most likely looking at a minimum of 5-10 years of solid training. 

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