What are the Best Seats at the UFC?

Best Seats at the UFC

Are you interested in seeing a UFC event? If so, you’re probably wondering about the best seats to get. There are many different options available, and it can be difficult to know which area is right for you.

Thankfully we’re here to make your task a little easier. We’ll look at the different categories of seats, how much they cost, and their pros/cons. Let’s get started!

What To Consider When Choosing UFC Seats

There are many things to consider when choosing the best seats for a UFC event, let’s look at the most important:

Viewing Angle and Distance – Ideally, you want to choose seats that are not too far from the action. You need to decide whether you’ll want to be elevated but a little farther out, or closer to the action but looking through the cage.

Cost – The costs of seats vary drastically, and this will often have the biggest impact on your buying decision. You need to consider if the seats that you can afford are going to offer good value for money.

Arena Layout and Size – This links to our first point but find out the arena layout and size before you buy. Most arena websites will show you a floor plan where you can check out exactly what distance they are from the action, screens, pillars, vendors, etc.

Jumbotron Screens – If you’re going to be well away from the action, you’ll want to have a good view of the screen as otherwise, you won’t be able to see anything at all.

3 Types of UFC seats

Seating can generally be categorized into three different groups. You have the lower floor seats which are right by the octagon, the middle tier which is the first level of seating, and then the upper tier above that.

Let’s take a look at the three types of UFC seats in a little more detail.

1. Lower Floor

Distance from Octagon: 10-50 feet

Line of Sight: Looking up

Average Cost: Very high

Best For: Being close to the action

The lower floor is the one that gets the most attention. This is where you usually see a bunch of celebrities and it puts you right at the heart of the action.

The advantages are clear, as if you get a good spot, you’ll have a great view of the fights. You won’t find yourself constantly needing to look at the screens to understand what’s happening on the canvas.

However, getting a good spot with UFC floor seats is difficult. The biggest barrier will be the people who are in front of you. You’ll often be blocked by them and you’ll have to stand up when they stand up. Ideally, you want to be in the first few rows.

There are also other obstructions. You’ll be looking directly through the cage of the octagon and any corner posts. Added to that, there can be cameramen in your way too. It can add up to a frustrating experience.

As you’ll be close to a cage, it’s often hard to get a good look at the screens, as they are usually way above you. The reality is that floor seats are a status thing and are by far the most expensive of all the seat options.

If you have plenty of money, then it’s a good idea to try out floor seats at least once as it can be a good experience. But for the best viewing angles to watch the fight, these seats have some serious drawbacks. Check out this vlog for a good insight into the experience:

2. Middle Tier

Distance from Octagon: 50-120 feet

Line of Sight: Eye-level or slightly down

Average Cost: Moderate

Best For: Compromise between cost and viewing

Depending on the size and design of the area, here you’ll either be looking at the cage around eye level or slightly below. For many people, this offers the best compromise between cost and viewing experience.

The cost of middle-tier seats can still be quite high, but they are usually far cheaper than floor seats. For most UFC events you can expect to pay around $100-$150 with more high-profile events being more than this.

Due to many seeing it as the perfect combination, these seats usually sell out very quickly. You’ll still be looking through the cage but with a good view of the action. However, you’ll probably find yourself looking up at the screens if the fight goes to the floor.

Where you sit in the middle tier can have a big impact on your viewing angle and line of sight. In your view from seats at MSG, for example, the middle tier is further back at the ends of the arena than the sides, as it is oval-shaped. You need to keep this in mind when getting your UFC MSG tickets.

Middle tiers can also be quite deep, so a back-row seat on one of the ends can have a vastly different distance from the octagon than a front-row seat at the sides.

3. Upper Tier

Distance from Octagon: 100-200 feet

Line of Sight: Below and over the cage

Average Cost: Low

Best For: Atmosphere

The upper tier gives you great views across the whole arena, but the reality is that the fighters are going to be very small. Due to this, you don’t see any of the action in detail and it can be hard to follow the fight without looking at the screen.

At the back of the arena, you can be up 200 feet from the action in the biggest venues. The benefit of these seats is that they are going to be by far the cheapest with many seats being sold for $75 or less.

These seats are the best for those who want to sample the atmosphere of a UFC event. These seats are less about being able to watch fighters in the flesh and more about being a part of the experience.

In many arenas, the front row of the upper tier side seats will be closer to the action than the back row of the middle tier end seats. You can see this in the UFC MSG seating chart we linked to above. For a good idea of the experience, check out this vlog:


Are balcony seats good for UFC?

For events like the UFC, it’s very difficult to watch the fight in any great detail from these seats. However, they offer a high level of comfort, have a great view of the screens, and allow you to soak in the atmosphere. So while they can give you an enjoyable experience, not many would call these the UFC.com best seats.

Are UFC floor seats worth it?

The UFC front row seats price can be $500 or more and whether they are worth it depends on what you’re looking for. If you have a high budget and want the experience of being close to fighters and celebrities, many will say they are worth it.

However, many fans will say the frustrations with trying to get a good view of the action make them poor value for money, and will give a negative UFC VIP experience review.

How much is a good UFC seat?

This can drastically change based on the arena used, the profile of the event, and many other factors. For a standard event, you can expect to pay around $75 for the cheaper seats with prices of up to $500 or more for floor seats. These prices can dramatically increase with premium events.

Do UFC fighters get free seats?

This question can be asked for two reasons so let’s answer both.

1. Fighters don’t automatically get given free seats for UFC events they are not a part of, but high-profile fighters are usually given them.

2. Fighters competing on the card usually get a handful of free tickets they can give to family and friends. 

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