25 Best Boxing Gyms in the USA for 2023

best boxing gyms

If you’re interested in learning the “sweet science,” the first step is to find the right boxing gym. Finding a modern boxing gym can provide you with the best boxing classes and take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, training at a high-quality boxing gym is essential.

When I started out as an amateur boxer, I didn’t put much effort into finding the best boxing places. I figured any boxer studio would suffice. However, I learned later that taking the time to find the best boxing gyms in your area is always worth it. Training at the right place saves you time, energy, money, and most importantly – makes you a better boxer.

In this list, I’m going to share my top choices for the best boxing gyms in the USA for 2023. The USA is filled with boxing hubs like New York City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. However, there are great modern boxing gyms in every corner of the country.

Best Boxing Gyms in Multiple Locations

When it comes down to it, finding a boxing gym depends on location. Luckily, some gyms are franchises that have multiple locations throughout the country.

25. UFC Gym (locations all across the USA)

UFC Gym (locations all across the USA)

I know what you’re thinking – I thought this was a list of boxing gyms! While you can train MMA at the UFC Gym, there is a heavy focus on boxing. Which is great considering they have locations all across the United States, making it a great choice for someone who doesn’t live in a boxing hub.

Since boxing is a fundamental aspect of MMA, the UFC Gym provides everything you need to train boxing – punching bags, weights, equipment, pads, and boxing coaches.

24. Title Boxing Club (locations all across the USA)

Title Boxing Club (locations all across the USA)

If you’ve been interested in boxing for a while, you’ve probably heard of Title. They’re one of the most recognized boxing brands in the world. What you might not have known is that they also have modern boxing gyms across the country.

One awesome feature of being a member of a Title Boxing Club gym is that you gain access to their mobile app – meaning you can have a boxing coach in your pocket, anywhere you go.

23. Everybody Fights (Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Kentucky, and Boston)

Everybody Fights (Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Kentucky, and Boston)

If you’re lucky enough to live near an Everybody Fights gym, you should take advantage of it. It’s a world famous boxing gym owned by George Foreman III, the son of legendary heavyweight George Foreman.

Renowned for being a modern boxing gym, Everybody Fights stays at the cutting edge of boxing training, making it an ideal choice for boxers at every level.

22. Sobekick (Miami, San Francisco, Baltimore)

Sobekick (Miami, San Francisco, Baltimore)

The appeal of Sobekick is their variety of no contact classes, making it an ideal choice for beginners who are afraid to step into the ring or people who are only interested in boxing to get in shape.

However, that doesn’t mean Sobekick isn’t a good choice for experienced boxers. Their emphasis on form, technique, and fitness is guaranteed to get you in peak fighting form. While they have three locations, Sobekick also offers online classes – meaning you can train from anywhere in the world.

The Best Boxing Gyms Outside Boxing Hubs

Not every city is known for its boxing gyms. When most people think of famous boxing gyms, they think of locations in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, and Philadelphia. However, people who live outside these hubs have great choices as well.

21. POW! Gym (Chicago, Illinois)

POW! Gym (Chicago, Illinois)

One of the best options if you live in the Windy City is POW! Gym, which offers boxing classes for boxers at every level of the sport. It offers the perfect mix of modern training techniques with some old-school classics.

20. 9Round PDX (Portland, Oregon)

9Round PDX (Portland, Oregon)

Portland might be known as a city with a bunch of hippies – but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to fight there! 9Round PDX is a great place for boxers to hone their skills with a unique approach. Unlike other gyms, there are no scheduled classes – you just show up, workout, and box!

19. The Corner Boxing Club (Boulder, Colorado)

The Corner Boxing Club (Boulder, Colorado)

If you live in the Rocky Mountain State, one of your best options for a world class boxing gym is The Corner Boxing Club in Boulder. They offer group classes as well as personalized one-on-one training from their top notch boxing coaches. They also offer lessons for people at any age – from kids all the way up to seniors.

The Best Boxing Gyms in Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas – including their famous boxing gyms! Texas is an enormous state with boxing gyms all over, but here are the top choices in the states’ biggest cities.

18. Dallas Fight Club (Dallas, TX)

Dallas Fight Club (Dallas, TX)

As an official member of USA Boxing, Inc, the Dallas Fight Club gym is as legit as it gets. While they offer a variety of classes – including those for kids and novices – the focus of this gym is to hone your boxing skills until you can step into the ring. As such, they’re recognized for their excellent amateur boxing program.

However, don’t be discouraged if you’re only a hobbyist. The Dallas Fight club has a robust community of boxers at every level – even those who only train as a way to stay in shape.

17. The Club K.O. (San Antonio, TX)

The Club K.O. (San Antonio, TX)

One awesome feature of The Club K.O. boxing gym is their outdoor boxing classes, making it one of the more unique training experiences. It’s an ideal choice for people trying to get in shape, but they also offer boxing classes for kids and more intense training for amateur boxers.

16. Main Street Boxing & Muay Thai (Houston, TX)

Main Street Boxing & Muay Thai (Houston, TX)

One of the coolest things about Main Street Boxing & Muay Thai is that you can focus entirely on boxing, or incorporate other elements of striking by adding Muay Thai. They offer a variety of classes, including sparring for amateur boxers and intense pad sessions.

Another amazing aspect is that the gym has hosted a variety of professional boxers, MMA fighters, and kickboxers – including former boxing champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

15. Legends Boxing (locations all over Texas)

Legends Boxing (locations all over Texas)

If you live in Texas but aren’t in one of the cities listed above, one amazing option is Legends Boxing. They have locations all over the Lone Star State, in addition to a few boxing gyms in other states.

Legends Boxing is a fitness gym that utilizes boxing to help their patrons get in shape – making it an ideal choice for beginners, kids, and amateur boxers.

The Best Boxing Gyms in Florida

Miami is known as a great boxing hub, hosting some of the most famous boxing gyms in the world. While Florida may be more known for its theme parks and sunshine, it’s most famous city offers a great variety of options for boxing gyms. 

14. South Beach Boxing (Miami, FL)

South Beach Boxing (Miami, FL)

Open since 1995, South Beach Boxing is one of the USA’s longest running boxing gyms. They offer over 50 classes a week for boxers at every level, including the pros. In fact, the South Beach Boxing gym has been host to many legendary boxers, including Evander Holyfield, Sugar Ray Leonard, and even Muhammad Ali.

13. Fight Club America (Miami, FL)

Fight Club America (Miami, FL)

Voted as the best gym in Miami for 3 years in a row, Fight Club America is a great place for boxing classes. They offer a full range of boxing training, including sparring sessions and intense boot camps. They cater to boxers at every level – whether you’re someone just looking to get in shape or a pro fighter, you can find a home at Fight Club America.

12. 5th Street Gym (Miami, FL)

5th Street Gym (Miami, FL)

The 5th Street Gym is one of the most famous boxing gyms on our list so far. Established in 1950, it’s also one of the oldest, having hosted a who’s who of the boxing world. In fact, not only have legendary Boxers like Muhammad Ali, Roberto Duran, and Sonny Liston trained at this boxing gym, celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Sylvester Stallone, and even The Beatles have worked out here.

They offer boxing lessons for hobbyists and amateurs, as well as pro sessions for trained boxers. If you live in Miami and are serious about becoming a boxer, then the 5th Street Gym is an obvious choice.

The Best Boxing Gyms in California

California has produced some of the greatest boxers of all time, including Jack Dempsey, Oscar de la Hoya, and Andy Ruiz Jr. Here are the best boxing gyms in California for 2022.

11. Box ‘N Burn (Los Angeles, CA)

Box ‘N Burn (Los Angeles, CA)

Tony Jeffries is one of the world’s most famous boxing trainers. Once the captain of the national boxing team of England, he moved out to California and opened Box ‘N Burn, now regarded as one of the best boxing gyms in the world.

While it has a broad appeal focused on using boxing training for fitness, amateur and pro boxers make their way to this gym to hone their skills as well. They offer group boxing classes as well as private lessons, meeting you where you are with your boxing needs.

10. BoxUnion (Locations in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Sherman Oaks, CA)

BoxUnion (Locations in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Sherman Oaks, CA)

BoxUnion is a high-end boxing gym for those who are looking for a chic boxer studio. With three locations across California, each BoxUnion gym provides its patrons with a state of the art modern boxing gym with world class boxing coaches and trainers.

BoxUnion has a reputation for intense workouts, despite it being focused primarily on the fitness aspects of boxing rather than preparing for actual fights. If you want to get in the shape of your life, BoxUnion is a great choice.

9. Wild Card Boxing Club (Los Angeles, CA)

Wild Card Boxing Club (Los Angeles, CA)

The Wild Card Boxing Club is one of the most famous boxing gyms in the world – and for good reason. It was founded by Freddie Roach, widely regarded as the world’s premiere boxing trainer. What’s more, his partner in running the gym is Mickey Rourke – a former boxer turned actor, fitting in perfectly with the boxing gym’s Hollywood location.

Pro boxers who have trained under Roach include Manny Pacquiao, Mike Tyson, James Toney, and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., making this boxing gym one of the most distinguished on this list.

The Best Boxing Gyms in NYC

New York is regarded as one of the major boxing hubs of the world, not just the USA. Some of the most famous boxing gyms have their home in New York. Here are the choices for the best boxing gyms in NYC.

8. Gotham Gym (Locations in Manhattan and Long Island NY)

Gotham Gym (Locations in Manhattan and Long Island NY)

If you’re in New York and looking for a boxing gym with an old-school vibe, then Gotham Gym is the choice for you. They offer private and semi-private training sessions, living by the motto “train like a fighter.”

This gym is a bit more gritty, matching its NYC location. The facilities are top-notch, but more retro compared to other modern boxing gyms. That’s because they adopt a warrior’s mentality, focusing on the fundamental aspects of what it means to be a boxer.

7. Church Street Boxing (NYC)

Church Street Boxing (NYC)

Church Street Boxing is one of the most famous boxing gyms in New York – and for good reason. It’s one of the biggest boxing gyms in NYC and has helped train legendary boxers like Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield.

Church Street Boxing is a go-to gym for both amateur and pro boxers living in the NYC area, and has even attracted MMA fighters like Chris Weidman. However, its fame has also made it an attractive boxing gym for beginners, hobbyists, and people who are looking to get in shape.

6. The Dogpound (NYC)

The Dogpound (NYC)

With a name like The Dogpound, you can expect to get worked like a dog. This world famous boxing gym has a reputation for its gritty, intense, retro workouts. The boxing trainers and coaches at The Dogpound aren’t going to hold your hand – they’re going to push you to your limits en route to turning you into a boxer.

The Dogpound offers private lessons, group boxing classes, and virtual options, meaning you can hone your boxing skills whether or not you’re in NYC. They also offer a full range of conditioning classes, including HIIT routines and strength training.

5. Gleason’s Gym (NYC)

Gleason’s Gym (NYC)

Gleason’s Gym is probably the most famous boxing gym in the world – and the oldest in the USA. It is highly regarded as one of the best boxing gyms of all time, having prepared Muhammad Ali for his first Heavyweight championship fight.

If you’re serious about becoming a pro boxer and live in New York, then Gleason’s Gym should be your top choice. In addition to Ali, the gym has also trained boxing legends like Roberto Duran, Rocky Marciano, and Jake LaMotta.

The Top 4 Boxing Gyms in the USA

When people think of boxing in the USA, they think of two cities – Philadelphia and Las Vegas. These two cities are considered boxing meccas, so it’s no surprise that they’re home to the top four boxing gyms in the USA for 2023.

4. Joltin’ Jabs (Philadelphia, PA)

Joltin’ Jabs (Philadelphia, PA)

Even people who aren’t fans of boxing know the movie Rocky – which followed the story of fictional Philadelphia boxer Rocky Balboa. What fans may not know is that Rocky was based on a real life boxer: Joey DeMalavez. What’s even more amazing is that he has his own gym in the City of Brotherly Love!

If you think it’s only a famous boxing gym because of its connection to the Hollywood film, you’d be mistaken. Joltin’ Jabs is a top-notch boxing gym that trains boxers of every level, including amateurs and professionals.

3. Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Boxing Gym (Las Vegas, NV)

Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Boxing Gym (Las Vegas, NV)

Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Boxing Gym has been training boxers since the 1950s – including Sonny Liston, Larry Holmes, and Michael Dokes, three heavyweight champions. Founded by legendary boxing coach Johnny Tucco, the gym continues to be one of the best boxer studios on the planet.

Las Vegas is referred to as the mecca of boxing, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to one of the world’s most prestigious boxing gyms. While it may not be a good fit for beginners or people just trying to get in shape, it’s an excellent choice for amateur and pro boxers who want to take their game to the next level.

2. Front Street Gym (Philadelphia, PA)

Front Street Gym (Philadelphia, PA)

The Front Street Gym is every aspiring boxer’s ideal boxing gym. Recognized by ESPN as one of the most famous boxing gyms in the world, Front Street Gym has produced champions like Jesse Ferguson, Meldrick Taylor, and Tony Thornton.

An old-school gym that represents the tough melting-pot vibes of Philadelphia, Front Street Gym offers a variety of boxing classes – including for kids and beginners. Their coaches are regarded as some of the best in the world, including pro boxer Terrence Lewis.

1. Mayweather Boxing Club (Las Vegas, NV)

Mayweather Boxing Club (Las Vegas, NV)

If you want to become a boxer, what better place to learn than the boxer studio that produced one of the greatest boxers of all time? The Mayweather Boxing Club is home to Floyd Mayweather Jr, arguably the greatest boxer of all time, who still trains there to this day. The boxing gym is owned by his uncle, Roger Mayweather, who is a world renowned boxing coach.

Another appeal of taking boxing classes and training at the Mayweather Boxing Club is that one of the trainers is none other than Floyd Mayweather Sr, the man responsible for raising his son to become one of the greatest boxers in history.

Make no mistake – this is a gym for amateur and professional boxers who are serious about their craft. People who are looking to just get in shape may be better suited for a different gym. However, if becoming the best boxer you can be is your goal, then the Mayweather Boxing Club is one of the best boxing gyms you can go to.

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