Top 10 Best Boxing Brands of 2023

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If you’re a boxer, you understand the need for quality equipment. Whether you’re shopping for boxing gloves, a punching bag, or jump ropes, choosing from the best boxing brands can save you the hassle of dealing with cheap equipment. When it comes to boxing gear, quality is important.

In this article, I’m going to share my choices for the top 10 boxing brands you should consider when shopping for boxing gear. Over my 15 years of training in boxing, I have tried out a variety of different boxing companies and have a solid idea of which boxing brands provide the best quality equipment.

Here are the top 10 best boxing brands of 2023.

10. Cleto Reyes

Founded in 1945, Cleto Reyes is a Mexican boxing brand that generates an estimated $5 million per year. Unlike some of the other boxing companies on this list that have branched out into other combat sports like Muay Thai and MMA, Cleto Reyes produces purely boxing equipment. 

If you’re the kind of boxer that needs boxing gloves with the best “feel,” Cleto Reyes may be the choice for you. Each pair of their boxing gloves are handmade with high-quality materials in Mexico. They offer a few more products, like gym bags and headgear, but they are most known for their boxing gloves. 

They’re a bit pricier compared to some other boxing gear brands, but it’s worth the durability – these boxing gloves last a long time. Prices range between $100-$300.

9. Winning

Founded in 1937, Winning is a Japanese boxing brand that generates an estimated $10 million per year. They’re the most expensive boxing gear brand on this list – their boxing gloves sell for an average price between $230-$450 – but if you prioritize the highest quality craftsmanship, it’s tough to beat Winning. 

They focus primarily on boxing gloves, boxing apparel, cup protectors, and headgear, with options for amateurs and professionals. Winning is a good choice for people who are serious boxers, as their build quality is made to endure the rigors of a boxer’s routine. However, given their price, beginners may want to consider more affordable options.

8. Fairtex

Founded in 1958, Fairtex is a Thai boxing brand that generates an estimated $15 million per year. Fairtex is probably the most recognizable Muay Thai brand around the world – but they also make top-notch boxing gear. Their line includes boxing gloves, boxing trunks, punching bags, and protective equipment. 

Fairtex has an awesome 24/7 customer support system and a solid blog that has a log of training tips as well as deals. They’re a bit pricier than some of the other boxing companies on this list, with average prices ranging between $70-$240.

7. Ringside

Founded in 1977, Ringside is an American boxing brand that generates an estimated $20 million per year. They offer wholesale pricing for customers interested in bulk purchases, so if you’re a boxing gym owner who needs a ton of boxing equipment, Ringside is a natural choice. 

They also sell some objects needed for boxing competitions, like ring stools and fight clocks, in addition to normal boxing equipment like boxing gloves, trunks, and shoes. Ringside is one of the more affordable boxing companies, ranging between $35-$100.

6. Top King

Founded in 2009, Top King is a Thai boxing brand that generates an estimated $25 million per year. They started off as a strictly Muay Thai brand, but branched out naturally into boxing equipment. 

They’re one of the few brands on this list that you can actually buy an entire boxing ring from – or maybe just the ropes. Top King has some of the most stylish designs for their boxing gloves, so if you like a little flair on your boxing equipment, they’re a good choice. They’re a bit pricier in the $60-200 range, but the extra style points are worth it.

5. Title

Founded in 1998, Title is an American boxing brand that generates an estimated $30 million per year. Title is another boxing company that produces products solely for boxers – offering everything from punching bags to competition apparel.

They’re the only boxing gear brand on this list to have their own podcast about the history of boxing – Title Unboxed

Title also offers training tips and videos on their site and has a social hub that showcases the fighters and gyms that represent them around the world. Their special series boxing equipment is a must for boxing diehards, like their exclusive line of Muhammad Ali products. Prices range between $30-$150.

4. Venum

Founded in 2006, Venum is a French boxing brand that generates an estimated $40 million per year. They are most known for being the current official brand of the UFC, but they also make high-quality boxing equipment. 

They’re one of the few boxing companies on this list that has their own app, where customers can find deals and enter sweepstakes. They offer a full scope of training equipment for almost every martial art – everything from BJJ gis to boxing gloves.

Their average price runs between $50-250, making them one of the most expensive choices on this list. This is a good choice for fans of the UFC as well as boxers who want reliable boxing equipment.

3. RDX

Founded in 1999, RDX is a British boxing brand that generates an estimated $50 million per year. They’re another comprehensive boxing company that sells pretty much anything you could ever think to need as a boxer, as well as MMA and other combat sports.

They have a section of their site dedicated to at-home boxing gym equipment, including special bundles that come with mats, gloves, punching bags, and the materials needed to mount them. However, they are unique in the fact that they also sell products for fitness and yoga. 

Their yoga section is pretty extensive, with things like balance boards, aerobic steps, yoga blocks, yoga balls, and other things that many boxers incorporate into their workouts. Most of their gloves are made with genuine leather, but they maintain a reasonable price range between $30-150. 

2. Century

Founded in 1976, Century is an American boxing brand that generates an estimated $50 million per year.

They’re one of the most comprehensive boxing companies on this list, selling pretty much anything a boxer would ever need – punching bags, training equipment, medicine balls, boxing gloves, boxing apparel – you name it, Century probably makes it.

They also sell products for other combat sports like MMA and kickboxing. 

Century is also notably affordable, with prices usually ranging from $40 to $150. They’re a good choice if you’re looking to order everything you need for boxing in one place. While some brands only offer their boxing gloves in a few colors, Century has the widest selection.

1. Everlast

Founded in 1910, Everlast is an American boxing brand that generates an estimated $250 million per year. Everlast is the oldest boxing company on this list, and is probably the most famous boxing brand there is.

Iconic boxers like Mohamed Ali, Joe Frazier, Rocky Marciano, and Mike Tyson have all used Everlast boxing equipment throughout their careers. 

Everlast products include just about everything you’d need in terms of boxing apparel and gear; boxing gloves, protective gear, hand wraps, boxing shoes, jump ropes, and even boxing mitts. With over 100 years of experience, you know you get quality boxing equipment from them.

They have good options for beginners as well as durable, fight-tested boxing equipment for professionals, with prices ranging from as low as $30 all the way up to $500.


What is the best boxing brand?

The best boxing brand is going to be the one that fulfills your needs best. You should consider your budget, how seriously you train boxing, and what kind of boxing equipment you’re in the market for.

If you’re a pro boxer in need of gloves, Cleto Reyes is a great option. However, a beginner might be looking for something less expensive with a broader catalogue, Century or Everlast will be better.

What is the most popular boxing gloves brand?

In terms of popularity, it’s tough to beat the name-brand recognizability of Everlast. They are the most famous boxing brand in existence – and for good reason. They’ve been in the boxing equipment game the longest, with over 100 years experience.

In terms of sales worldwide, they’re the top dog amongst boxing companies – the company with the second most sales is $200 million behind.

Is Everlast a good boxing brand?

While it’s hard to pinpoint the very best boxing companies, Everlast is certainly one of the best. Their status as the most famous boxing brand makes them the first company most people think of when they think of “boxing gear.”

However, they serve a very large market, from beginners to hobbyists to amateurs and pros. Since they’re catering to so many needs, some pro boxers prefer other brands that are smaller in scope and serve predominantly serious boxers.

Still, many pro boxers swear by Everlast. Some more recent examples of pro boxers using Everlast boxing equipment are Deontay Wilder and Canelo Alvarez, along with 15 other world champions.

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