Top 10 Best Wing Chun Wooden Dummy in 2023

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The Wing Chun wooden dummy (also called the Mu Ren Zhuang or Mook Yan Jong) is a vital piece of training equipment in Wing Chun. It enables you to practice your technique and elevate your skills to the next level.

Choosing the right one is tough but with my experience in Wing Chun, I’m here to help. A great Wing Chun dummy can be the difference between perfect practice and learning bad habits. It’s important to get the right stability, response, and durability.

This is why I wanted to share with you the best Wing Chun dummies available right now. Along with looking at traditional Wing Chun wooden dummies, we’ll also look at alternatives that may be more suitable to those just starting out. Let’s get started by looking at our top picks!

Top Picks

Rushed for time and simply want to know what are the best Wing Chun dummies available right now? If so, here are our top three picks that you can’t go wrong with.

Best forBest OverallBest for BeginnersBest Budget
Product nameAUGUSTAPRO Iron Body Wing Chun DummyByjccar Simple Wall-Mounted Home Portable Wooden ManSYNTECSO Wing Chun Dummy
Product image
Our rating5.04.94.8
More infoMore InformationMore InformationMore Information

Who Should Get This?

The wooden dummy is to Wing Chun what the punching bag is to boxing. It is a valuable tool that helps to elevate your Wing Chun skills to the next level. Everyone who is serious about Wing Chun needs a wooden dummy.

While beginners don’t need to get a wooden dummy right away, it becomes an invaluable asset to those at intermediate and advanced level. Not only does it help to refine technique but it helps to keep your skills sharp.

The dummy is especially important for those who have limited training partners and/or want to train at home. There are many different types of Wing Chun dummies but thankfully we look at a wide selection of them right here.

Best Wing Chun Dummy – Buying Guide

How To Use/Train with Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

To start using a Wing Chun dummy, you need to first learn the basic Muk Yan Jong form. These are a sequence of movements that are designed to help you internalize the fundamental techniques of Wing Chun.

After this, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the positions and angles of the dummy and focus on proper structure. Eventually, you’ll be able to practice sequences, incorporate footwork, and start to work on your speed and timing.

There is no doubt that being a master of the wooden dummy takes a lot of hard work and patience. That’s why using a Wing Chun wooden dummy training book can be a great idea as this will be your guide and prevent you from practicing any bad habits.

Do I Need a Full-Sized Wooden Wing Chun Dummy?

By now you may be wondering whether or not you should get one of the more compact and affordable Wing Chun dummies or opt for something a little more traditional with the large wooden models.

The answer is no, you don’t need a full-sized wooden dummy, not yet anyway. For beginners, don’t worry about getting a wall-mounted or attachable dummy as these will still be able to progress your technique and allow you to improve in this wonderful martial art.

Eventually, we would recommend getting a full-sized Wing Chun dummy. However, this can wait until your skills have improved and/or you’ve saved up enough money to get one.

What To Consider When Choosing a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Trying to choose a Wing Chun dummy isn’t easy as there are many different aspects to consider. To make your choice easier, here we’ll break them down.

Material – Traditionally Wing Chun dummies are made from wood. The type of wood can change but the likes of oak, teak, and maple are commonly used for their durability. Cheaper wooden dummies are more likely to use less premium types of wood.

Mounting Options – Do you want your dummy to be wall-mounted, freestanding, or as an attachment? It’s important to consider where you are going to place the dummy and the level of installation that will be involved.

Size and Dimensions – How much space do you have for your Wing Chun dummy? If space is limited, then a wall-mounted pr attachment type would be best. If space isn’t an issue that opens up the potential to have a freestanding wooden dummy or even one that has a frame.

Construction – Look for a dummy that has a good level of construction and craftmanship. All joints and connections should be secure, with the dummy being well-balanced. The dummy will take a lot of punishment over time so durability is important.

Adjustability – Some Wing Chun dummies offer not only adjustable height but the arms can be adjustable too. This means you can customize the dummy depending on the techniques you want to practice. It also allows multiple people to use the dummy at a height that is comfortable for them.

Budget – Cost is always going to be one of the main concerns when purchasing any product. While it’s important to invest in a quality dummy, there are some great cheaper options out there. You can also buy a more affordable dummy before saving up for a traditional Mook Jong.

Reviews and Recommendations – It’s always wise to check out reviews and recommendations. This can give you an important insight into its craftsmanship and durability. While some negative reviews are expected, you should check if negative reviews often follow a similar theme.

Wing Chun Dummy Reviews

1. Best Overall – AUGUSTAPRO Iron Body Wing Chun Dummy

Type: Freestanding

Attachment: Suction cups

Suitable For: Every skill level

Material: Hardwood with a metal base

This is a stylish and well-made wooden dummy that ticks all the right boxes. It comes at a fairly high price but it’s highly rated by those who have used it for a long time. For these reasons and more, it gets our pick as the best Wing Chun dummy available right now.

While it looks like a large and imposing dummy, it’s quite lightweight and easy to set up. You’ll have it installed in no time and can begin practicing right away. While it’s light for its size, it can be filled with sand for those wanting a little extra stability.

What I loved about this dummy was the large suction cup base. It means that you can easily stick it down and enjoy high stability without needing to worry about any drilling. The obvious downside here is that you’ll need a flat surface to use those suction cups.

For those looking for the perfect freestanding Wing Chun dummy, look no further. Its narrow base also makes it ideal for home gyms as it has a very small footprint compared to those dummies which have large frames.

2. Best for Home Training – Geniqua Wing Chun Wooden Target Training Dummy

Type: Freestanding

Attachment: None

Suitable For: Compact home gyms

Material: Wood

This is another beautiful Wing Chun wooden dummy and could have easily won our spot as the top overall pick. Instead, we thought it was the best wooden dummy for home training. That’s because of its high-quality, compact size, and no attachment required.

At 67 inches tall, it’s the perfect size for most users to allow them to perfectly practice their Wing Chun techniques with the responsiveness that you’d expect. Added to its wooden arms are two pads, which makes it more comfortable when making those strikes.

What I loved most about this dummy is that even though the base is fairly narrow, it’s cleverly designed to provide high stability. The sturdy dummy comes with assembly instructions but it’s doubtful you’ll need them as it’s very easy to put together.

It’s hard to pick any fault with its build quality and construction. It is quite heavy and a couple of users have noted that it arrived cracked, but this seems to be a very rare issue. Overall it’s an excellent Wing Chun dummy and well worth the investment.

3. Best Premium Quality – Flex HQ Adjustable Wing Chun Dummy

Type: Freestanding with frame

Attachment: None

Suitable For: Power striking

Material: Wood

For those looking for a premium quality Wing Chun dummy, then you’re going to be very happy with this. The first thing you’ll notice is that it is very well made and will allow you to practice your strikes and techniques with confidence.

The disadvantage of this wooden dummy is obvious, as the frame it comes with does have a large footprint but you will need a lot of space for it. If you do, then you’ll love the stability that comes from not only that frame but also its weight.

While I did love how balanced it was, I did find that it moved slightly when placed on a laminate floor. If I was using this long-term, then it’s a problem that could be easily solved by attaching some rubber feet.

Despite it being a premium product, you’ll get excellent value for your money here as it’s solidly built with the arms having the perfect amount of give. If you have room for a large Wing Chun dummy, this is highly recommended.

4. Best for Beginners – Byjccar Simple Wall-Mounted Home Portable Wooden Man Pile

Type: Wall-mounted

Attachment: Wall screws

Suitable For: Beginners with limited space

Material: Wooden arms with metal plates and foam padding

We just looked at a Wing Chun dummy that requires a lot of space but this is the complete opposite. Rather than having a frame, this needs to be attached to the wall at any height required. Due to this, it makes the ideal Wing Chun dummy for beginners.

Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller home gyms or even finding a practice area in your garage. The fact that it’s height adjustable also means it can be used by various users within the same household.

What I didn’t like at first is that the arms are slightly sprung and don’t give you the same level of responsiveness as a traditional Wing Chun dummy. That being said, I did love the convenience offered and the good level of shock absorption.

For those starting out, this comes at a highly affordable price tag and allows you to take your practice to the next level. It’s not the perfect training tool for Wing Chun but it’s a great starting point.

5. Best Tree Dummy – SYNTECSO Wing Chun Dummy

Type: Pole/tree attachment

Attachment: Belt clamps

Suitable For: Outdoor practice

Material: Wooden arms with a metal skeleton and fabric straps

Don’t have anywhere in your home in which to practice Wing Chun? If not, then this tree dummy is an epic solution. It will wrap around a tree or any other similar hard object such as a pillar, so you can practice anywhere.

We mentioned hard objects as the fabric straps need to clamp down hard to give them the right level of stability. Due to this, it’s not really suitable for putting over the likes of a punching bag or similarly soft object.

What I loved about this dummy was how portable it is. While great for at home, it’s also ideal for those who like to travel and want to practice Wing Chun anywhere. That versatility is increased by its ability to be placed at any height.

While this is an excellent choice on its own, it’s also a great addition to more traditional Mook Jong dummies so you’re never losing out on practice time. It’s also ideal for those who have a partner that won’t let them install a wooden dummy in the house!

6. Best Frame Stand – Flex HQ Adjustable Height Wing Chun Dummy with Frame Stand

Type: Freestanding with frame

Attachment: None

Suitable For: Large spaces

Material: Wood

Here we see another perfect option for those who have plenty of space. This has an excellent frame stand which gives it exceptional stability without needing to worry about knocking your Mook Jong down.

For those with particularly powerful strikes, the frame can move around a little but this can be solved with a few sandbags if required. The frame allows you to practice with confidence and the pads help to soften the blows.

What gave me a pleasant surprise about this Chinese wooden dummy was how easy it was to set up. With its vast size, I expected it to be difficult but it wasn’t the case. The height is also easy to adjust too if multiple people are going to be using it.

There are plenty of wooden dummies that are twice the cost of this which helps to make it exceptional value for money. While not having the premium build quality of the most expensive options, this is still a great dummy.

7. Best Budget – SYNTECSO Wall Mounted Wing Chun Dummy

Type: Wall-mounted

Attachment: Wall screws

Suitable For: Beginners and small home gyms

Material: Wooden arms with a metal skeleton and foam padding

Want to start training Wing Chun but don’t have hundreds of dollars to spare? If that sounds like you, then this is the best budget Wing Chun dummy available right now. It allows you to fine tune your skills until you can upgrade to a wooden dummy.

Coming from SYNTECSO, the same company as the tree dummy above, this is an exceptional training tool. Not only is it great for those on a budget but with it being a wall-mounted model, it’s also ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space.

The benefit of a wall mount on this cheap Wing Chun dummy is that you can put it at any height that you want. This is especially useful if you’re particularly tall or short. And despite it being quite cheap, it still has a good level of quality and is sure to last a long time.

While not the highest quality Wing Chun dummy in the world, what I loved here is that it’s the perfect introduction to the Mook Yan Jong training. You can get all the practice you need without needing to spend a thousand dollars.

8. Best Punching Bag Attachment – Attachmate Wing Chun Dummy Trainer

Type: Punching bag attachment

Attachment: Straps

Suitable For: Boxing enthusiasts and Wing Chun novices

Material: Plastic with fabric straps

Are you also a keen boxer who has a punching bag at home? If so, then this punching bag attachment could be the solution you’re looking for. It easily slips onto any punching bag to allow you to switch marital arts almost instantly.

Unlike many of the dummies on this list, these arms are made solely out of plastic. While that is not the most traditional approach, it still works very well and gives you a similar level of feedback that you get from wooden arms.

By far the aspect I liked the most here was how easy it was to switch from using a punching bag to using a martial arts dummy. For those who also love boxing like myself, it’s a space and money saver to have the two of them combined.

While I think this product is a great idea, the limitations are clear. It’s not close to being the same as using a traditional Wing Chun dummy and the plastic means it doesn’t have the highest quality. That being said, as a beginner training tool as an introduction to Wing Chun, it’s a great idea.

9. Best for Kids – Dummymaker Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Type: Wall-mounted

Attachment: Wall screws

Suitable For: Kids and those who need height adjustment

Material: Wood

We’ve called this the best Wing Chun dummy for kids as you can put it at any height so they can practice with confidence. While true, this is also a fantastic dummy for adults as it’s a high-quality product that is sure to last for many years.

These dummies are bespoke made and therefore you can ask them for any color that you wish. While the plate itself is quite compact, this is a simple yet elegant solution for those who want to perfect their Wing Chun training.

For those who either can’t afford or don’t have the space for a freestanding Kong Fu wooden dymmy, this is about as good as it gets for an alternative. I loved the quality feel of it and you get that perfect ‘clack, clack’ during your training.

The price seems very fair due to the level of quality it has. Once installed, it feels sturdy and stable and is sure to take many years of abuse! The only real downside is that it doesn’t have a leg to practice those sweeping kicks.

10. Best Toy – TAO Mini Wooden Dummy Decoration

Type: Toy

Attachment: None

Suitable For: As a gift

Material: Wood

We end our list by looking at something a little different! For those looking for a Wing Chun toy, this is a beautiful piece. You can either buy it for yourself as a reminder to practice or get it as a gift for someone you love.

While this may be a toy, it’s far from a gimmick. It’s extremely well made and can even be used as a training tool for when you want to visualize your techniques. It’s made from high-quality materials and has a long list of positive reviews.

I love how this little gift celebrates the wonderful art form of Wing Chun. Whether you place it on your office desk or give it to someone you love, this is sure to put a smile on your face.


How much does a Wing Chun dummy cost?

A wooden dummy Wing Chun training tool can vary wildly in price. There are high-end models out there that can cost north of $1,000, which is out of reach for many people. On the other side of the scale, some of the cheaper wall-mounted models can be around $150.

If you’re just starting out Wing Chun, then don’t be afraid to get one of these cheaper models. They can be a great starting point until you have the confidence to spend a little more money.

What types of wooden dummy should I get?

This depends on all of the factors that we discussed above. If you skipped that part then it’s a good idea to check out our buying guide and all of the things that you need to consider, as it will all come down to your circumstances.

For example, if you have a lot of space and are committed to Wing Chun, a freestanding dummy would be best. If space and/or your budget is limited, a wall-mounted version may be perfect. Assess your needs and choose the Wing Chun dummy that most closely matches them.

What’s the size of the Wing Chun wooden dummy?

This will depend on the type of wooden martial arts dummy that you use and other factors, such as whether or not you have a frame. That being said, there is a standard size for a wooden Kung Fu dummy which is usually 5’ 4” tall, or around 165 cm.

Along with this, there is also standard spacing for where the arms and legs should be. If you’re interested in creating your own Wing Chun dummy, there are plenty of useful guides out there:

What’s the ideal height for a Wing Chun dummy?

This question is subjective as when practicing on a wooden man, you are trying to replicate what it would be like against a real opponent. As we all come in different shapes and sizes, having some variety in your Wing Chun dummy height can be a good thing.

That being said, you don’t want to be reaching out too high or low when trying to practice. Generally, you want the top two arms of the Kung Fu dummies to be roughly in line with your shoulders.

Can I train Wing Chun without a dummy?

Yes, absolutely. You can practice many of the basics and forms of Wing Chun without using a dummy. If you’re new to Wing Chun, then you don’t need to worry about getting a dummy straight away. Eventually, if you want to progress your training and bring out your inner Ip Man, you’ll need a Wing Chin or Karate wooden dummy.

Final Verdict

There are many considerations when it comes to the best Wing Chun training dummy. The perfect dummy for one person may not be right for someone else. That being said, you can’t go wrong with any of the dummies that we’ve looked at here.

While were impressed with them all, the best overall pick has to be the AUGUSTAPRO Iron Body Wing Chun Dummy. It has all the qualities that you look for in a wooden dummy while also coming at a fantastic price.

The AUGUSTAPRO was our winner, it could have easily been one of the others on this list. It’s important that you assess your needs and circumstances to choose the best Wing Chun dummy for your needs.

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