20 Best Taekwondo Gift Ideas in 2023

taekwondo gift ideas

It’s nearing that most wonderful time of year again. The holidays are such a joyful time, but they can also be stressful. 

There are turkeys to eat, hot cocoa to drink, parties to attend, and you’re wondering what would be the perfect gift for your loved one. 

Well, we’ve made it easy for you! If your loved one loves Taekwondo, any of the gifts on this list are sure to make their eyes light up this year.

Check out these 20 best taekwondo gift ideas.

1. Smell My Feet Funny T-Shirt

If your loved one is a teenage boy (or really a boy of any age), they’ll love this one. Boys love joking around and the “smell my ____” jokes, where you can fill in the blank with anything stinky, never get old.

This funny t-shirt available in 9 different colors is perfect for the Taekwondo enthusiast. The character in the image is kicking his opponent in the face while demanding that he “smell my feet, smell them!” It’s sure to get a laugh out of any young man, but especially one who loves Taekwondo. 

2. Cute But Dangerous T-Shirt

And let’s not leave the girls out! While a female loved one might laugh at the previous t-shirt, she probably wouldn’t wear it. So here’s a cute t-shirt that’s perfect for her. 

The caricature is a cute unicorn showing off her mastery of the infamously high Taekwondo kick while the tagline reads, “Cute but Dangerous.” 

The female Taekwondo enthusiast is sure to love this t-shirt also available in 9 different colors so you can pick her favorite one! 

3. Personalized Taekwondo Water Bottle

Participating in a Taekwondo class is intense and it’s important to stay hydrated while working out. Thus this Taekwondo water bottle is a great gift for anybody who practices Taekwondo. 

The bottle features a laser engraving of a little caricature in a Taekwondo outfit. Plus, you can have the recipient’s name laser engraved right on the piece. That sure helps with not losing it and makes this one of the best personalized Taekwondo gifts. 

With 17 different color options, you’re sure to find the one that will perfectly please your loved one!

4. Taekwondo Bracelet

Looking for Taekwondo gifts for her? Here’s another great idea. Even girls who like hitting stuff like to wear pretty things once in a while. And pretty things that show off their passion for Taekwondo are sure to be a hit!

This dainty charm bracelet is the perfect accompaniment for both casual and elegant outfits. The charms feature little Taekwondo figures plus a circular one that reads “She believe she could so she did.” 

5. Motivational Taekwondo Poster

As you’re probably already aware, the Taekwondo journey is not an easy one. Your loved one has likely already faced rough days when they felt like giving up. Maybe they even did give up a time or two but found the determination to come back to it. 

This motivational wall poster is a great choice. The simple reminder that “A black belt is a white belt who refused to give up” is powerful for any martial arts practitioner. 

It’s also top of our list for Taekwondo gifts for instructors. It’s perfect for hanging in the office or somewhere in the dojang to help motivate all the students as well!

6. Set of Motivational Posters

Let’s not leave the subject of wall decor too quickly. No doubt there is power in words, and the right motivational posters can help push your loved one through the most difficult moments. 

If one motivational poster isn’t enough, consider this set of 4. Each poster features a hardcore message that is meant to inspire action even when the going gets rough. 

Again, these are great for hanging somewhere in the dojang, perhaps in the changing room. Or your loved one can display them on the walls in their home for the days when they need an extra push to go to the dojang. 

7. Taekwondo Hair Ties

As anyone with long hair can attest, a good hair tie is essential — especially during Taekwondo practice. This colorful set of hairbands features several Taekwondo figures in different positions kicking all the way around the band. 

If your Taekwondo enthusiast is a teenage girl, or any woman who likes colorful things, this simple gift is sure to bring a smile to her face!

8. Taekwondo Keychain

Wondering about the best gifts for a Taekwondo master? Sometimes the simplest ones are the best ones. Such as this Taekwondo keychain that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your instructor’s face.

The simple inscription reads “This is what an awesome Taekwondo Master looks like.” Who wouldn’t love the compliment and proudly carry this piece around?

9. Taekwondo Kick Pads

What are some of the best gifts for people who do Taekwondo? Anything that can help them train is sure to be well-received. 

This set of durable kick pads is perfect as they can use them to improve their kicking height, accuracy, and speed, as well as practice all sorts of combination techniques. The pads even include built-in boards that give a satisfying striking sound announcing that the technique was performed well! 

10. Rebreakable Boards

Another great training gift, especially for Taekwondo instructors, is a set of rebreakable boards. Ask any martial arts instructor and you’ll find that they’re always on the lookout for a good set. 

Make it easy on them and get this set of rebreakable boards as a Christmas gift for your Taekwondo instructor. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and is sure to get them excited this holiday season!

11. Taekwondo Gym Bag

Another of the best personalized Taekwondo gifts you can get for your loved one is a personalized gym bag. They’ll need to haul their stuff to and from the dojang and a bag with their name on it ensures that it doesn’t get mixed up with anyone else’s. 

This perfectly sized gym bag at 22” X 11” X 10” is not too small nor too large. You are allowed to pick either a male or female martial arts figure to print on the side. Plus, you can add your loved one’s name and a short bit of text that describes their passion or offers a bit of motivational advice. The sky is the limit here so you can put whatever you want!

12. Taekwondo Tote Bag

Of course, the gym isn’t the only place that Taekwondo enthusiasts need to haul things! For running errands or heading to the farmer’s market, this fun Taekwondo tote bag will do the trick. As one of the more unique Taekwondo black belt gift ideas, your loved one is sure to love it.

Look closely at the handle and you’ll see that it is actually a Taekwondo belt! You can choose a red belt, black belt, or red/black belt. Plus, the bag comes in white or black according to your preference. 

The funny little caricature features a female Taekwondo fighter and a little dog in sparring gear. Plus, the word Taekwondo assures that everyone will know which martial art your loved one loves!

13. Taekwondo Jacket Windbreaker

Does your Taekwondo-loving loved one sometimes train outside? It can get chilly out there on cold days and the heat from exertion will only help so much. Or perhaps they get cold as they wait for their turn at a tournament. They often keep the temperature low at tournaments to make it more comfortable for the athletes as they compete. 

A comfortable windbreaker they can throw on over their uniform is the perfect answer to this problem. The lightweight, functional fabric allows for free movement so even the most flexible martial artist won’t be held back by their clothing. 

14. Taekwondo Teddy

If your beloved Taekwondo enthusiast is a little tyke, this Taekwondo teddy is sure to bring a smile to their little face. Every child loves cuddling with a stuffed animal whether every day or just once in a while. This one sports a Taekwondo uniform that will help encourage their love for the martial art.

When they’ve had a rough day, they can simply hug their Taekwondo teddy and feel assured that everything will be okay. The 8” stuffed animal is the perfect size for carrying around when your child needs a touch of extra courage. They can even accompany them to practice (though Teddy might have to wait in the car). 

15. Taekwondo Stickers

Stickers are a great way to personalize anything. This 50-piece set of Taekwondo stickers gives your loved one plenty of options for decorating their room, water bottle, cars, or anything else where they want to sport their Taekwondo pride. 

Featuring phrases like “Keep Calm and Train Hard” or “Kick Like a Girl” or “Never Underestimate What a Woman Can Do”, this is a perfect set for the female Taekwondo lover in your life. That funny “Smell My Feet, Smell Them!” phrase even shows up here too!

16. Taekwondo Cozy Fleece Doll Combo

Here’s a fun idea that makes perfect birthday gifts or Christmas gifts for literally any Taekwondo enthusiast — but especially the ones that get cold easily. 

It’s a fleece blanket that comes with a cute little Taekwondo figure as a carrying pouch. The face is printed on the blanket and all you have to do is roll it up and tuck it into the pouch. Then you have a little Taekwondo figure to decorate your couch or bed. It’s perfect! 

Choose a male or female figure either in a traditional Taekwondo uniform or dressed in red or blue sparring gear. 

17. Taekwondo Toddler Hand Towels

Along the same lines, you can buy a set of Taekwondo toddler hand towels. This idea is perfect for little ones so they can conveniently take their towels along with them. 

Just like the blanket, the figure’s face is printed on the towel. Just roll it up when not in use and tuck it into the decorative carrying pouch. Suddenly, it becomes a cute little Taekwondo doll!

18. Taekwondo Christmas Ornament

‘Tis the season and there is something for Taekwondo lovers as well! On the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for your Taekwondo instructor? 

How about a personalized Taekwondo Christmas ornament with their name on it? They’ll proudly hang this little beauty on their tree. It’s also a perfect idea to honor your child as they work through their Taekwondo journey. 

The ornament comes with a little Christmas decoration around a Taekwondo figure. At the bottom, you can personalize with the student or instructor’s name and the year.

19. Taekwondo Mug

Here’s a great gift for that loved one who is a bit of a grouch — at least before they have their morning coffee! This ceramic coffee mug features a cool design of a Taekwondo figure and the hardcore quote “Touch me and your first taekwondo lesson is free.” 

This funny/sarcastic sentiment is perfect for certain personalities. Combining it with their favorite sport makes it a heartfelt gift for a special occasion. 

20. Taekwondo Belt Display

Finally, let’s round off our list with a gift that is perfect for Black Belts but any Taekwondo enthusiast will love. A belt display rack is the quintessential Taekwondo gift. 

What do Taekwondo students do with their belts after moving on to the next level? It feels wrong to just toss them in a drawer somewhere after working so hard to attain them. 

A Taekwondo belt display rack is the perfect answer to this problem. They can proudly put their belts on display. The moment is even more poignant once they fill it completely with all the belts they earned on their journey to black belt. 

Remember that different schools sometimes use a slightly different belt system so be sure to find a rack that has the right number of slots. 

The Best Gifts for People Who Do Taekwondo

Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or just anytime gifts, there is something for everyone on this list. We hope we have inspired you to show your loved one just how much you love them with a gift they will surely love and enjoy!

And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Karate lover in your life, be sure to check out this post!

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