5 Best Lightweight Karate Gi

Lightweight Karate Gi

As one narrows down their choices in karate gear, they may conclude that a lightweight karate gi is what best suits their needs and desires.  We have done our best to supply you with some detail and information on what makes one lightweight gi superior to another and we offered some issues to consider before you make your purchase.

We have listed our winner below!

Why is My Choice of Gi Important?

Let me ask you this question… When you go to the mall or shop online for clothes, do you blindly buy products because they appear that they will do the job or do you inspect the brands, analyze the quality and read customer reviews?  For the Karate practitioner, choosing the right gi is as important as choosing the right clothes to wear before you leave the house. The style of karate that you practice and the activities that you participate in will determine what gi suits you best. Below we have posted a sample sizing shirt to help you determine your gi fitting size:

karate gi uniform size chart - lightweight karate gi

Does the Weight of My Gi Really Matter?

Lighter Gi’s are generally lower in cost which make them more desirable for the beginner. 

Experienced practitioners may also find lightweight Gi’s to be useful as the airy material helps keep the body cooler in warmer temperatures.  

Weight of a gi can affect performance as mobility and dexterity can be hindered with a heavier, baggier uniform.  It is important also to consider that light weight gis are more prone to rip and tear as gi cuts made with heavier fabric have proven to endure longer and avoid unwanted tears. 

Gis used for kumite will generally be lighter and more flexible than those used for kata as those who are sparring will want to be as light and fast on their feet as possible. 

The heavier the gi is more preferential to the karateka participating in kata as it will provide more of a “snap” during its use which will emphasize the effectiveness of certain techniques.

It is essential that you wear your gi correctly so that you can ensure that it fits properly.  This YouTube video describes the correct way to wear your karate gi:

Below are some points to consider before you purchase your Karate gi:


Poorly made gis may only last you several practice sessions.  High-quality Karate uniforms are durable and usually last a long time.  10 years of active use if taken care of properly is not an uncommon expectation for a well-constructed gi.  Karate gis are typically made from cotton and other enduring materials because of their ability to withstand abuse without restricting the mobility of the movement.

Stitching Matters

Hard training and competition put a lot of demand on your gi. A heavy lapel and extra stitching in certain areas can make the difference in how long your gi will last.  Solid stitching can stop your gi from ripping.  Make sure the gi that you purchase has numerous lines of stitching around the collar and in the pants.

Looking Like A Champion

There is a saying that “if you look good then you feel good.  If you feel good, you get good results”.  No doubt, A good quality karate gi will absolutely make you look better.  Looking good will not only boost your confidence but it will send the message to those around you that you should be taken seriously.


Seek to buy 100% cotton if possible as some Karate uniforms are made of polyester or cotton/polyester blend and they can get dirty quicker. Gis that are made with less cotton also tend to turn yellowish. Higher quality gis maintain their color much longer and don’t stain easily, whether from sweat or blood.


Nothing annoys me more than those Karate pants with the rope that gets stuck inside during the wash.  I still haven’t figured how to retrieve the head of the rope so that I can effectively wear the pants again!  I’m sure you value your time as I do, so buy a simple karate gi or uniform free from any annoying additions so that you don’t have to waste any time that you could be training.  The high-end karate uniforms that I have chosen to put in this list all have pants that are easy to tie and untie.

Approved or Unapproved

The World Karate Federation (WKF) approves only certain Karate gis and uniforms. If you wish to someday compete, save yourself the time and buy a high end gi that is approved by the proper sanctioning bodies in your area. 

Best Lightweight Karate Gi – Adidas Karate Master Kumite Gi

  • Adidas has recently solidified their place as one of the most competitive karate gi brands in the world.  There slogan made for champions by champions has been proven by the advancement and quality of their recent gi production
  • Weighing in at only 7oz, the Karate Master Kumite gi is one of the lightest gi’s ever been made by adidas 
  • The lightweight material made with 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton is incredibly comfortable and allows the mobility you would expect from a world class karate suit. 
  • With excellent breathability, solid stitching, and strong quality fabric, this gi should last the serious Karate practitioner years regardless of which karate style he or she chooses.
  • Even better, this gi fits exceptionally well on individuals of all sizes and postures making it a solid, well rounded choice for both the big heavyweights and the smaller karateka.
  • In comparison to many other lightweight gis, this option has a sleek and acute appearance when worn, setting the tone for your next great accomplishment or competition victory.
  • Fast drying and preshrunk.  The elasticated waist band provides a brilliant finish to this uniform, eliminating the added problems associated with string or rope tied karate pants.
  • This gi is WKF approved making it permissible for competition, whether you participate in kumite or kata.
  • Sold at a bargain price of only 69.99 and checking all the necessary boxes in relation to efficiency and deliverability, this karate gi is a must for both the beginner and the expert fighter.

Runner Up 1: Fuji Karate Uniform

  • Any martial artist who has been around the game knows that Fuji is top of the line and this gi proves the craftiness of its maker
  • Thick but light and durable as heck, this gi is comfortable and should stay intact for a while. Excellent seam reinforcement provides the added strength needed for durability at crucial gripping points.
  • Exceptional sewing with hemmed seems so there are no loose stitches. Reenforced sewing is applied to vulnerable areas of the jacket (The armpits and flaps on the sides).  The pants are reinforced at the seams to prevent ripping.
  • This gi provides vast accessibility for freedom of movement. Moreover, the more you wear it, the more it will conform to fit your particular build and posture.
  • Especially good for practitioners training in hot weather as it has exceptional breathability, and it cleans very easily.  This gi has a reputation for comfortability, and it is hard to wrinkle.
  • The draw string pants and the ¾ sleeve style may not fit the needs of all comers, but the Fuji Karate Uniform is a great low priced, good quality gi that is well worth the buy, the buyer can’t go wrong!
  • The combination of durability, lightness and breathability place this gi in the top portion of our list

Runner Up 2:Ronin lightweight Student Karate Uniform

  • Ronin is one of the top-quality brands in the industry today, and their superiority is evident in this karate gi.
  • This product is made with 100% premium duck canvas cotton making it durable, easy to clean (machine or hand washable) and simple to maintain.
  • Exquisitely crafted by professionals, created by top manufacturers, and tested by experienced sportsmen, this quality gi is a great choice for practitioners of all ages and sizes.
  • The more you wash this gi, the softer it gets, and it looks more qualified than many of the other lesser known lightweight karate uniforms.
  • Better yet this gi is comfortable and it is manufactured in a traditional style making it ideal for both competition and training.
  • Unfortunately, this product is known to wrinkle in weird creases but it’s nothing that a quick iron job and a fold can’t fix.
  • The newbie will benefit just as well with this gi, just Make sure to check the sizing chart before purchasing as the design is known to fit large at first.  Not to worry though, it will shrink 1-3 inches after the first wash.

Fourth Place: NAMAZU Karate Uniform for Kids and Adult, Lightweight Karate Gi Student Uniform with Belt for Martial Arts Training

  • The Namazu product prides itself in its meticulous sewing of their products as each gi is designed by professional tailors.
  • Made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester.  The careful sewing and composure of this product display its character and appraisal.
  • This product holds a reputation as a fairly durable gi that can be maintained in good condition for a number of years but the fabric of this gi is fairly thin which allows it to rip easier than some of the other high end lightweight gis.
  • This gi is sweat-absorbent, comfortable and comes equipped with a strongly elastic waistband and drawstring allowing it to fit a wide range of waste sizes.
  • The ultra-light 220gsm 8oz poly-cotton blend fabric design not only looks awesome, but also makes sure you’re not an advertisement board on the mat.
  • The Y-Vent design of the karate jacket ensures a perfect tailored cut fit. The karate trousers have reinforced stitching from shin to ankle for greater durability.
  • This gi is anti-microbial making it a great choice for the hygiene freak and the germaphobe alike.

Fifth Place: Hawk sports Lightweight Student Karate Gi

  • The Hawk sports lightweight student karate gi provides full unrestricted range of movement in all planes of motion.
  • Specifically designed to provide adequate comfortability, room for high kicks and low, squatting techniques.
  • Weighing in at only 8oz of poly-cotton blend fabric to minimize shrinkage. The pants have an elastic waistband with a drawstring for an adjustable fit.
  • The Karate jacket in this product allows the karate suit to be personalized with club logos and associations.
  • This gi handles very well in the washing machine compared to other lightweight gis and each uniform has the size marked on them, making them easy to separate in a house or gym filled with multiple karateka.
  • This product has been known to arrive somewhat stiff and firm so do plan on washing it before your first use.
  • The inconsistency of the sizing chart set forth by the merchandising company can allow for the possibility of unwanted complications but returning it is extremely easy and painless. Nonetheless this gi ranks at the top of our list because of its quality design and affordability.


If you are a parent or a karate practitioner yourself, it is important that you make the right choice regarding what you spend your money on. You can’t go wrong by purchasing any one of these lightweight karate gis as each brand has earned the reputation for crafting their uniforms with the highest standards.  We consider the Adidas Karate Master Kumite Gi as the overall best lightweight Karate gi because of its exceptional quality, its visual subsistence, and its remarkable durability.  The lightness of this gi makes it a great option for all styles of karate and it is easy to maintain.  Our round up review will assuredly guide you in making the right choice based upon your preference.

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