Top 5 Recommended Japanese Karate Websites!

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If you are searching for Japanese websites that are centered on Karate, your search is over.

This post has information on Karate-related Japanese websites. So, continue reading to discover what you want.

1. JK Fan News (Japan Karate-Do Fan)

Why Do We Recommend This Website?

If you are a Japanese Karate-Do fan and want to get related news & updates all the time, this website is worth bookmarking. 

What Is This Website Focused On?

This website focuses on offering you the specific kind of information you need. It provides Karate news, blog posts, tournament information, and much more.

What Can You Learn From This Website?

While practicing Karate-Do, from this Japanese website, you can stay updated about Japanese Karate-related news, magazines, training and even shop Karate products.,

All you wish to know about Karate and anything related to the art, you can get from this site. The website has nice colors with the correct data to feed any thirst for Karate facts.

The website is informative. You can translate it to English for people who are not fluent in Japanese. You can get updated news about awards, junior matches, and what is happening in the Karate world in Japan.

2. Japan Karate Association

Why Do We Recommend This Website?

We’re happy to recommend this website to you because here you can find valuable information and Karate and even start learning. It is best for those who want to find a nearby branch to learn Karate in Japan.

What Is This Website Focused On?

The JKA aims to boost its expertise and spread self-discipline via guidance and research on Karate. It focuses mainly on contributing to peace in the world by disseminating the Japanese martial arts.

What Can You Learn From This Website?

You can learn about the history of Japanese Karate, news, enroll in training, buy JKA goods and so on.

It is the official website of the JKF. If you want to start in Karate, this page would be right for you. Once you get on this website, you will see some videos of people practicing their Karate moves.

People who want to start Karate are not left out. There is a section where you can register and find branches near you. Not forgetting the steps and flow for an enrollment process.

3. Hokkaido Karate-Do

Why Do We Recommend This Website?

For Hokkaido Martial Arts training and information, this website is worth taking a look.

What Is This Website Focused On?

It offers different Hokkaido Karate-Do series for practitioners.

What Can You Learn From This Website?

It is best for those who want to participate in the Hokkaido series and learn about its events.

Hokkaido Karate-do is an affiliate group of the Japan Karate-do Federation. It is a karate school located in Hokkaido.

Events and everyday activities appear on the website giving it an added function. The website also acts as an online magazine.

Participants in the training are youths and children.

COVID-19 affected most operations at JKF. Members can no longer meet as they used to and have to stay or practice in safer environments.

4. Japan Karate Shoto Federation (JKS)

Why Do We Recommend This Website?

For learning Karate, Karatedo practices and Karatedo teaching materials, this website is highly-recommended.

What Is This Website Focused On?

It mainly focuses on offering Karate training but also arranges championships both online & offline.

What Can You Learn From This Website?

It is an easy source of Karate learning where a Karate practitioner can get all the teaching materials, training and important advice from professionals.

Japan Karate Shoto is an organization that deals with training people in Karate. The organization teaches its students many more fighting styles like Karate-do and Budo.

From the home page, you can learn how the firm came up and the history behind it.

The company carried out an online championship. It happened for the first time, including everyone able and disable alike.

The spread of COVID-19 caused the school to close and hence an online match. The school closed, but training still goes on from home.

JKS has an assorted list of DVDs and even YouTube videos to assist you in learning from home. After the pandemic died down in Japan, the school opened up. It happened after the government called off the state of emergency.

5. Japan Karate Matsuo

Why Do We Recommend This Website?

Learning Seidokan Karate from pro instructors is made easy on this website.It can be an ideal website for practitioners enthusiastic about boosting Seidokan Karate skills. 

What Is This Website Focused On?

It works hard to make Karate popular around the world and produce excellent athletes. 

What Can You Learn From This Website?

At Seidokan, regardless of age, men and women can practice Karate from experienced instructors.You can also get news and information about available training. 

Japan Karate Matsuo is an organization founded in Japan teaching its members karate. Apart from Karate, the organization offers education for other fighting styles.

For new members, the website is easy to navigate. It highlights its provisions, instructors, and even back knowledge of the organization.

Final Thoughts

Karate in Japan is the core of many other martial arts. It can be overwhelming to find information or a school if you want to train for Karate.

You have seen where to find information on anything Karate from news, schools, classes, and outcomes from the article.

I have taken the time to pick the best for you about Karate news and training. The top 5 Karate-related Japanese websites I would like you to read are above.

Last but not least, share this blog post on social media. Let others read it.

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