5 Best Karate Gift Ideas

Karate Gift Ideas

Whether for a child or an adult; it is often tough to find a popular gift that comes at an affordable price.

But if you are buying for a budding karateka or a seasoned black belt with a passion for karate, then you’re in luck!

With this guide we will look at several great karate gift ideas that are guaranteed to be used again and again.

Who is this guide for?

If you are a family member or friend of someone who loves karate or are a karateka yourself looking for inspiration for great karate gift ideas then this guide is for you.

If you have no idea where to start when looking for gifts, we’ve given you a handy break down of the types of gifts we’ll be looking into below.

Karate gift ideas – types of products

Broadly speaking, you could put karate gifts into three main categories as follows:

• Learning aids

• Training aids

• Related or fun items

Learning aids would include things like books or courses.  Training aids would include items like punch bags, gloves, karate gis etc and related or fun items would include everything else such as clothing, mugs, films and so on.

For the benefit of this guide, we will be reviewing items that fall into one or more of these categories.

Buy once, buy right

Importantly when shopping for a gift, they need to be good quality, offer the best value, and have stood the test of time amongst other karate fans.

With that in mind we’ve picked out some of the best products for you to choose from.

We will be reviewing gifts from the categories above that cost between $10-50. This allows us to look at a great range of karate gift ideas that are affordable whilst still being genuinely beneficial to the person you are buying the gift for.

How to choose the best gift

When choosing a gift, you will want to consider several factors regarding the person you are buying the gift for so that they will get the most use out of your present.

For example, are they new to karate or have they been training for a long time?  Do they have all their own equipment or are there things they have mentioned they’d like or that you think they need to replace or upgrade?

Do they love to learn more about karate or like to have karate themed items at home?

As a karateka myself, I always like to read and learn more about karate, its history and techniques.  I have all my own equipment but can never resist a karate themed t-shirt of keyring!

Weigh up these questions carefully and it will help guide you towards the best gift for the karateka in your life.

Insert video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn6gfE5bRKs

Unlike Mr Miyagi, you may not be looking to give a car as a gift, but you can give something that not only enhances their training and their love and affiliation with this great martial art.

Types of product

After sifting through hundreds of the best karate products, we’ve shortlisted five that we think cater towards karate enthusiasts of all levels.

These include:

• Overmont leather kick pad

• Milliard karate belt display

• Decorative karate bookends

• Cobra Kai retro ‘no mercy’ t-shirt

• The Essential Karate Book

Read on as we look into each of these products in more depth to help you determine which is the best gift for you.

Karate gift reviews

1. Overmont leather kick pad

Whether training at class or practising at home, a solid and reliable training pad to help improve kicks and punches is a must for karate training.  Made of PU leather, this pad is suitable for all ages and is durable and lightweight.


• User-friendly and comfortable: The PU leather handle is ergonomically designed and the elastic armbands are very comfortable

• A useful and affordable training aid that helps to safely improve kicks and punches

• Well made, durable and long lasting from a well-known brand

• Look and feel great to wear


• More advanced practitioners may prefer a more expensive pad

• This is a firm pad whilst some may prefer pads on the softer side

2. Milliard karate belt display

Whether new to karate or a long-standing practitioner of the art, this is a great gift to be able to display belts in as the karate moves up through the grades.  

For newer students this offers added motivation to fill the belt display as they start as a white belt, and will continue to motivate them in their achievements as they see this start to fill up.  

For seasoned karateka, this is a brilliant way to display their belts in one place and will be a proud addition to any bedroom, living room or home office.


• Made from real birch plywood, this offers the perfect natural wooden tone to act as a backdrop to display achievements

• Can be personalised and the name added by using the enclosed stickers pack

• Comes with 8 plaques to hold belts, and the ends can also be used to hold medals

• Easy to hang and install


• One of the more expensive items on this list

• Some adults may find the display gimmicky

3. Decorative karate bookends

Unique and fun, these karate themed bookends will make a great addition to any karate enthusiasts’ bookshelf at home, the gym or at the dojo.  

Perfect for helping to organise books, DVD’s, CD’s or magazines, their non-skid design looks great and they are strong enough to hold a row of books without falling.

Both affordable and with a satisfaction guarantee – these are a useful addition for both children and adults alike.


• Affordable, great quality and practical

• Made of 1.5mm steel, these bookends are super strong and will hold many books in place

• A great addition to add some charm and style to any room, office, or library

• A subtle gift for the karateka that has everything!


• Younger people may prefer something more hands on that they can use in their training

• Need appropriate shelving to put them on for them to be beneficial to the user

4. Cobra Kai retro ‘no mercy’ t-shirt

Even if you’ve missed the recent explosion of the popular Karate Kid spinoff, Cobra Kai on Netflix – there is no denying that for many adults, their first exposure to karate will be via the blockbuster hit The Karate Kid from the 80’s.

In the original film, Cobra Kai were the bad guys whose foes were Mr. Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso. Fast forward thirty years and Johnny Lawrence, the new sensei at Cobra Kai is finally trying to turn his life around.

Good or bad, you cannot deny that Cobra Kai has got a great logo and catchy slogan!

Appealing to both younger and older film and karate lovers alike, this retro t-shirt is a stylish and unique addition to any karate lovers’ wardrobe.


• Available in a range of styles and sizes

• 100% cotton

• Great for movie buffs and karate enthusiasts alike


• Younger children may not have heard of The Karate Kid or Cobra-Kai

• Will have to judge the best size to fit someone as a gift

5. The Essential Karate Book 

The Essential Karate Book: For white belts, black belts and all levels in between’ is one of the few books on the topic that provide an overall and detailed guide on traditional Japanese karate.

This is a well outlined book with many pictures to illustrate techniques. Covering everything from stances, moves, blocks, strikes and kicks to warm up and karate-based conditioning through to kata, fighting techniques and weapons and MMA applications.

This is the perfect reference book for novices and black belts alike, that will be continued to be referred to again and again.


• A comprehensive book with 20 chapters and 200 diagrams of techniques

• The perfect general karate reference book for Western karateka

• 256 pages long with 300 step by step photographs to help improve knowledge and technique

• Free online companion video


• Maybe better suited for the older child or adult

• Other books available that may be better suited to either novice students or those who are more advanced


Overall, the list above demonstrates that there are some fantastic karate gift ideas to choose from which will appeal to karateka over a wide range of ages and abilities.

Taking all of these into consideration, I feel the one that I would most highly recommend would be the Milliard karate belt display with the Cobra Kai t-shirt coming in a close second.  

This is a great training aid for motivation and reward whilst also being both practical and useful.

Although not the cheapest item on the list, the karate belt display is still incredibly affordable, and I feel this would appeal to the widest range of abilities and ages.

Additionally, as a gift, this is an item that is likely to take pride of place for years to come.  

The display will accompany the karate student through his development from novice white belt through to achieving the coveted black belt (or providing an attractive, central display for those that have already reached the higher levels).

This adds additional motivation and helps to invoke the warrior spirit and perseverance required in martial arts!

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Span Chen

Span Chen

I have been practicing karate for more than 6 years, and now at the sixth level (green belt) of the Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karatedo Kugekai. Though I haven’t earned my Black Belt yet, I am deeply passionate about my training.