5 Best Karate eBooks To Boost Your Skills!

Karate eBooks

Learning and doing karate is a passion for many people around the world. We all prefer to learn more about karate by reading the best karate ebooks. The more we know about karate, the more we can adopt it. 

For all the karate enthusiasts in the world who don’t have enough time to read paper books, I have created a list of the five best karate ebooks that you can read anytime on your phone, PC, or any gadgets. 

Before I start the reviews – let me share a little bit about myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve been practicing martial arts. It’s my passion to read martial arts books.

I have reviewed the best ones and provided how excellent they are. In this post, you will get a comprehensive buying guide, karate tips & tricks, and answers to your questions. 

So, keep reading this excellent review post. Also, check our top recommendations below if you don’t have enough time to stay on this page. 

Our Top 3 Recommendations!

Best Pick: Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do eBook

Get special training from Shoshin Nagamine. This book offers 1000+ photographs with precise instructions to help you learn Okinawan karate techniques and styles. It is one of the best karate ebooks out there.

Best Value: Karate – The Art of “Empty-Hand” Fighting

Out of many Shotokan karate books, this is the best one for learning Shotokan Karate. Get different key moves and instructions explained in 1000+ photos. It is a perfect choice to boost your karate skills. 

Best Overall: The Essential Book for Karate Champion

If you need an informative and illustrated guideline on karate, this book is what you should get. Offering many instructions with philosophy, it is a top-selling one in the market. 

5 Best Karate eBooks Reviews!

1. Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do

Best Karate eBooks | Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do

If you are passionate about the great martial arts guru Shoshin Nagamine, you must read this karate ebook. He is the founding father of the Shorin-Ryu-karate-do.

The karate enthusiasts are reading this ebook for a while to get a pictorial and practical guide generation after generation. In this ebook, you will get more than 1000 photographs documenting seven superb yakusoku kumite, eighteen karate kata, and many more essential techniques. 

The imaginative and intelligent text in this ebook illustrates the turning points for developing karate style. It outlines its magnificent techniques and forms vividly. Shoshin Nagamine has put his best to train karate enthusiasts uniquely. 

Many karate trainees appreciate this ebook for its excellent techniques and styles. Believe it or not, it is one of the best karate ebooks available nowadays. 


AuthorShoshin Nagamine
PublisherTuttle Publishing
LanguageAvailable in English


Ease of study9
Customer Ratings5 out of 5 stars

Why Is This Karate eBook Different From Others?

This ebook is available in English. It includes photos of the outstanding karate masters explaining how to execute the Okinawan karate correctly. 

It’s a great way to bridge between past legendaries and new practitioners of karate. Isn’t it bliss to learn more about the legends? It’s one of the top-selling karate ebooks for beginners. 

Who Should Buy This eBook?

If you are looking for an easily accessible and precise guideline on performing and perfect traditional karate, you should take a look at this karate ebook.


  • Includes 1000 photographs about karate
  • It shows you how to master Okinawan karate properly 
  • It lets you know about the past legends and their moves

2. My Art & Skill of Karate

Best Karate eBooks | My Art & Skill of Karate

Motobu Chōki was the legendary master of Okinawa karate. This ebook helps you to get the original accounts and technical knowledge from the Motobu Chōki. 

Naoki sensei (grandson of the author) cooperated closely for the creation of this book. If you are looking for a gem to master karate, you need to grab this one. 

Chōsei sensei is the school principal and son of the author who created a gratulatory address in this book. This year is marked as the 150th birth anniversary of the legend Motobu Chōki. 

To put it simply, the creation of this new book involves three geneses of Motobu family. In this book, you can enjoy the tradition and history of karate

This book offers excellent accounts about the past karate masters of Okinawa. In this book, you can see Motobu performing the Naihanchi Shodan in thirty-four pictures with written descriptions. 

Also, it contains nineteen Kumite with photos and descriptions. To make you amazed, it has five photos of the best way to use Makiwara


AuthorChoki Motobu
PublisherAndreas Quast
LanguageAvailable in English


Ease of study8
Customer Ratings4.5 out of 5 stars

Why Is This Karate eBook Different From Others?

The interesting fact about this book is it was hidden or unknown till the 1980s. It came to light when a deceased student’s wife sent this incredible book to the son of Motobu Chōki. 

The edition of this book is the original one since its first publication. To make the karate fans or trainees more skilled, it is the best one out there. 

Who Should Buy This eBook?

For those looking for a great source to evaluate and interpret karate, this karate ebook can be the only option available in the market. 


  • It helps you to master karate from Motobu Chōki
  • It is a hidden treasure for the karate fans and trainees
  • Guides you with superb techniques, images, and descriptions

3. Karate – The Art of Empty-Hand Fighting

Best Karate eBooks | Karate - The Art of Empty-Hand Fighting

This book is worth considering for anyone searching for a definitive guideline on the Shotokan Karate

We all know that Shotokan Karate is one of the most broadly practiced styles of karate. This book has motivated a large number of karate trainees worldwide. 

The authors of this book are Hidetaka Nishiyama & Richard Brown. This ebook is a groundbreaking and classic work on karate. This book is available in English. 

Nishiyama joined hands with Gichin Funakoshi before starting his training. It is good to know that Gichin Funakoshi was the famous founder of the Shotokan Karate. 

However, he did his best to spread karate in Japan, U.S.A, and other countries in the west. It is one of the top karate ebooks for adults. 

This book offers an accurate analysis from the viewpoint of body dynamics, philosophy, physiology, and physics. 

The techniques mentioned in this book apply to almost all the styles of martial arts. Nishiyama once said that if you just master the basics of karate, it’s not enough. 

It is just the start of a long journey. And, in this book, you get all the techniques with the philosophy that tells you how to move on. 


AuthorRichard Brown & Hidetaka Nishiyama
PublisherTuttle Publishing
LanguageAvailable in English


Ease of study9
Customer Ratings4.3 out of 5 stars

Why Is This Karate eBook Different From Others?

This ebook is highly accessible and illustrated with 1000+ photos. It is a detailed manual that offers top-notch instructions on the techniques and basic movements of karate.

Who Should Buy This eBook?

Do you want to learn about the past of karate? Want to get the fundamental techniques? Would you love to learn from the legend? If you answer yes to all the questions, this karate ebook is just for you.


  • Learn how to defend against weapons
  • Learn the principles and theories of karate
  • Get all the effective exercise and training methods

4. The Essential Book for Karate Champion

Best Karate eBooks | The Essential Book for Karate Champion

Another top-selling ebook on this list is “The Essential Book for Karate Champion.” It is an informative and illustrated guideline to the philosophy, practice, and techniques of karate. 

This book includes 20 chapters that cover almost every part of karate. Karate instructors and students will get many benefits from this book regardless of their skills and levels. 

This book gives you excellent knowledge about the history and origins of karate. You can know about the essential etiquette and clothing, behavior, and even the main principles of karate. 

It will be straightforward for you to enrich yourself with different moves of karate like kicks, strikes, blocks, stances, and so on.

Discover how to prepare your body for karate through stretching, conditioning, and warm-ups. Believe it or not, if you are a martial arts enthusiast or even a beginner, this book is significant for you. 

So, why not read such a precious book for the development of your karate skills? What are you waiting for? Make sure you grab a copy of this ebook soon. It is also one of the best karate ebooks for kids. Now, you may ask why? Well, the karate instructions provided in this book are helpful for kids also. There are many parents who say this book is best for their children’s karate skill development. 


AuthorGraeme Lund
PublisherTuttle Publishing
LanguageAvailable in English


Ease of study10
Customer Ratings4.5 out of 5 stars

Why Is This Karate eBook Different From Others?

This ebook contains around 200 diagrams, 300 photographs, and many companion videos. This book is a comprehensive guide to learn and master karate.

Who Should Buy This eBook?

If you are suffering from how to start your karate journey, then this book can be the ever-best option for you. A proper guide is available in this book to help you get your desired skills in karate.


  • Discover how to prepare your body for karate
  • Master the critical fundamentals and movements
  • Learn most effective kicks, strikes, blocks, and stances

5. The Shotokan Karate Bible – 2nd edition

Best Karate eBooks | The Shotokan Karate Bible - 2nd edition

Are you a newcomer to the field of karate? Need some help? If yes, this karate ebook “The Bible of Shotokan Karate – 2nd edition” should be available in your collection. 

It offers you all the key things you need. Contained with superb photographs, kata, and detailed techniques, it is helping millions of karate enthusiasts worldwide. 

There are three sections in karate training. These are the basic techniques (kata), Kumite, and grading. Not to mention, it takes around three months to complete every level and earn your grading. 

This book is beneficial in ensuring your proper knowledge and higher grading. So, should you skip reading such a marvelous book? Of course, your answer will be no. Don’t miss this book at any cost. 


AuthorAshley Martin
PublisherBloomsbury U.S.A
LanguageAvailable in English


Ease of study10
Customer Ratings5 out of 5 stars

Why Is This Karate eBook Different From Others?

This ebook is designed and organized to help every student learn karate and take each belt progressively. The author provided clear instructions with the photographs to get the maximum benefits from the book.

Who Should Buy This eBook?

Those who need to learn more about Shotokan karate, this book will be the smartest option. You get valuable information & instructions with photographs. 


  • It makes you trained with clear instructions and photographs
  • It helps you to discover different styles and techniques of karate
  • Best for the newcomers who desire to boost their knowledge, skills and earn belts
Read eBooks

How To Buy The Best Karate eBooks? – A Step-By-Step Guide!

Before you buy a karate ebook, you should have some knowledge. Go for the premium ebooks rather than free martial arts ebooks. If you are learning karate, stay away from indiscipline. Read the guide below and enhance your knowledge. 

1. Choose The Book Style Wisely

  • eBook

An ebook is a popular digital form that allows you to transfer an ebook to any device. You can read the best karate ebooks on your Smartphone, laptop, or any other device. 

This format doesn’t need you to carry any physical copy of your book. You can read thousands of books simply on your device. 

  • Paperback

It is a physical or hard copy of the book. Its front cover weighs a lot and feels very hard compared to the pages inside. 

  • Audiobook

Nowadays audiobooks are very popular among people who love to listen to the words on their smart devices. The audiobook is best for autobiography, strategy, and philosophy works. 

However, if your books are instructional and loaded with step-by-step pictures, then this format may not work well for you. 

2. Knowing The Background of The Author

  • Belt Rankings

It is not suggested to read books of anyone. The writer of a book should have earned the “black-belt,” at least. Why? This rank says that the author has years of expertise in it. So, you can read his books. 

  • Masters

If you can learn something from a master or read his books, it will be the best option for you. Masters rank highly in the famous “Dan” system. 

They belong to the respected traditions and lineages. Books from the masters can be a great treasure for you. 

  • Founders Of Lineage

The best works you must not skip are the works of lineage founders. They are full of experience. If you can learn even a little bit from them, you can see fantastic results in your life. 

3. Figure Out Key Features You Want to Learn

  • Special Strategy

Many books are out there that only teach particular strategies on fighting rather than just punching and kicking. 

When you buy a book on karate/martial arts strategy, you can plan your key moves to overcome the opposition. 

  • Different Techniques And Forms

So, if you think that you need to learn different techniques and forms of karate, you should find a book that offers such valuable things. 

Usually, such books contain photos with descriptions, videos, and other things to make you skilled with new moves. 

  • Philosophy

Martial art is not merely about fighting – it’s an art that shapes your life and viewpoint. With the help of philosophy, you can shun your martial arts. 

Such books are a great way to turn you into a master. You must read this sort of book developmentally. 

Reading eBooks


Q: What Is The Best Karate eBook Out There?

A: “Essence of the Okinawan Karate-Do” is one of the best karate ebooks you can read to learn and master the basics of karate. 

Q: Can An eBook Help Me Learn Karate?

A: If you just read a karate ebook, you can’t learn karate. The only way to learn karate is to practice it consistently. 

Yes, karate books can help you understand different helpful things and work as an instructor. If you don’t practice, then you will spend your time just in your imagination. 

Q: Is It Possible To Learn Karate At Home?

A: Of course, you can learn martial arts at your home. But it is vital to get an instructor to help you understand things accurately. 

And, if you always train yourself at home, it won’t be best. Visiting a training center and meeting different masters will help you boost your skills. 

Q: What Is The Best Age To Start Learning Karate?

A: The recommended age to learn karate is six. Kids of this age can learn very quickly. Also, they possess the basic skills and abilities that are vital for practical training. 

Q: Is It Very Challenging To Learn Karate?

A: Karate requires devotion, effort, and discipline. You must have a great willingness to learn karate no matter what challenging tasks you may need to do. 

It is not possible to master karate in a single day. It takes time and patience. If you keep practicing, with time, you can master karate. 

Q: How Many Times Should I Practice Karate?

A: If you are a beginner, you should train two to three days every week. You can increase the time based on your ability. Professional karate training takes years to complete, but you should stick to learning karate. 

Q: What Should I Avoid In Karate?

A: In karate, you must not punch the opposition’s face, joints, and groin. You should avoid such actions.

Final Thoughts

We have reached the end of this review post. Karate is a passion to many. Learning karate can enhance our way of life. We are living in a modern world, and using digital devices is necessary. 

If you are an avid karate enthusiast but don’t have enough time to read and carry paper books, you can choose the best karate ebooks. 

You can read them anytime you want. I have reviewed the top 5 karate ebooks above. To me, the #1 karate ebook is “Essence of the Okinawan Karate-Do.” It will help you learn karate from the beginning and make you a pro with time. Another best choice can be “Karate – The Art of “Empty-Hand” Fighting.”

No matter which karate ebook you choose, make sure to read the guidelines above before buying. Your accurate information will make the process of learning karate easier. 

Again, learning karate takes time and patience. Try to give your best so that it is easy to reach your goal.

It’s time to take a leave now. Make sure that you share this content with your friends on different social media networks and help them learn karate. 

If you have got any questions, let me know in the comment section below. Have a great time.

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