8 Best Karate Belt Display Racks (Taekwondo Belt Display)

Karate Belt Display

What do you do with your collection of karate belts?

As you power through your Karate journey, you will earn a rainbow collection of belts. You can learn about the Karate belts’ colors and their meanings here.

Each one of those belts is hard-earned. They represent hours of sweat and challenges, constantly pushing you to become a better martial artist.

Throwing them in the back of a drawer or your closet doesn’t seem like a fitting end for these symbols of your progress. 

How about putting them on display? You can get some pretty sweet Karate belt display racks to do it. Check out our top picks right here. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Karate Belts Display Rack

There are a few designs and types of display apparatus available to show off your belt collection. How do you know which one to choose?

Here are some things to think about as you shop around and look at how to put Karate belts on display. 

1. Number of Belts

The first thing is to look at the number of belts the rack can hold. The number of belts varies among different types of martial arts or even in different schools within the same style. 

For example, Judo generally has only 6 colored belts and then 10 degrees of black belt. However, to put your Kung Fu martial arts belts on display, you’d need at least 10 spots just for your colored belts. 

This generally holds true among other major martial arts like Karate and Taekwondo, but be sure to check with your specific school.

You also want to consider how long you plan on training. If you want to be able to display your black belts as well, you’ll need a bigger rack. 

2. Personalization

Would you like to personalize your rack? Some racks come with stick-on letters and a space large enough to put your name. They may also come with additional stickers to decorate your display. 

Alternatively, you can purchase decorating kits separately. However, the rack you choose will need a spot large enough to add decorations. 

3. Space for Medals?

If you plan to compete in tournaments or already have a few medals, you might want a display case that can show those off as well. Most styles don’t offer a place for medals, but it’s worth it to do some digging if you want to display them together. 

The 8 Best Karate Belt Display Racks Review

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. We’ve rounded up some highly-rated Karate belt racks that we found on Amazon. Feel free to browse and choose the best one for your needs. 

Even if you can’t find one you like on this list, maybe you’ll at least come away with some karate belt display ideas. At the end, we have a DIY option as well as an option that doesn’t require any extra hardware other than a hook or nail to hang all your belts together. 

Stay tuned for the top picks!

1. Milliard Karate Belt Display

Karate Belt Display Racks | Taekwondo Belt Display | Milliard Karate Belt Display

This belt display rack is highly rated and quite affordable. The rack is made from real birch plywood and offers a natural wood tone. 

Easily mount eight belts with the included elastic straps. There is also a bar across the top where you can hang medals. 

Personalize the display rack yourself with a bonus sticker pack. The letters come in a cool calligraphy Asian-style font and there are a handful of kicking/punching silhouette images that you can use to further decorate the bar. 

The kit comes with everything you need to hang on the wall.

2. RenKata Personalized Belt Display

Karate Belt Display | Taekwondo Belt Display | RenKata Personalized Belt Display

This one is marketed as a Taekwondo belt display rack, but it can be used for any martial arts belt. Two sizes are offered — one that can hold 8 belts and one that can hold 10. 

The wooden belt rack includes pre-installed wall mounting brackets and elastic bands for securing the belts to the rack. It measures 18.5” wide by 30” tall. 

The design includes a bar hanging off of each side where you can hang a medal or two. 

This belt rack offers personalizations of up to 12 characters with premium vinyl lettering. Natural color with a durable clear coat finish is used to finish it off. 

3. KidKraft Wooden Belt Holder

Karate Belt Display Holder | KidKraft Wooden Belt Holder

This Karate belt holder has a similar design as the first two but doesn’t offer a personalization option. It is also a bit less expensive, making it a good budget option for those not looking to spend a lot of money. 

The wood has a beautiful honey finish and the belts are easy to mount with the included elastic straps. The holder measures 18.5” wide by 24.5” tall and can hold up to 8 belts. A thinner wood piece hangs off either end to allow you a small place to hang a couple of medals. 

Even though it doesn’t come with a personalization option, the nameplate is large enough to easily personalize yourself with craft lettering. 

4. DisplayGifts Belt Display Case

Karate Belt Display Racks | Best Taekwondo Belt Display| DisplayGifts Belt Display Case

Worried about your belts being exposed to the elements or getting dusty? In that case, you might appreciate this display cabinet with a door. 

The solid wood frame with a gorgeous mahogany finish offers space to mount 11 belts and measures 26.5” tall by 16” wide. The clear door is made from kid-safe acrylic to protect the belts from dust and other dangers. Metal brackets are on the back to hang it and there is no assembly required. 

Reviewers mention it is a bit heavy, but looks and feels like good quality.

5. Century Martial Arts Budo Karate Belt Rack

Karate Belt Display | Taekwondo Belt Display | Century Martial Arts Budo Karate Belt Rack

This martial arts belts wall rack is pricier than the other racks we’ve mentioned. It is a similar style but looks far more sophisticated. Instead of just a hanging set of wooden pieces, there is a frame that envelops the whole rack. 

The design at the top is more decorative and includes the Kanji for “budo” — the Japanese word for martial arts. 

This Karate belt frame can hold up to 10 belts, a perfect way to show off your journey to a black belt. 

6. Ace Martial Arts Supply Belt Display

Karate Belt Display | Best Taekwondo Belt Display| Ace Martial Arts Supply Belt Display

This Karate belt holder from Ace Martial Arts Supply also offers a solid frame. The finish is a bit darker, giving it a more natural wood tone look.

The wood slats are 1 ⅞” and the included elastic straps make it easy to mount your belts. The display rack can hold up to 10 belts.

7. Campfire Arts Dragon Sword Karate Belt Hanger

Karate Belt Display Racks | Campfire Arts Dragon Sword Karate Belt Hanger

This one is more expensive but so much cooler than the other display racks we’ve mentioned so far. That’s not to say that the other racks aren’t nice — they are. But, seriously, how can a simple rack compete with a carved wooden dragon sword?

Mount the maple rack and hang up to 12 belts on it. The katana mounts over the front and is held in place by two Rare-Earth high-powered Magna-Mounts.  The blade features an intricate dragon design. The student’s name as well as a short statement can be added for a personalized touch. 

Reviewers rave about the detail on the carved wooden blade. People love it both as a display piece but also as a work of art in its own right. Be aware that this product does not ship quickly due to the time needed to personalize the blade. 

However, it’s definitely worth the wait.

8. Century Martial Arts Cylinder Belt Display

Karate Belt Display Racks | Century Martial Arts Cylinder Belt Display

This cylinder belt display from Century Martial Arts is a different take on how to put Karate belts on display. Instead of hanging them on the wall in some capacity, you roll your belts into discs and stack them in this clear acrylic cylinder.

The cylinder measures 6 ⅝” in diameter and stands 22” high. The display case sports a solid wood base and top and can hold up to 10 Karate belts. 

It’s a great option for those looking to keep their belts protected from dust and who don’t want to hang them on the wall. You just have to find a worthy spot to show off your efforts!

DIY Karate Belt Display Ideas

Some of you might be checking out these Karate belt holders and thinking they look rather simple to make. The truth is, anyone who is handy with a saw and a drill can certainly build their own belt display!

The great thing about this method is that you can customize the Karate belt frame however you like — right down to the color and type of wood. 

Check out this video to learn how to make a karate belt holder from YouTuber Benjamin Pirillo. 

Of course, wooden display racks aren’t the only way to show off your belt collection. I love this creative martial arts belt display idea I found on the Internet. Weave your belts together to create a colorful display that you can hang directly on the wall — no display case or wooden rack needed!

This video offers complete step-by-step instructions on how to do it. 

Your Karate Journey on Display

Every karateka’s Karate journey is unique, but there’s something they all have in common. Hard work and determination. Without those two aspects, you won’t get very far on your journey. 

A Karate belt display is an awesome way to show your pride in your accomplishments. You know the sweat and tears that have gone into earning every one of those belts and displaying them gives you a special feeling. 

Every time you look at your belts on display, you will feel fresh motivation to continue on your journey. 

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