17 Best Karate Apps Help Your Training Effectively! (Both for Android and iOS)

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If you are a karate practitioner, the karate apps can help you practice & learn conveniently and effectively. For your comfort and advancement in Karate, I have provided you with the 17 best martial arts apps below. 

You can read about them and download them easily. Note: based on my research & experience, I’ve provided apps both for Android and iOS users. 

10 Karate Apps For Android Users! 

1. Karate Training – Online & Offline Videos

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownloadsDownload link
41M4.2 stars1.55.0100,000+Click here

This app comes from Thunder Wolf. It teaches you karate kicks, hands, and punches with it. While using this app, You will find a daily timetable set for you and can practice every day according to the timeline.

The incredible feature of this app is you can watch videos online and offline—no need to stress about being connected to the internet always for practicing.

2. Mastering Taekwondo – Self-defense & Martial arts

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownloadsDownload link
122M4.5 stars1.2.111,000,000+Click here

Mastering Taekwondo offers you many different courses. If practicing sports at your home is what you need, this app provides excellent support with complete guideline.

Mastering Taekwondo includes comprehensive video lessons to offer you with correct techniques.

3. Shaolin Kung Fu

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownloadsDownload link
3.7M3.8 stars1.0.8100,000+Click here

This app was designed to teach Shaolin Kung Fu. It helps you to master the basics. Also, it will direct you to correct your body positions.

In the Shaolin Kung Fu app, you can enjoy the course taught & designed by Master Yang. He will also train you on striking techniques, body alignment, and even how to correct common mistakes.

You can find many video courses explaining the basics of the well-known Kung Fu.

But to access the complete video lessons, you must purchase a plan.

Throughout the training via this app, you can make your body more flexible. And most importantly, you can learn incredible techniques and punches.

4. Karate Training

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownloadsDownload link
4.7M4.1 stars1.0.2100,000+Click here

It is free to download. If you are looking for free karate training videos, then this app is what you should choose.

You can discover any Kata you want for any difficulty and belt. This app teaches your forms (kata), blocks, kicks, punches, sparring (Kumite), and so on. 

5. Karate Training Guide

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownloadsDownload link
4.6M4.1 stars1.150,000+Click here

Learning Shotokan Karate moves are made easy with this app. Karate Training Guide app demonstrates fundamental techniques for newbie and advanced-level Karate students.

6. Karate Guide

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownloadsDownload link
3.7M4.1 stars1.15,000+Click here

For learning Karate moves, the Karate Guide app is an ideal option. You can learn Karate whether you are a newbie or a pro-level practitioner.

7. Karate training

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownloadsDownload link
1.8M2.3 stars1.00100,000+Click here

The Karate Training app is best suited to all levels of Karate students. This app is available at no cost.

It is the most practical application of karate kata. You can watch high-resolution videos and learn how to perform kata. What is more, you can discover many different Shotokan karate techniques while using this application. Some of its features like learning Kata, Kicks, Karate for newbies, Locks, etc are very helpful.

8. Karate Lessons

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownloadsDownload link
1.8M2.3 stars1.0050,000+Click here

If you are looking for an app that can help you learn Karate that offers unique & comprehensive lessons, your search is over because this app Karate Lesson is designed as per your needs.

Is there anything you want to learn, such as Judo, Kung Fu, or Taekwondo? This app covers all these.

Many tutorials are also available for basic stances and movements of Kyokushin and Shotokan Karate. 

9. Karate-Do

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownloadsDownload link
12M4.1 stars1.0.3100,000+Click here

This Karate-Do application is an ideal sports-centered training app. It offers authentic details to the users. Using this app, you will get your virtual master, who will guide and monitor your performance.

You can also learn some fundamental techniques such as Kumite, blocks, kicks, and punches. When you use this app, you can find a detailed description of how each kick, block, and stand is performed.

10. Karate Shito-Ryu

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownloadsDownload link
51M4.1 stars12.0.21,000+Click here

This karate application was designed by Daniel Ceron, karate sensei Shito-Ryu 7th dan student of Master Hidetoshi Nakahashi, graduate Deschi Uchi state of Master Mabuni.

You can use this app to implement the Katas with Bunkais. It can accompany karatekas for obtaining their different belts, as you can view every detail of positions easily.

7 Karate Apps For iOS Users! 

1. The Martial Arts App

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownload link
12M4.2 starts1.0.83Click here

This Martial Arts iOS app includes access to top-notch experts, resources, social communication and a lot more.

You can learn about the world’s experts’ opinions on martial arts. Also, creating posts with photos, videos, and links is a fantastic addition to this app.

2. Karate Training Program

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownload link
97.9M2.5 starts6.1.1Click here

From newbie to professionals can learn unique moves by using this app. You can discover workouts such as reaction drills, boxing strength, conditioning and all flexible workouts. Practising these exercises with descriptions and videos is truly helpful.

3. Fighting Trainer

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownload link
94.3M4.8 starts1.2.1Click here

While using this application, you will find a full demo of the real techniques in the day-to-day training.

Fighting Trainer offers 90 unique techniques for combat to boost your skills.

All the moves you will learn were recorded by an experienced martial arts trainer. You will discover your lesson via animation.

4. BJJBuddy

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownload link
65.7M4.3 starts3.46Click here

For tracking your moves, workouts and auditions, BJJBuddy can be a helpful app. When you start your training, this app will display clear charts.

Besides tracking, it offers you training on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Also, the most useful, exciting and instructional videos are available for better performance.

5. iKarate-DO Free

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownload link
101M4.0 starts1.0.2Click here

For those who are new to Karate, this iKarate-DO app is best suited to them. You can learn the basics of Japanese Karate and even terminology.

This app provides audio and video instructions of Karate terms, commands and Japanese numbers. To test your martial arts knowledge, you will find three questionnaires in this app.

6. Personal Best karate

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownload link
132M4.8 starts1.5.0Click here

This Personal Best Karate app offers you training materials from the top personal Karate institutes. Also, you can enjoy videos and other materials. This app includes a journal to show you the practice time. 

7. Karate Shito-Ryu

App sizeRatingsCurrent versionDownload link
54M4.3 starts2.0Click here

This karate application was designed by Daniel Ceron, karate sensei Shito-Ryu 7th dan student of Master Hidetoshi Nakahashi, graduate Deschi Uchi state of Master Mabuni.

You can use this app to implement the Katas with Bunkais. It can accompany karatekas for obtaining their different belts, as you can view every detail of positions easily.

Final Thoughts

The karate apps mentioned above are all superb and best for the Karate students. If you want to learn Karate or martial arts at home or even want a way to boost your skills besides your training session, these apps can be perfect. 

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