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Focus Mitts

Reaching your potential in any combat sport requires you to put in the time and energy to grow. However, having the right equipment to aid you in your training is also vitally important. Focus mitts, also known as boxing mitts, or focus pads are an invaluable tool when it comes to practicing with your training partners. Select the right pair and you’ll be a great help to your partner, select the wrong pair and you’ll be putting both of you in danger.

I’ve practiced boxing for 6 years and I can tell you one thing for sure. When I had good equipment to rely on, I did better. Focus mitts are an essential piece of equipment when training. Not only do you want good mitts to help your partner practice, but you also want them to keep you safe!

This article will save you a whole lot of headaches! I’ve reviewed the top 5 best focus mitts so that you can pick the pair that is best for your exact needs.

Best Focus Mitts: Top Picks

Best ForOverall  LightweightBudget
Product’s NameFairtex Focus MittsHayabusa PTS3 Focus MittsSanabul Essential Boxing Mitts
Guru’s Pick1099.5
More InformationLatest PriceLatest PriceLatest Price

Who Should Get This?

Regardless of whether you are training alone or getting to the gym 3-5 a week, there is always something to be gained when having your own punching bag to use when you feel like it. Not only does it allow you to improve your technique away from the watchful gaze of others in the gym, it also is a great way to relieve stress that will naturally build up in your day.

While many gyms have focus mitts you can borrow, there is nothing like having your own. Not only is it hygienically the right option, but it is also smart if you want to enjoy the best protection possible. Just like anything, focus mitts wear with time, therefore if you have your own that are new it will provide you with all the security you need.

Being a great training partner doesn’t just mean showing up, it also means being able to keep your training partner and yourself safe at all times.

How to Use Focus Mitts in The Best Way?

The best way to use focus mitts is with them on your hands. Make sure they are secure before you begin working with your partner and then start by doing rounds with your partner. You call out combinations and they have to strike the mitts. Start simple with a single jab, then a jab-cross, and finally, if you’re feeling up to the challenge a jab, cross, and hook. This is a simple way to start using the mitts with your training partner.

5 Best Boxing Mitts Reviews

1. Fairtex Focus Mitts – Best Overall

Best Focus Mitts | Fairtex Focus Mitts

With a highly durable exterior made of real leather, an incredible shock absorption design, and a soft inner for your hands to rest in, Fairtex has really gone the extra mile to ensure that they are the industry leaders when it comes to combat sports equipment. Amazingly, they’ve been able to provide all of the above while maintaining a lightweight construction at only 1.6 lbs.

Key Features

  • Real leather
  • Optimal comfort
  • Excellent power absorption


  • Many colors to select from
  • Great fit
  • Highly durable


  • Can be a little tight


What is not to love about these Fairtex Focus Mitts? I have always been a big fan of these in the gym and although they aren’t an option for the vegans among us, they sure are the best when it comes to overall protection for both me and my training partners.

2. Hayabusa PTS3 Focus Mitts – Best Lightweight

Best Focus Mitts | Hayabusa PTS3 Focus Mitts

If you’re looking for a pair of focus mitts that can be used to improve your speed, these are most definitely the right choice. Not only are they super light (a godsend for training partners who have to hold pads for you), but they’re also extremely durable and offer a unique feature that allows them to make a ‘pop’ sound when a strike is landed clean on the mitt. These are made from high-quality synthetic leather, ensuring durability.

Key Features

  • Lightweight build
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent power absorption 


  • Brand you can trust
  • Adjustment straps for a snug fit
  • Air technology to soften blow


  • Not ideal for training partners that aren’t experienced (due to smaller contact surface area)


These mitts are really impressive, Hayabusa has done well to distance itself from the competition by bringing to the market technology that isn’t often seen in focus mitts. Not only will you find it easy to transport these mitts around, they’ll also fatigue your arms less during practice. Finally, you can still hope to get the same level of protection with these than many of the heavier options on the market.

3. Sanabul Essentials Boxing Mitts – Best Budget

Best Focus Mitts | Sanabul Essentials Boxing Mitts

When looking for a budget option, Sanabul Essentials Boxing Mitts are a great option. You will notice that the gloves have a natural curve to them straight out of the bag, meaning you won’t need to break them in for them to start feeling ‘right’. They are also made of a highly durable synthetic leather which will likely meet all of your sparring needs. However, when it comes to power absorption, the gloves really fall short compared to the other options available in this list. 

Key Features

  • Faux leather 
  • Lightweight
  • Snug fit


  • A few different color options
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable strap


  • Below average power absorption 


If money is tight, these are an excellent set of focus mitts to go for. They’re not going to offer great power absorption or durability, but they will provide you with the basic support you and your partner need to get through the sessions. I would suggest these only for people on a budget who are training with beginners.

4. RDX Focus Mitts – Runner up Budget

Best Focus Mitts | RDX Focus Mitts

These RDX Focus Mitts have been built to sustain the kind of impact you would expect in regular training situations. Using real leather on the outer ensures that durability is never going to be an issue. Unlike other budget options, these RDX Focus Mitts also have mesh ventilation and industrial grade stitching (which is always an issue with cheaper options).

Key Features

  • Real Leather
  • Ambidextrous mitt design
  • Clean design


  • Excellent hand support
  • Snug fit
  • Decent power absorption 


  • A bit bulky


At an incredibly fair price, you can’t go wrong with these RDX training mitts. They are most certainly heavier than some of the higher-end options, but the quality is unquestionable. Tough leather, well-ventilated mesh and EZ-grip design allow it to reign supreme as a fairly priced pair of boxing mitts.

5. Meister Focus Mitts – Dark Horse

Best Focus Mitts | Meister Focus Mitts

If you’re looking for as much padding as possible to soften the blows, the Meister Focus Mitts are an excellent option for you. Not only are they made from real leather, they offer exceptional hand and wrist support meaning that even those heavy hitters and your gym won’t leave you feeling sore afterward. Don’t be put off by the lack of brand power, these boxing mitts are an exceptional choice at a fair price.

Key Features

  • Real leather
  • Extra wrist support
  • Highly durable


  • Excellent power absorption 
  • Great surface area size
  • Simple effective design


  • Not ideal for people with abnormal sized hands


These focus mitts are talked about quite highly by customers that have used them extensively. Fundamentally, the quality of the product for the price is almost unbeatable. Of course, they aren’t ideal for speed training due to their bulky nature. However, if you’re looking to keep yourself and your training partner as protected as possible, they are a solid option.

Final Thoughts

Picking out the right focus mitts for you can really do you and your partners a massive favor in the long run. It is no fun picking up injuries, especially ones you could have easily avoided if you went with an option that was better suited for your needs. Be smart and select gear that is within your budget and provides the support you need.

Looking for the best option regardless of price? Fairtex are your goto mitts. How about something lightweight that will be easy to transport around? Hayabusa is the one for you. Lastly, is price the most important factor? Sanabul’s essentials will cover the basic requirements you have.

I hope this article helped you, it was a pleasure compiling this list. Feel free to share this article with your friends/family/anyone who can benefit from the information shared.


What are the different styles of focus pads and punching mitts?

There are many different types of equipment that can be used to help a fighter improve their skills. While focus mitts are the most popular, there are also other options such as curved Thai pads which are specially designed to take the impact of leg kicks. Another type of focus pad is held with both hands and has the surface area of a circle. This allows for your training partner to hit multiple strikes on the same spot.

Why do boxers hit mitts?

Boxers hit mitts so that they can learn and practice single strikes and combinations. Unlike hitting a bag, there is human interaction at play when hitting the mitts. Therefore, you’re activating more of your mind when you hit mitts because you have to take into consideration what your partner is doing (on either side) to allow for optimal training conditions.

Is it preferable to use curved boxing pads?

It is only preferable if you will be training in a way that requires your training partner to throw both punches and kicks in their combinations. If you will just be focusing on kicks then use the muay Thai curved pads, just punches then the focus mitts. However, as mentioned if you’ll be doing both i.e. in Muay Thai, then the curved boxing pads are the best option.

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