The Ultimate Guide To Chito Ryu Karate!

Chito Ryu Karate

Are you searching for a classic Japanese martial arts sport that’s medically proven to strengthen all parts of your body? Well, Chito Ryu Karate can be the choice if the answer is YES!

After years of learning and teaching karate, I believe Chito Ryu is one of the most effective techniques if performed correctly.

The following blog aims to help you understand what this sport is all about. I will discuss the karate series as a whole and the belt ranking system and techniques associated with it in this article.

What Is Chito Ryu Karate?

Chito Ryu is a combination of the words Chi, To, and Ryu, which means 1000-year-old Chinese style. The sport combines medical science with traditional Chinese martial art techniques to form an attacking karate style. 

This karate technique utilizes muscle’s contraction to generate strength for attacking and self-defense. Shime (しめ) and shibori (絞り are the two signature aspects of this sport.

Shine (しめ) refers to the contraction of muscles in the legs to enhance stability and strength during stance. On the other hand, shibori (絞り is the contraction of arms’ muscles that helps in quicker rotational movements when attacking an opponent. 

Chito Ryu History

Chito Ryu karate was introduced by a Japanese medical and karate expert Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose (1898-1984). He learned karate (唐手) from there before proceeding to mainland Japan for studying medicine.

After learning physiology, Dr. Tsuyoshi combined his knowledge of medicine with karate techniques he learned over the years.

In the early days, Chito Ryu was taught as Kumite and the kata of Seisan and Bassai. However, things changed significantly after world war 2. Dr. Tsuyoshi opened his dojo in Yoseikan, where the techniques evolved significantly.

Chito Ryu Karate

Belt Ranking System

Chito Ryu Karate has a belt system that runs from white to black with multiple levels in between. Here are details on how this system works.

Rank Belt KataKumiteTime
13th KyuWhite4 weeks
12th KyuYellowKihon dosa ichi6 weeks
11th KyuOrange + White tipKihon dosa ichi2 months
10th KyuOrangeKihon dosa ichi3 months
9th KyuGreen + White tipKihon dosa ichi5 months
8th KyuGreenKihon dosa ichiJiyu kumite8 months
7th KyuBlue + White tipKihon dosa niJiyu kumite9 months
6th KyuBlueSeiken no migi hidariKihon kata ichiKihon dosa sanJiyu kumite1 year
5th KyuPurple + White tipZenshin kotai Kihon kata ni Kihon dosa yonJiyu kumite1.5 years
4th KyuPurpleShiho wariKihon kata sanShiho haiJiyu kumite2 years
3rd KyuBrown + White tipSeisanJiyu kumite2.5 years
2nd KyuBrownNiseishiJiyu kumite3 years
1st KyuBrown + Black tipBassaiJiyu kumite4 years
Dan RanksBlackChintoShiai5 years
After the black belt, there are still some grades that can be promoted, they are: Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, Godan, Rokudan, Nanadan, Hachidan, Kyudan.

Techniques Of Chito Ryu Karate

Chito Ryu Karate is a martial art that focuses on creating large amounts of power to damage the opponent. All techniques adhere to the biomechanics of the human body to prevent any physical harm during the training.   

Below are some essential techniques you must know if you are willing to indulge in Chito Ryu Karate. 

Chito Ryu Karate Katas List

  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Shihohai
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Seisan
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Niseishi
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Bassai
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Chinto
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Sochin
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Rohai Sho
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Rohai Dai
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Tenshin
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Sanshiryu
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Kusanku
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Ryusan
  • Chito-Ryu Kata – Sanchin

Chito Ryu Karate Moves

Chito Ryu relies heavily on timely moves. You can refer to the following video to master the different actions involved in this sport.

Chito Ryu Karate Stances

Ensure that your feet are parallel to each other while standing. Create a 30-degree angle distance between both feet that we call Musubi-Dachi. Now, you can flare your toes out to create a stance called Kiba-Dachi. Check out the following video for more detailed instructions. 

Chito Ryu Karate Punches

Punching in the right way will help you quickly ascend the belt stairs in Chito Ryu. Here is a video that shows you precisely what punches to use in Chito Ryu. 

Demonstration: Chito Ryu Punching Techniques

Is Chito Ryu Karate Effective For Self-defense In A Real Fight?

Chito Ryu karate is not only effective in self-defense, but it can also help you take down an opponent within seconds. This fast action sport can allow you to deceive your opponent with quick moves and a rapid response strategy. 

As you train, you learn rigid footwork, stability, and balance to deal with unexpected situations.

Moreover, the mental calmness that comes from Chito Ryu helps you maintain self-control. As a result, you will be in a position to dictate what happens during the conflict.

Final Words

Chito Ryu Karate is among the most effective martial arts techniques based on its effectiveness. It emphasizes the importance of self-control, discipline, and spiritual calmness.

I hope this post helped clarify what Chito Ryu karate is and how to learn different techniques. Curious about other types of karate, check out here: 13 Main Karate Styles and Their Differences.

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