5 Best Bruce Lee Books That Will Make You Amazed!

Bruce Lee

We almost all love Bruce Lee – one of the most inspirational figures of the early 20th century. He gained the most fame & success within a very short time. 

He created a place in the hearts of millions of people. Bruce Lee is mostly reputed as an actor, martial artist, and philosopher. He is widely celebrated and hugely popular all over the world. The best Bruce Lee books have helped many martial arts students, actors and other people. 

We all love his movies and books.

I have been practicing martial arts for the last 6 years. Based on my martial arts experience and education, I’m going to review the 5 best Bruce Lee books. 

Also, you will get many other tips on martial arts and can learn more about Bruce Lee. Keep reading this Bruce Lee books list to make a wise decision. 

Our Top 3 Recommendations!

Best Pick: The Art of Expressing the Human Body 

If you want to discover the key training and methods of martial arts, then this book is a superb choice. This book is best for different techniques to learn martial arts, perfect your body and mind. 

Best Value: Bruce Lee: Artist of Life 

This book offers you the private writings and letters of Bruce Lee. Knowing what was in the mind of Lee is no more a secret. 

Best Overall: Bruce Lee: Conversations 

Get a collection of Bruce Lee’s conversations with different people. Learn about the achievements of Lee and how he influenced the world. 

Reviews Of 5 Best Bruce Lee Books!

1. The Art of Expressing the Human Body

Bruce Lee Books | The Art of Expressing the Human Body

Bruce Lee coined the title “The Art of Expressing the Human Body”. In this book, he described his particular approaches to the martial arts. 

Lee documented the main techniques he applied. You can find insights into how he perfected his body so effectively for muscularity and superior health. 

Bruce Lee had super acting and martial arts abilities. Lee’s strength and physical appearance were astounding, and he revealed the history behind his ever-evolving and intensive conditioning regime in this exclusive book. 

It is one of the best Bruce Lee books out there. So, why shouldn’t you read this book? This book serves as a full record of Lee’s training. It is very simple to read and understand. You can follow the training formula effortlessly. 

This unique book is a great one for people looking for dramatic development in their appearance, health, physical fitness as well as conditioning. 


AuthorBruce Lee
EditorJohn Little
PaperbackAround 256 pages
LanguageAvailable in English
Dimensions21.59×1.78×27.94 cm


Ease of study9
Book Value8
Customer Ratings4.7 out of 5 stars

Why Is This Book Different From Others?

John Little, Bruce Lee historian, presents this book, including Lee’s training logs, diaries, letters, and own notes. Also, this book offers training methods on weight training, stretching, isometrics, aerobics, and nutrition.

Who Should Buy This Book?

If you want to learn Bruce Lee’s amazing physique’s key secrets, you can choose this book that offers super martial art training.


  • Very simple to read and follow the instructions
  • You can get Lee’s diaries, notes and methods of training
  • It will help you get a secret to build amazing health and body

2. Bruce Lee: Artist of Life

Bruce Lee Books | Bruce Lee: Artist of Life

If you ever wish to read the private writing and letters of Bruce Lee, this superb book is worth buying. This book is a collection of rare and unexplored documents from Lee. 

He was a fierce person with sheer energy concentration. No one dared to encounter him neither in person nor on screen. 

Lee was an engaged and voracious reader. In this book, you’ll find an insight into Lee’s thoughts and philosophy. This book explores his self-knowledge, acting, jeet Kune do, poetry, psychology, philosophy, and kung fu

You can learn more and more about his works and life. This Bruce Lee’s book is also full of thrilling facts that we are still unaware of. 

This unique piece shows you how the thought of Lee evolved, how he was refined with time. You will also discover how the great ideas Lee was grasping and pouring them into his daily life and work.


AuthorBruce Lee
EditorJohn Little
PaperbackAround 288 pages
LanguageAvailable in English
Dimensions21.59×1.78×27.94 cm


Ease of study8
Book Value10
Customer Ratings4.7 out of 5 stars

Why Is This Book Different From Others?

This book includes letters from the private notebooks of Lee. It demonstrates how Lee eloquently incorporated his philosophy into actions and guidance to others.

Who Should Buy This Book?

If you are looking for the best jeet Kune do book and want to learn about Lee, you can buy this one. It has the key things that you need.


  • Offers the best kung fu ideas 
  • Get a glimpse of Lee’s private writings and letters
  • Learn philosophy, poetry, psychology of Bruce Lee

3. Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon 

Bruce Lee Books | Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon

We all know Lee as the most exceptional martial artist. Have you ever wondered about the backstage scenes of Bruce Lee? If yes, then this book will share how Lee spent time backstage. 

This book is a detailed photographic catalogue that contains all the facets of Bruce Lee from the beginning of his profession to his tragic and untimely death back in 1973. While reading this book, you can envision the whole life of Lee. 

Linda Cadwell (wife of Bruce Lee) and John Little (Bruce Lee specialist) edited and compiled this amazing photo essay that reveals the rare and never-see family photos, journeys and works of Lee. 

This book is worth taking a look at if you are passionate about Bruce Lee. It gives you a graphic record of Lee’s journey. 


AuthorBruce Lee
EditorJohn Little
PaperbackAround 192 pages
LanguageAvailable in English
Dimensions18.42×1.78×27.94 cm


Ease of study9
Book Value7
Customer Ratings4.6 out of 5 stars

Why Is This Book Different From Others?

In this book, you can discover how Lee led a family man’s life behind his charismatic public personality. You can find the real Lee here, who was more than a martial artist, actor, and international film celebrity. 

Who Should Buy This Book?

If you want to enjoy the rare photographs of Lee’s childhood, his journey as a martial artist and celebrity, his tragic death, his time spent with family, this book is just for you. 


  • Shares the rare photographs of Bruce Lee
  • You can learn and envision his full journey
  • Get a good understanding of Lee’s life and works

4. The Tao of Gung Fu

Bruce Lee Books | The Tao of Gung Fu

The book “The Tao of Gung Fu” is fully written by Bruce lee on martial arts. The term “Tao” means a path to approach knowledge that can’t be intellectually grasped, but you can attain it through experience and dedication.

On the other hand, the term “Gung Fu” refers to skills you earn from dedication and long practice. Gung Fu – it’s a Chinese term and stands for martial arts in China.

Lee, in this book, describes how he approached martial arts. Literally, this book is a gem to those who practice martial arts.

Learning martial arts by reading Bruce Lee’s books is not possible. But you know how good books can help you boost your knowledge and skills. This book intends to enrich your mindset that is important for learning Gung Fu (Kung Fu). You will discover which approaches did work for Bruce Lee. It’s something you can’t skip!


AuthorBruce Lee
EditorJohn Little
PaperbackAround 192 pages
LanguageAvailable in English
Dimensions15.2×1.3×22.9 cm


Ease of study9
Book Value9
Customer Ratings4 out of 5 stars

Why Is This Book Different From Others?

This book contains insights into different Chinese training methods and martial arts. It is the key factor of this book. Also, it includes sketches of different techniques, personal scrapbook of Lee’s famous thesis.

Who Should Buy This Book?

Many enthusiasts or martial arts students want to learn Lee’s way of doing Kung Fu (Kung Fu). If you are one of them, get this book right away. It offers you different styles and techniques of martial arts that Lee personally followed.


  • Learn more about Lee and his works
  • Find what is in the famous thesis of Lee
  • You can get Lee’s different styles of martial arts

5. Bruce Lee: Conversations

Bruce Lee Books | Bruce Lee: Conversations

There is no doubt that Bruce Lee is one of the top iconic figures and influential stars worldwide. After his tragic and untimely death, 47 years have passed, but he is still the bestseller in comic bookshops, video stores posters, and T-shirts.

No one could influence pop culture as Bruce Lee did. Lee was one of the 100 most powerful people by Time Magazine of the late 20th century. 

This book is a collection of Lee’s conversations in different times and places. In this book, you will explore the special interviews of Bruce Lee with the top personalities, UFC fighters, bodybuilders, and professional Boxers. 

This book pays homage to this legend that has a surprising impact on the athletes, martial arts learners and other people. 


AuthorFiaz Rafiq
PaperbackAround 352 pages
LanguageAvailable in English
Dimensions15.88×2.54×24.13 cm 


Ease of study9
Book Value8
Customer Ratings4.2 out of 5 stars

Why Is This Book Different From Others?

In this intriguing and unique book, you will explore the special interviews of Lee with his colleagues, co-stars, close friends and original students.

Who Should Buy This Book?

Before enjoying the creation, it is best to know the creator. If you are a martial arts student, love Bruce Lee, or are an athlete, this book will help you learn more deeply about him. You can’t skip reading this book if you want to get an insight into Lee’s daily life. 


  • Get a glimpse of Lee’s achievements
  • This book is easy to read and understand
  • Know Lee better from his conversations with others

How To Choose The Best Books Written By Bruce Lee?

Sometimes you may get stressed while choosing the best books written by Bruce Lee because all his books are helpful and educational so, which one to choose? There can be many doubts. I understand. 

There are many books by Bruce Lee available in the marketplace. All the books offer great things to learn. 

We can get awesome benefits from all those books. But while buying one, we can’t decide exactly which one we should go for. 

To clear your doubts and help you choose the best book, I have created a comprehensive guideline below.

It will make the process of buying the best book easy. So, keep reading the key aspects and apply them when you are all set to choose one. 

  • Key Features

Before you choose a book by Bruce Lee, please find out the key features it includes. Please find what you can learn and apply it in your life. 

  • Specifications

Read the specifications so that you can measure the key aspects of the book. 

  • Consider the Brand Value

All the books of Bruce Lee have value. Try to consider the best selling proportions of the brands. This step is very important to find what’s different in the book from other sellers or brands. 

  • Value of the Book

You will buy a book not to waste your money; you have to get a good bang for your bucks. So, before buying a book by Bruce Lee, consider what value you will get from it. 

  • Customer Ratings

Those who purchased the book already left ratings for it. It helps you figure out the popularity and selling level easily. So, don’t forget to check the customer ratings. 

  • Customer Reviews

This aspect is much like the customer ratings. Besides leaving a rating, readers also leave feedback or review about the book. If you read those customer reviews, you will learn how the book is actually, what you can get from it and how effective it will be for you. 

  • Product Reliability

When you choose a Bruce Lee book, it must be highly reliable. It should be durable and sturdy as well. If you can assess the reliability of the book, then it can work best for you for a long time.

Best Tips To Follow Bruce Lee Teachings!

Bruce Lee – The Legend is extremely inspirational to many people. He was the most known legend of martial arts. He also emphasized mastering the body and mind. He is mainly reputed for his awesome movies and incredible athleticism. 

But there’s more than these. If you want to follow him, then you must have physical prowess and metaphysical wisdom. Listed below are a few tips that can help you be like him. 

1. Get Training Of Different Types

Bruce Lee received training flexibly and openly. Lee accepted different traditions to learn more and more. He didn’t stick to just one type of regimen. 

Rather, he borrowed from different disciplines such as bodybuilding, martial arts and different sorts of training. 

Lee used circuit, kettle balls and barbells training regimens. Bruce Lee had a unique view of training, and he organized the workouts based on similarities. 

Lee trained himself differently every day. He divided punching, kicking and other training into different days in a week. 

Bruce Lee could easily hold a barbell of around 40 kg for 40 secs at arm’s length. He also could make a hole in a soda can through his finger. Lee had so many amazing abilities that he earned from his constant training. So, get all types of training you can. 

2. Workouts Should Vary Constantly

Lee didn’t stick to one workout forever. He changed his workouts constantly and tried new things. 

This crucial step helped him to push his limit. Also, he allowed his body to adapt to different pieces of training and workouts. 

Lee jumped rope, rode bikes, and ran. He practiced punching and kicking. In simple words, Lee found interest in all sorts of training that made him the legend. 

He was an overall athlete and had a defined body. Lee impressively combined strength and speed. 

3. Master Martial Arts The Way Lee Did

Bruce Lee was engaged in many different fitness training sessions. He excelled in his ability in martial arts. But he also used some other forms of fitness styles to turn into a superior martial artist. 

A grandmaster taught Lee the Wing Chun – a form of Kung Fu. After this, Lee created his form/style Jeet June Do. 

To get all punches and kicks within his reach when needed, Lee rigorously practiced martial art. There are many martial arts institutions or training centers that use the fighting style of the legend – Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee

FAQs About The Best Bruce Lee Books!

Q: What Books Did Bruce Lee Read?

A: Bruce Lee read around 2500 books (were available in his library). So, it’s hard to tell exactly which one. He was also a book lover!

Q: How Many Books Did Bruce Lee Write?

A: Lee wrote mainly only one book – “Chinese Gung Fu – Philosophical Art of Self-Defence”. 

Q: What Is The First Book Of Bruce Lee?

A: The first book of Brue Lee is “Tao of Jeet Kune Do”. In this book, Lee expressed his viewpoints, philosophy and martial arts techniques. It is one of the best-selling books of Bruce Lee. 

Q: What Is The Best Bruce Lee Book To Read?

A: “The Art of Expressing the Human Body” is the best book of Bruce Lee to read. This book lets you know how you can express your body and mind.

Q: Did Lee Run Daily?

A: We often call Bruce Lee “King of Exercise”. On Fridays, Wednesdays and Mondays, Lee ran 6.5 kilometers regularly. 

Q: How Long Did Lee Workout Every Day?

A: Bruce Lee loved to do long workouts. He usually took training for around 3 hours per day. Besides practicing martial arts, Lee did endurance exercises and strength training. He often went running in the early morning. He used to complete his other workouts after running. 

Q: How Long Did Lee Sleep A Day?

A: Bruce Lee took 8 hours of sleep at night every day. In the morning, he did stretching and then proceeded to jog. 

Q: Did Bruce Lee Earn A Black Belt?

A: No, he never achieved the black belt. 

Q: Is Ali Or Bruce Lee Faster?

A: As per the official data, the faster person was Bruce Lee. Ali was taller and bulkier and even more athletic compared to Lee. Bruce Lee was very light on his hands and feet. 

Q: Did Lee Use To Eat Eggs?

A: Bruce Lee would eat two healthy protein drinks mixing in granular lecithin, brewer’s yeast, bananas, peanut butter, wheat germ and eggs. He included mineral and vitamin supplements in his menu as well. 

Q: What Was The Food Menu Of Bruce Lee?

A: Bruce Le loved vegetables, tofu, chicken, shrimp and beef. He mainly preferred Chinese dishes that were vegetable-heavy.

Q: Did Lee Include Protein Shake In His Diet? 

A: The diet of Bruce Lee varied. He drank juices and protein shakes consistently. Lee discovered many diets, such as organ meats, due to their higher mineral content. 

Final Thoughts

From the discussions above, we can learn a lot about Bruce Lee and his books.

And, thus, we want to know more and more about his lifestyle, works, training and so on. The Best Bruce Lee books reviewed above are worth buying.

The winner of the above round-up review is “The Art of Expressing the Human Body”. This book is just amazing. I bet you will love reading this book when you learn the secrets from Bruce Lee. 

The second winner is “Bruce Lee: Artist of Life”. In this book, you are going to explore Bruce Lee from a unique viewpoint. You can read his writings and letters that are just superb. 

However, before you decide and make a purchase, don’t forget to keep the key aspects in mind that I mentioned in the buying guide section. These are very helpful to help you make the best buy.

If you have found the best book of Bruce Lee from the list above, make sure to let us know which book in the comment box. Also, take an important step and share this post on social media.

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