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Best Water Punching Bags

I love hitting the bags. There is nothing quite like it, sparring and hitting pads just don’t give you the same experience. Due to sports such as boxing being so popular, there are so many different options when it comes to punching bags on the market. However, water punching bags have become the latest go-to punching bag in recent years.

I’ve spent countless hours hitting the heavy bag while training in the past 6 years. Whether it was just to keep fit or compete, I find punching bags to be an invaluable resource to your advancement of my journey to mastery. While I absolutely love what Muay Thai has brought to my life, there have also been many sprains and strains along the way. The water punching bags offer users the chance to train well without having such a damaging effect on our body.

In this article, I’m going to break down for you exactly what quality options are available for you to select from depending on your needs. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to make the decision about whether a water punching bag is for you and which one fits your requirements.

Top 3 Recommendations!

Best ForBest OverallHead & Body Striking Beginners
Product NameAqua Training Bag – Head HunterEverlast – Hydro StrikeMaxxMMA Heavy Bag
Guru’s Pick1099.5
More InformationLatest PriceLatest PriceLatest Price

Who Should Get This?

Regardless of whether you are training alone or getting to the gym 3-5 a week, there is always something to be gained when having your own punching bag to use when you feel like it. Not only does it allow you to improve your technique away from the watchful gaze of others in the gym, it also is a great way to relieve stress that will naturally build up in your day.

Although I wouldn’t consider getting your own punching bag essential, it would definitely be a welcome addition to anyone’s home gym that is looking to bring some more dynamic training to their workout space.

Why Water Punching Bags?

There are a few reasons why water punching bags can be a better choice than conventional punching bags. 

Firstly, they are easy to deliver, therefore they generally cost significantly less than heavy bags that are filled with sand and delivered to your door. 

Secondly, they are easy to store, once you’ve let the water out, it can be stored in a safe place until it is needed again. 

Lastly, the fact that only requires water to fill it up makes it super simple to fit into your home gym.

Best Water Punching Bags: Our Top Picks

1. Aqua Training Bag – Head Hunter – Best Overall

Best Water Punching Bags | Aqua Training Bag - Head Hunter

Unlike your traditional heavy bag that attempts to mimic the length and weight of an opponent, the Aqua Training Bag Head Hunter has been designed specifically for you to become a more accurate sharpshooter when it comes to headhunting. This water punching bag is truly unique and serves as an excellent addition to any martial artist’s training equipment.

Key Features 

  • Ideal size for head hunting training 
  • Perfect mixture of size and material for impact absorption 
  • Highly durable 


  • Many designs to choose from
  • Easy to fill and set up
  • ‘Natural’ simulated motion for target practice


  • Can be quite hard on the hands, make sure to wear gloves and wraps!


Due to its unique features i.e. ability to specifically help with headshot accuracy and portability, this is really an incredible piece of equipment. Made with the most durable vinyl, you can be sure that this will last the test of time. 

2. Everlast – HydroStrike – Best Head & Body Striking Option

Best Water Punching Bags | Everlast - HydroStrike

The teardrop-style water punching bags are excellent for those combat fighters that are looking to deliver more than just headshots to their water punching bag. Not only will the Everlast HydroStrike allow you to throw both kicks and punches to multiple areas, it will also absorb your power well due to the design and highly durable plastic that is the outer material.

Key Features

  • Teardrop design to allow for wider impact surface area
  • Durable material 
  • Minimal friction issues (single ribbed)


  • Favored choice among combat athletes
  • Excellent for shot absorption
  • Super simple to fill


  • Can be painful to hit rib without gloves


This is a great option for those of you that really want to be training more than just headhunting. I would highly suggest mixing in combinations into your arsenal that have you working the body just as much if not more than the head to open up the opportunities you’re looking for. Thanks to the highly durable plastic material used for the outer layer, you can expect this bag to soak up heavy strikes for a considerable amount of time. Everlast is a company you can trust and they haven’t let us down with the HydroStrike, definitely a water punching bag worth having in your gym.

3. MaxxMMA Heavy Bag – Best for Beginners

Best Water Punching Bags | MaxxMMA Heavy Bag

If you’re looking for something that looks like more of a traditional punching bag but is filled with water instead of rags/sand, then the MaxxMMA Heavy Bag could be the option for you. Not only do you get a piece of kit that can be used as a heavy bag, you also can use it for sandbag-style workouts! What a deal. Due to the large surface area and softer punch resistance, this is a perfect starter water punching bag for beginners.

Key Features

  • Excellent size for boxing and kickboxing
  • Ideal for beginners (easy on the joints)
  • Multiple design options


  • Easy to move and fill (empty)
  • Can double up as a ‘sandbag’ for training
  • Relatively durable for beginner/intermediates


  • Not built for high impact use


As a beginner water punching bag, this is an excellent choice. The fact that the MaxxMMA Heavy Bag doubles up and allows you to do other workouts is crazy value for money. Unfortunately due to the build quality, it won’t be able to keep up with heavy intense sessions on a regular basis, however, if you’re just starting out and want a bag that will be able to put up a fairly light/medium beating, this is a great choice.

4. HydroBlast – Best Budget Option

Best Water Punching Bags | HydroBlast

HydroBlast is another teardrop-style water punching bag. Just like the other teardrop options, you can expect to enjoy a wider surface area, therefore allowing for a wide variety of shots to be trained on it. Made from thick rubber, the creators have done their due diligence to make it as close to life-like in terms of punch resistance as possible (minus the bones!). You will also receive the steel chain with your purchase, which will prove handy when it comes to hanging this water punching bag.

Key Features

  • Multiple size options
  • Torso-like design
  • Decent durability


  • Color options
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to fill


  • Can have quite a strong plastic scent until used for a bit


Thanks to the price and build quality of this teardrop water punching bag, you know you’ve got a good deal when you start working out on the HyrdoBlast. Highly favored for its durability and striking surface area, you can’t go wrong with the HydroBlast.

5. Aqua Training Bag – Heavy Punching Bag – Heavy Hitter Option

Best Water Punching Bags | Aqua Training Bag - Heavy Punching Bag

Need a bag that is going to be able to put up with a whole lot of abuse? You’ll struggle to find a better water punching bag than the Aqua Training Heavy Punching Bag. Unlike the Head Hunter mentioned previously, this bag is HUGE! While this means you miss out on the natural movement that you can enjoy with the Head Hunter, it makes up for it by allowing incredible surface area and power absorption. As is customary with the Aqua Training Heavy Punching Bags, you will find that the outer layer is made of heavy-duty vinyl.

Key Features

  • Awesome designs
  • Extremely durable
  • Much more forgiving on your joints than sandbags


  • Incredible surface area
  • Able to fill up to 190lbs!
  • Easy to store when not in use


  • The size means that it is not a good option for specific head strike training


Need a bag that you can smash into with everything you’ve got without a concern in the world? This is the best choice for you. Made of extremely durable material, the Aqua Training Bag (Heavy Bag model) is really something special. Not only will this absorb all your punches, but it will also protect you against the typical joint injuries that are possible with sandbags and density issues (making them very hard) caused by smaller water punching bags.

Water Punching Bag FAQs

What size water punching bag should I get?

This really depends on what you’re hoping to get from the bag. If it is for training your timing and combinations whilst in movement, then definitely go for one of the smaller bags. However, if you’re looking to lay into it like a gorilla, then go for the bigger bags.

What is the best filling for a punching bag?

Believe it or not, the best filling is.. wait for it… wait for it… water. It isn’t rocket science, get your bag and fill it to 80-90% capacity with water, then you’re good to go.


Water punching bags may have at first seemed like a gimmick but they’ve found a place for themselves in the gyms of some of the most dangerous boxers and other combat sports athletes around the world. One size however does not fit all. I would suggest the Head Hunter for those of you looking to sharpen up your combinations on a moving target’s head and Everlast’s HydroStrike for a more authentic torso target practice.

It was an absolute pleasure creating this article to help you on your journey of finding the best water punching bag for your needs. If you liked it please share the article with anyone else you feel may benefit from it!

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