30 Best UFC Fighters of All Time

best ufc fighters of all time

The UFC was founded in 1993 and has come a long way since then. It has transformed MMA from what felt like a disrespected and underrated sport into the giant it is today. Along the way, many fighters have helped to elevate the organization to greatness.

Here we wanted to appreciate those legends by looking at the best UFC fighters of all time. We’ve come up with 30 of the greatest and ranked them in order. Let’s get started by looking at which fighter comes at our number 30 spot on our list of best UFC fighters ever!

30 Best UFC Fighters of All Time

30. Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar

Nationality: American

Birthday: October 16, 1981

Division: Lightweight, Featherweight, Bantamweight

Record: 24-11-1

UFC Belts: UFC Lightweight Championship (once, three defenses)

Mostly competing in the featherweight and lightweight divisions of the UFC, Frankie Edgar was a fighter beloved by many fans.

He won the UFC Lightweight Championship against BJ Penn in 2010 and defended it three times before losing it to Benson Henderson. He also had notable wins over Gray Maynard and Chad Mendes along his way to 24 wins.

He was known for his wrestling and boxing skills, and for his ability to come back from adversity in fights. His fighting record is slightly skewed by losing six of his last eight fights, but at his peak, he was a brilliant fighter.

29. Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping

Nationality: English

Birthday: February 28, 1979

Division: Middleweight, Light Heavyweight

Record: 30-9

UFC Belts: UFC Middleweight Championship (once, one defense)

Fighters such as Michael Bisping are the lifeblood of the UFC. He’s a huge personality who got people watching with his motormouth and likable charm. Added to that, he was also a brilliant fighter.

Starting off as a Light Heavyweight, he had most of his fights in the UFC as a Middleweight. His biggest achievement was winning the UFC Middleweight Championship in 2016 against Luke Rockhold. This was after being made effectively blind in his right eye.

Many people loved his striking fighting style but also his determination and work ethic. Fans appreciate any fighter who squeezes every ounce of talent out of their body, and that’s exactly what Bisping did.

28. Valentina Shevchenko

Valentina Shevchenko

Nationality: Kyrgyzstani/Peruvian

Birthday: March 7, 1988

Division: Bantamweight, Flyweight

Record: 23-4

UFC Belts: UFC Women’s Flyweight Championship (once, seven defenses)

Forget the UFC, Valentina Shevchenko is simply a legend of fighting in general. Not only is she one of the best MMA fighters ever, but she has also won championships in Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxing, Judo, and Kickboxing.

It’s very clear that Shevchenko isn’t a woman you want to mess with, but let’s just look at her achievements in UFC. She lost a fight for the Bantamweight title to Amanda Nunes before returning to Flyweight and dominating the division.

Known for her striking, grappling, and counterattacking skills, Shevchenko beat Joanna Jędrzejczyk for the Flyweight title before defending it seven times, losing it in March 2023 to Alexa Grasso. Even with the loss, she still holds the title of most title defenses by a woman in UFC history.

27. BJ Penn

BJ Penn

Nationality: American

Birthday: December 13, 1978

Division: Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight

Record: 16-14-2

UFC Belts: UFC Lightweight Championship (once, three defenses), UFC Welterweight Championship (once)

While not having the best record ever, BJ Penn will still be fondly remembered by many UFC fans. In his time in the sport, he was able to win both the UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Championship. That Welterweight Championship perhaps came in his most impressive fight vs. Matt Hughes.

As with many fighters on this list, their record is made to look worse than it is by them fighting past their peak. BJ Penn’s career ended with seven straight losses. At one point, he boasted a record of 17-5-1.

He was known for his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills and for being in some of the sport’s best fights. You were always guaranteed entertainment with BJ Penn.

26. Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo

Nationality: American

Birthday: February 9, 1987

Division: Flyweight, Bantamweight

Record: 16-2

UFC Belts: UFC Bantamweight Championship (once, one defense), UFC Flyweight Championship (once, one defense)

While BJ Penn may not have one of the most impressive records on paper, Henry Cejudo does. He competed in the Flyweight and Bantamweight divisions of the UFC and achieved everything he set out to in the sport.

It was no surprise he was successful in MMA given that he was a gold medalist in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He was able to translate those skills into MMA with many dominant wins. His most impressive performance came against Demetrious Johnson, Marlon Moraes, and Dominick Cruz.

While his wrestling skills were supreme, he was also a great striker too, which led him to being the seventh multi-divisional champion in UFC history.

25. Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Nationality: Polish

Birthday: August 18, 1987

Division: Strawweight, Flyweight

Record: 16-5

UFC Belts: UFC Women’s Strawweight Championship (once, five defenses)

There is no doubt that Joanna Jedrzejczyk is one of the best fighters in UFC history, and in the top 10 women of all time. The Polish mixed martial artist mainly competed in the Strawweight division and defended the championship an impressive five times.

She was known for not only her immense striking ability but also her phenomenal work rate. At her peak she was nearly unstoppable, and before she started to decline, had a record of 14-0. Her most impressive wins came against Claudia Gadelha, Jessica Andrade, and Karolina Kowalkiewicz.

24. Royce Gracie

Royce Gracie

Nationality: Brazilian

Birthday: December 12, 1966

Division: Welterweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight

Record: 15-2-3

UFC Belts: 3 Tournament Championships

There are quite a few Brazilian fighters on this list, but no doubt all of them were inspired by Royce Gracie. His influence on the sport was shown by him being introduced into the Pioneer Wing of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Known as a father of the sport, many fans will remember his memorable battles against fellow UFC legend Ken Shamrock. He fought before official weight classes, so he didn’t win any belts, but he did win three of the UFC’s early championships.

Gracie was known for his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills and had notable wins over Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, and Kimo Leopoldo. The sport is what it is today thanks to men like Royce Gracie.

23. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Nationality: Brazilian

Birthday: June 2, 1976

Division: Heavyweight

Record: 34-10-1 (1 NC)

UFC Belts: Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship (once)

Another brilliant Brazilian fighter was Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. While Gracie was a prominent pioneer of the sport, the likes of Nogueira helped put Brazil on the map when it came to being a dominant force in MMA.

Another member of the Hall of Fame, he was a brilliant all-around fighter with an excellent skill set. He not only managed to win the Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship but became the Pride Heavyweight Champion too.

With notable wins over Randy Couture, Tim Sylvia, and Fabricio Werdum, many will fondly remember him as one of the greatest fighters in the sport.

22. Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander Volkanovski

Nationality: Australian

Birthday: September 29, 1988

Division: Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight

Record: 25-2

UFC Belts: UFC Featherweight Championship (once, four defenses)

We’ve looked at some younger legends of the sport, but Alexander Volkanovski is in the more modern group of fighters that have helped to make the UFC so dominant in the industry.

The Australian mixed martial artist has had an epic run in the Featherweight division and boasts an impressive record of 25-2. The former rugby player is no stranger to bravery, and combines that courage with fantastic striking skills.

His 22-win streak (including fights outside the UFC) was ended by Islam Makhachev, but it was an incredible run. His wins included beating Max Holloway three times, Chad Mendes, and Jose Aldo.

21. Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz

Nationality: American

Birthday: March 9, 1985

Division: Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight

Record: 24-4

UFC Belts: UFC Bantamweight Championship (twice, three defenses)

The Bantamweight division is one that often doesn’t get a lot of attention, but Dominick Cruz helped to change that. He managed to win the UFC Bantamweight Championship twice and, at one point, had a record of 22-1.

Cruz has excellent footwork, and his opponents often couldn’t deal with his electric movement and unorthodox striking. Often, he was able to neutralize his opponent’s strength and make it a weakness. He was an exceptional fighter and deserves our number 21 spot on the best UFC fighters of all time.

20. Max Holloway

Max Holloway

Nationality: American

Birthday: December 4, 1991

Division: Featherweight, Lightweight

Record: 24-7

UFC Belts: UFC Featherweight Championship (once, three defenses)

Max Halloway has the honor of being the youngest fighter on this list and the only one that was born in the ’90s. The Hawaiian fighter is loved by many as his fights always seem to be incredibly exciting with non-stop action.

He’s known for his ‘stand and bang’ style, and it seems like he trusts his striking to be better than his opponent, which it often is. While exciting, he always has the elite fitness level to keep the action going, even as his opponent starts to tire. It’s an electric style that led him to a Featherweight Championship.

19. Junior Dos Santos

Junior Dos Santos

Nationality: Brazilian

Birthday: January 30, 1984

Division: Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight

Record: 21-10

UFC Belts: UFC Heavyweight Championship (once, one defense)

Junior Dos Santos is one MMA fighter that may have had a great career in boxing, such was his striking skills. The Heavyweight was known for his immense power and was able to deliver it with exceptional footwork and timing.

Incredibly Dos Santos only won one of his 21 wins via submission, which was his second bout in the sport. But you don’t need to be great on the ground when you can punch as hard as Dos Santos. He’s another whose record is made worse by the tail end of his career as at his peak, he boasted a 15-1 record.

18. Rhonda Rousey

Rhonda Rousey

Nationality: American

Birthday: February 1, 1987

Division: Featherweight, Bantamweight

Record: 12-2

UFC Belts: UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship (once, six defenses)

There are great fighters, and there are great fighters who elevate the sport with their marketability. Rousey was the type of fighter that ensured high attendances and great PPV sales. Her time in the UFC wasn’t long, but she certainly made her mark.

She came into MMA with an impressive resume as a world-class judo athlete. She used that ability to showcase her incredible grappling skills and judo throws. It enabled her to win the Bantamweight Championship, defending it six times.

Due to her incredible feats in the sport, she was the first female inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame.

17. Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman

Nationality: American/Nigerian

Birthday: May 11, 1987

Division: Welterweight

Record: 20-3

UFC Belts: UFC Welterweight Championship (once, five defenses)

Kamaru Usman has the honor of being the first Nigerian-born fighter to win a UFC championship, claiming the Welterweight belt back in 2019. He managed an impressive five defenses of the title before losing it to Leon Edwards.

Having won wrestling championships in his youth, he was able to use those skills in the octagon to showcase his impressive grappling ability. But he is much more than just groundwork, as he’s also an impressive striker. He may be past his peak now, but deserves his spot as one of the best ever.

16. Cris Cyborg

Cris Cyborg

Nationality: Brazilian/American

Birthday: July 9, 1985

Division: Featherweight, Light Middleweight

Record: 26-2 (1 NC)

UFC Belts: UFC Women’s Featherweight Championship (once, two defenses)

Cris Cyborg is one of a few women that has helped to give females huge credibility in MMA due to their incredible skill and bravery. Her real name is Cristiane Venâncio, but the ‘cyborg’ moniker seemed apt due to her machine-like relentless approach to the octagon.

She was a monster in the Featherweight division, winning the Championship twice. Her striking ability was particularly impressive, with a long list of knockouts to her name. While a legend in the UFC, she also won titles in Bellator, Strikeforce, and Invicta.

Who’d have thought she’d become a legend of the sport after she lost her first MMA fight back in 2005. Since then, it has been near non-stop success.

15. Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz

Nationality: American

Birthday: January 23, 1975

Division: Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight

Record: 21-12-1

UFC Belts: UFC Light Heavyweight Championship (once, five defenses)

Tito Ortiz is another man who is in the Pioneer Wing of the UFC Hall of Fame. It’s an exclusive list, with only 19 inductees, seven of which are on this list. Ortiz is one of the best Light Heavyweights in the organization’s history, winning the title once and defending it five times.

His wrestling ability was excellent, and once he had you on the canvas, he wouldn’t let you go, sometimes with relentless ground and pound. He was physically dominant in many of his fights and, at one stage, had a 15-4 record.

14. Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Nationality: Irish

Birthday: July 14, 1988

Division: Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight

Record: 22-6

UFC Belts: UFC Featherweight Championship (once), UFC Lightweight Championship (once)

We mentioned above how Rhonda Rousey was one of the most marketable stars in the UFC, but Conor McGregor took that to the next level. If this was a list of the most famous UFC fighters, he’d be a clear number one.

It seemed at one point that he may have been on his way to being the greatest of all time, especially after his iconic knockout of Jose Aldo after 13 seconds.

But he stepped up in weight and couldn’t manage to beat Nate Diaz the first time of asking. He did in their second fight before winning the Lightweight Championship vs. Eddie Alvarez.

His career has lost steam recently, with three losses in his last four fights, but there’s no doubt he was one of the greatest fighters at his electric best.

13. Randy Couture

Randy Couture

Nationality: American

Birthday: June 22, 1963

Division: Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight

Record: 19-11

UFC Belts: UFC 13 Heavyweight Tournament Champion, UFC Heavyweight Championship (thrice), UFC Light Heavyweight Championship (twice)

Randy Couture is another who helped to build up the UFC into the monster it is today. He was the company’s first multi-division champion and another member of the Pioneer Wing. There’s no doubting his status as a bona fide legend.

Winning championships in both the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight divisions, he was also a winner of one of UFC’s earliest tournaments. He was an excellent tactician in the octagon and would often outsmart his opponents, as well as outsmarting them.

His record may not look the greatest, but this is a man who fought the best, and beat the best. From his debut in 1997 to his last fight in 2011, he always provided high-quality entertainment.

12. Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson

Nationality: American

Birthday: August 24, 1970

Division: Welterweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight

Record: 32-15

UFC Belts: UFC 17 Middleweight Tournament Championship

It’s crazy that Dan Henderson isn’t in the UFC Hall of Fame in either the Pioneer or Modern wing. While he’s not in it yet for his career, he does make an appearance in the Fight wing. That’s for his incredible bout against Maurício Rua in 2018, which he won by unanimous decision.

Surely he’ll be in the Hall of Fame for his career eventually, but until he is, we’re proudly putting him at number 12 on our list.

The only blot on Henderson’s record is that he was never able to win a championship belt, despite being in three UFC title fights. That includes his last fight vs. Bisping, where he was the oldest fighter to compete for a championship at 46 years old.

11. José Aldo

José Aldo

Nationality: Brazilian

Birthday: September 9, 1986

Division: Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight

Record: 31-8

UFC Belts: UFC Featherweight Championship (twice, seven defenses)

It’s an obvious statement, but MMA is a very difficult sport. The best fight the best, which is why losses aren’t a big deal. However, there was a period when Jose Aldo made the sport look too easy during his run of seven title defenses.

Until he fought McGregor, Aldo had a ridiculous record of 25-1. Many will remember him for that 13-second fight, but that would be unfair. As we’ve seen, many fighters’ records can take a hit past their peak, and that’s what happened with the Brazilian.

But at his best, he was a phenomenon. He had incredible striking ability and strong takeout defense. Add that to a wide range of attacks, and he was almost impossible to fight against. Now let’s look at the top 10 UFC fighters of all time!

10. Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes

Nationality: American

Birthday: October 13, 1973

Division: Welterweight

Record: 45-9

UFC Belts: UFC Welterweight Championship (twice, seven defenses)

Matt Hughes had a ridiculously good career that spanned from 1998 to 2011. In that time, he remained extremely active, with well over 50 fights. During that period, he was able to win the Welterweight Championship twice, with seven defenses split across them.

In the middle of his career, he went on a dominant streak of 37-3, where he beat some of the greatest MMA fighters ever, including Georges St-Pierre, Royce Gracie, and BJ Penn. Georges St-Pierre would go on to get his revenge, but the two shared an iconic trilogy of fights.

Hughes was an incredible wrestler and dominated his opponents when grappling with perfect top control. He’s another fighter that sits proudly in UFC’s Pioneer Hall of Fame.

9. Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell

Nationality: American

Birthday: December 17, 1969

Division: Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight

Record: 21-9

UFC Belts: UFC Light Heavyweight Championship (once, four defenses)

Chuck Liddell is the penultimate fighter in this list who is in the Pioneer Wing. He was a huge factor in bringing UFC into the mainstream while also giving the sport of MMA the respect it deserves. Not only that, but he was an amazing fighter.

You can add Liddell to the list of fighters whose record is blurred by a poor end to their career. In Liddell’s case, he had a 20-3 record before ending his time in MMA with six losses in his last seven fights.

It’s best to remember these fighters at their peak and at his best, Liddell beat the likes of Alistair Overeem, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, and Wanderlei Silva. He had immense knockout power which he used to win the Light Heavyweight Championship and defend it four times.

8. Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes

Nationality: Brazilian

Birthday: May 30, 1988

Division: Bantamweight, Featherweight

Record: 22-5

UFC Belts: UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship (twice, five defenses), UFC Women’s Featherweight Championship (once, two defenses)

In our view, Amanda Nunes is the best women’s UFC fighter of all time. She’s had a ridiculous career winning two championships which made her the first woman to not only win two titles, but also hold them at the same time.

As with Chris Cyborg, Nunes’ career started off badly with a loss. She soon recovered and started dominating the sport, with some memorable victories along the way. Included in her wins are Valentina Shevchenko (twice), Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey, Cris Cyborg, and Holly Holm.

She’s an excellent all-around fighter, but her striking ability is legendary. Not many of her opponents have been able to deal with her aggression, which has led to thirteen of her wins coming via knockout. A phenomenal fighter and a certain future Hall of Famer.

7. Stipe Miocic

Stipe Miocic

Nationality: American

Birthday: August 19, 1982

Division: Heavyweight

Record: 20-4

UFC Belts: UFC Heavyweight Championship (twice, two defenses)

Many regard Miocic as the best out-and-out Heavyweight the sport has ever seen, and it’s hard to disagree. He had phenomenal knockout power, which saw 15 of his 20 wins end by either KO or TKO.

He had many great fights, but he’ll perhaps be best remembered for his trilogy of fights vs. Daniel Cormier. Miocic lost the first fight via KO but came back to win the next two. All three fights had the UFC Heavyweight Championship on the line.

His 6 ft 4 in frame was imposing in the ring and he used it to good effect. He’ll be remembered as one of the most powerful and brutal men to ever compete.

6. Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson

Nationality: American

Birthday: August 13, 1986

Division: Bantamweight, Flyweight

Record: 31-4-1

UFC Belts: UFC Flyweight Championship (once, eleven defenses)

Demetrious Johnson moved over to the ONE Championship in 2019 but before then, he had a remarkable run in the UFC. He helped to put respect on the name of the Flyweight Championship and proved that even the smaller men could put on some of the most exciting fights.

At his peak, “Mighty Mouse” possessed some incredible speed and mixed that in with some exceptional technical ability. He’s won six fights via knockout, twelve by submission, and thirteen by decision. That spread showcases what a complete fighter he is.

His eleven-defense run will rightly go down in UFC history. It’s a shame that he left the organization, as he still had a lot left to give.

5. Jon Jones

Jon Jones

Nationality: American

Birthday: July 19, 1987

Division: Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight

Record: 27-1 (1 NC)

UFC Belts: UFC Heavyweight Championship (once), UFC Light Heavyweight Championship (twice, eleven defenses)

At this point, any of these fighters could have a legitimate claim to being the greatest of all time. If it wasn’t for his issues, Jon Jones might have been higher. His record, however, speaks for itself, with only one loss, which was a disqualification for using illegal elbows.

Of course, we can’t talk about Jones without mentioning the controversies. He’s been found guilty of using performance-enhancing substances, and has also had legal trouble, which included hit-and-run charges.

But the skill and power have always been there for everyone to see. It led to an incredible Light Heavyweight Championship reign of 1501 days, and he has now added the Heavyweight Championship to his list of achievements.

He’s a truly remarkable athlete who is almost impossible to fight against. If you have him as your GOAT, we’d fully understand!

4. Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier

Nationality: American

Birthday: March 20, 1979

Division: Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight

Record: 22-3 (1 NC)

UFC Belts: UFC Heavyweight Championship (once, one defense), UFC Light Heavyweight Championship (once, three defenses)

Daniel Cormier only lost three times in his career. Once was to Jon Jones, and the other two were his last two MMA fights, which were both against Stipe Miocic. And the 22 wins that he had came against some of the greatest fighters in MMA history.

He won both the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Championships and became only the second “Champ-Champ” in history, meaning he held two belts at the same time. The fact he was still complete for titles in his 40s showed his dedication to the sport.

He won nearly half of his fights via knockout with his excellent striking ability, but he was also able to use his technical skills for submissions too. He’s one of the best well-rounded fighters in UFC history and a credit to the sport.

3. Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre

Nationality: Canadian

Birthday: May 19, 1981

Division: Welterweight, Middleweight

Record: 26-2

UFC Belts: UFC Middleweight Championship (once), UFC Welterweight Championship (twice, nine defenses)

Records aren’t everything in MMA but that being said, GSP put up some unbelievable numbers. His 26-2 record was well-deserved and helped him to win both the Middleweight and Welterweight UFC Championship.

Those two losses came against Matt Hughes in 2004 and Matt Serra in 2007. A remarkable fact about St-Pierre is that he went on to avenge both of those losses, meaning that he managed to beat every man he ever faced.

He was able to dominate his fights and holds the record for most takedowns in UFC history. He had an even spread of winning methods, showing his overall rounded game. The Canadian retired in 2017, but his legacy will be felt for many years to come.

2. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Nationality: Russian

Birthday: September 20, 1988

Division: Lightweight, Welterweight

Record: 29-0

UFC Belts: UFC Lightweight Championship (once, three defenses)

It’s perhaps a little controversial to have Khabib quite this high, but there’s no doubting his extreme ability. He was an animal in the ring, and you almost felt that as soon as he took his opponent to the ground, it was game over.

While he won eight of his fights via knockout, he was known as a true submission artist with incredible grappling ability along with a ground-and-pound that fighters couldn’t live with. At times it felt as though he was toying with his opponent.

He holds the record for the longest Lightweight reign in history of 1077 days and retired at the very top. A perfect record and a UFC fighter retiring in their prime? We may never see it again. Khabib was special, and it’s a shame we won’t see him in the octagon again.

1. Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

Nationality: Brazilian

Birthday: April 14, 1975

Division: Middleweight, Light Heavyweight

Record: 34-11 (1 NC)

UFC Belts: UFC Middleweight Championship (once, ten defenses)

It was very difficult choosing the best UFC fighter of all time, but we thought the honor had to go to Anderson Silva. He was incredible in the octogen and will always be remembered for his imperious reign as UFC Middleweight Champion.

That run lasted for an incredible 2,457 days and included a 16-fight win streak. You may look at his record and think it includes plenty of losses, but that is heavily affected by a few defeats when he was well past his peak. Before he lost his UFC title, he held a record of 33-4.

While he probably should have retired sooner, we can never forget how good he was in his prime. His incredible striking and ability to switch stances made him dangerous and exciting to watch. It’s no surprise that he won Fight of the Night five times.

A few fighters could have a legitimate claim as being the greatest of all time, but we think “The Spider” deserves it.

Best UFC Fighters Ever FAQs

Who is the best UFC fighter in history?

There are probably around half a dozen fighters that have a legitimate claim to being the greatest UFC fighter of all time. Topping our list is Anderson Silva, with his epic career that included ten defenses of his Middleweight Championship.

While Silve got our number one, there are many other contenders. Khabib Nurmagomedov managed to go undefeated, Georges St-Pierre took the sport to a new level, and Jon Jones has dominated almost every many he’s come up against.

Everyone has their own favorite, which is what makes the question so interesting!

Who are the best UFC fighters right now?

Many of the fighters that we’ve listed in our top ten here are either retired, or close to retirement. However, two of these fighters are still at the top of their games. They are Jon Jones, who recently became the Heavyweight champion, and Amanda Nunes, who recently claimed the Bantamweight Championship.

Another great fighter in our list whose at their peak is Alexander Volkanovski, who could soon make his way toward the top 10 greatest ever. Kamaru Usman is also still highly regarded, despite some recent losses.

However, there are a few fantastic current fighters that aren’t on our list but could be in the future. Islam Makhachev, Leon Edwards, and Alexa Grasso are all putting together fantastic careers and are in the pound-for-pound top 10.

Who is the best heavyweight UFC fighter of all time?

You could answer this question in two ways. There are fighters who have only ever been a heavyweight, and others who have fought in lower divisions but have also made an appearance in the Heavyweight division.

For a pure heavyweight, you’d have to say Stipe Miocic. He had all of his fights in the division and managed to dominate like no other with his incredible striking ability.

If you include those that have appeared in multiple divisions, then the honor may go to Daniel Cormier. Jon Jones’ move up to Heavyweight may also mean he’ll soon be in the conversation.

Who is the goat UFC fighter?

Whether it’s on social media, in the stands, or in bars around the world, it’s a debate that will endlessly rage on. Who are the greatest MMA fighters? The beauty of the question is that we’ll never all agree, as it’s all about opinions and what you personally love.

Some may respect the career of Anderson Silva above any others, while other fans may say that Jon Jones’ record can’t be overlooked. There are not many sports where fans can universally agree on a GOAT, and MMA is no different.

Who is the best fighter in UFC 4?

UFC 4 came out in 2020, but it’s still the latest video game released for the sport. Its best fighters are a little out-of-date, but not by much. The best fighter to use will depend on your style, but it will probably be between Khabib, Jon Jones, and Conor McGregor.

While they are probably the best, Kamaru Usman, Amanda Nunes, Max Holloway, and Valentina Shevchenko are also brilliant in the game.

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