10 Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear/Equipment for Training

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear

Taekwondo is a form of martial arts characterized by kicking and punching techniques. It is growing in popularity day by day because it is a fine self-defense discipline and fun to take part in.

I love taekwondo and know the importance of great sparring gear. Here I’ll talk you through everything you need to start those practice bouts. With my couple of years experience, I’ve picked out the best piece of gear in each category.

You do not just wake up and become a taekwondo expert. Taekwondo takes training and discipline to master. Thus, you’ll need the best taekwondo sparring gear and learn how to correctly put it on. Here is your guide to essential taekwondo equipment for your training.

Top 10 Taekwondo Sparring Gear List

1.  Xinluying Punch Bag Taekwondo Gloves

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear | Xinluying Punch Bag Taekwondo Gloves

While not the best way to score big points in taekwondo, punching is still very important. You need to learn how to strike with power and these gloves are going to help you do just that. Not only will these gloves allow you to practice power shots, but they’ll also keep your hands protected in the process.

The Xinluying Gloves are some of the best in the market. These fingerless gloves are made from premium synthetic PU leather and Lycra fabric. So they are durable and also feature EVA lining pads on the whole back of the hand to give you good protection when punching.

The gloves have a hollow palm design and feature elastic mesh fabric between fingers, all of which make for improved breathability. Your palm will not be sweaty when you wear these gloves. Lastly, they feature wrist Velcro that is easily adjustable for a good fit. The gloves are excellent for both males and females.

2. Wonzone Taekwondo Foot Protector

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear | Wonzone Taekwondo Foot Protector

Taekwondo involves a lot of kicking, so the foot protector is an important part of taekwondo sparring gear.

The Wonzone foot protector is the best one to have. They have a half-toe design to allow free flexing of your toes. They are made of quality PU leather and lycra fabric, and feature 5-8 mm thick EVA lining to give good protection when striking.

They come with a Velcro strap which makes them easy to wear and take off. Apart from the comfortable lining, the Velcro strapping can be adjusted to snugly wrap your leg for a good fit. This makes the Wonzone foot protector comfortable to wear and you hardly notice it.

The breathable materials and open sole design ensure that the foot protector will not make your foot sweat.

3. AAMA Martial Arts Taekwondo Sparring Gear Equipment Bag

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear | AAMA Martial Arts Taekwondo Sparring Gear Equipment Bag

When going for training or sparring, you’ll want to have all your stuff with you. So, an equipment bag is very important for your taekwondo sparring gear.

The AAMA bag is the perfect equipment bag. Apart from the main compartment, it has two zippered side and back pockets, one chest protector holder sleeve, and mesh pockets on one side. It will hold all your stuff including uniforms, extra clothing, protective wear, shoes, drinks.

The equipment bag has a lot of exciting features. One is that the chest protector holder is outside which leaves more room inside the bag. There is also a name tag sleeve at the top which you can use to personalize your bag should others around you have identical bags.

The inside of the equipment bag features a durable base for extra support. The also comes with detachable shoulder straps which makes it easy to carry around. Apart from the functionality, the AAMA bag looks great too.

4. RDX Headgear for Sparring

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear | RDX Headgear for Sparring

Head kicks are common in taekwondo, so to avoid head injuries you need good headgear for sparring and bouts. The RDX headgear for sparring ticks all the right boxes.

Everything about the headgear is to give your good protection while being comfortable to wear. The outer material is the extremely durable maya-hide leather. It also features a foam layer called EVA-Lution that uniformly dissipates impact forces. There are also multiple layers of foam with gel in-lining that serve as added shock absorbers.

The RDX headgear for sparring has a hook and loop strap that offers a secure and adjustable fit. This makes the headgear easy to put on and take off, and also ensures that it does not slip off when you’re in action.

The spongy foam sheet in the inside of the RDX headgear is soft making it very comfortable to wear. Finally, the line of vision is great when wearing the headgear.

5. RDX Body Protector

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear | RDX Body Protector

In taekwondo, while head kicks score more points than body shots, body shots are easier to execute, and so are more frequent. You need a good boxing body protector for sparring.

RDX is one brand that you can trust when it comes to taekwondo sparring gear. The RDX body protector is everything you need. It has an excellent design that envelops the chest cavity perfectly and does not impede mobility.

It also features the EVA-Lution sheet that evenly distributes impact from high-velocity shots as well as other paddings that provide added resistance when met with high-intensity force.

The exterior features hide leather which makes it sturdy. It’ll remain crack-free even after prolonged use. The body protector features adjustable buckle closure which helps to easily fit it in place. For more choices, check out our post: Best Boxing Body Protectors.

6. Adidas Shin Instep Protector

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear | Adidas Shin Instep Protector

You already know that shin guards are important for taekwondo sparring to protect bruises to your leg. However, do you also know that the Adidas shin instep protector is one of the best shin protectors in the market?

The shin and instep protector is approved by WTF (World Taekwondo Federation). These protectors protect not only your shin but also the top of your foot. They are made from PU, and feature good padding for excellent protection.

They also have two all-around elastic straps and Velcro closing to offer a tight fit. These features also make the Adidas shin and instep protectors easy to put on and take off. The protectors are lightweight, so wearing them will not wear you down. You’ll have no problem with movement or performing your kicks.

7. Adidas Taekwondo Uniform

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear | Adidas Taekwondo Uniform

The taekwondo uniform is an essential part of the sport.

The Adidas taekwondo uniform is the perfect uniform for every taekwondo practitioner. They are made from quality cotton and polyester blended fabric. Not only is this very durable, but it also makes for fewer wrinkles and shrinkage. The stitching is also solid, especially at pressure points.

The uniform allows speedy unrestricted movement. The sewing provides good space on the shoulders, while the pants are very roomy in the legs and crotch. So you can squat, stretch, and kick freely. The pants also feature elastic and drawstring which combine to make sure that the pants are held in place while in action.

The Adidas taekwondo uniforms are very breathable, so they will not cause you to sweat. They are also easy to take care of, washing is easy, and they dry quickly.  

8. Adidas Taekwondo Male Groin Guard

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear | Adidas Taekwondo Male Groin Guard

Groin kicks are horrendously painful. So, if there’s any part of the body that a taekwondo practitioner should not think twice about protecting, it should be the groin.

However, a poor groin guard can do more harm than good, so care should be taken when choosing them. But don’t worry, we have identified one of the very best groin guards with the Adidas Taekwondo male groin guard.

This is a WTF-approved groin guard that is designed for maximum protection and comfort. It has a tuck-under aspect for good protection, and it’s great padding absorbs and disperses impacts. It also features an elastic waistband with support straps which combine to offer a good fit. It’s also very comfortable, and will not restrict your movement in any way.

9. Adidas WTF Taekwondo Forearm Protector

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear | Adidas WTF Taekwondo Forearm Protector

You may need your arms to block body shots and even kicks, so forearm protectors are also a great part of taekwondo sparring gear.

The Adidas WTF taekwondo forearm protectors are just perfect. That they are WTF-approved which tells you that they are of the highest quality.

The protectors come with a soft vinyl covering but they consist of five layers of high-density foam ensuring that they offer good protection against impact forces. They are ergonomically perfect, featuring a wide top and a narrower bottom, allowing them to snugly fit the entire length of your arm.

The guards feature two elastic straps with hook and loop closures to securely hold them in place. With these features, it’s also very easy to wear the forearm protector and to take them off.

10. Nxtrnd Rush Mouth Guard

Best Taekwondo Sparring Gear | Nxtrnd Rush Mouth Guard

The mouth guard protects against dental injuries so it is an essential gear in contact sports, especially taekwondo which involves head kicks.

The Nxtrnd Rush Mouth Guard is one that we’ll recommend all day long.  It can withstand and absorb the biggest impacts. In fact, it’s designed for advanced athletes who need top-notch protection.

It features a soft gel liner that tightly molds to your teeth. This also ensures that the mouth guard allows ease of speech and is comfortable to wear. The guard comes with a hardened shell that properly disperses forces of impact to protect your teeth and jaw.

The mouth guard has an enhanced air floor system. They feature under carriage channels that facilitate and increase airflow. So, you get enough oxygen for high performance. The package comes with fitting instructions and a travel bag.

Final Thoughts

Taekwondo is a combat sport so most of the sparring gear is protective equipment.

Our list of best taekwondo sparring gear includes protective equipment for every part of the body including the head, chest region, arms, legs, hand, foot, and groin. It also includes the taekwondo uniform and an equipment bag for carrying everything you need.

With this taekwondo sparring equipment, nothing will stop you from mastering taekwondo and becoming the best version of yourself.

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