12 Best Speed Bag Platforms in 2023

Best Speed Bag Platform

A speed bag can be a wonderful way to get fit and improve your boxing fundamentals. They not only get your heart racing, but will improve your speed, accuracy, and timing. The only problem is that you need to first get a speed bag platform.

Thankfully, we are here to help. With my extensive boxing experience, I know the problems that come with getting a poor-quality speed bag platform. You need to get one that is stable, durable, and offers the perfect rebound.

Here we’ll look at the 12 best speed bag platforms that tick all of the right boxes. Along with that, we’ve also developed a buying guide along with some FAQs to give you all the info you need. Let’s get started by checking out our top picks.

Top Picks

All the 12 speed bag platforms we reviewed here have exceptional quality, but these three stood out above the rest.

 Best ForBest OverallBest for BeginnersBest for Budget
Product NameXMark Hi-Impact Adjustable Speed Bag PlatformWYGVNR Speed Bag PlatformEverlast Adjustable Wooden Swiveling Speed Bag Platform
Our Rating5.04.94.8
More InformationMore InformationMore InformationMore Information

Who Should Get This?

Quite simply, a speed bag platform is essential for hanging up a speed bag. Are there any alternatives? Well, you could hang your speed bag from the ceiling, but you’d still need something for it to rebound against, and it would probably be too high.

Speed bag platforms allow your speed bag to be at the perfect height, with many of them being adjustable. The only good alternative is a speed bag stand, and one such model is featured in our product reviews below.

All you need to do is check out our reviews below and pick the right one for you. Let’s get started by checking out our overall pick.

What to Consider When Buying a Speed Bag Platform?

Now let’s look at the key factors that make a high-quality speed bag. It’s important to consider these before deciding on which bag is right for you.

Adjustability – The importance of adjustability depends on who will be using the bag. If it’s just going to be used by you, then it’s less important as it’ll always be at the height that you need. However, you still may want adjustability if you plan on switching between different types of speed bags.

However, an adjustable speed bag platform is crucial if there is more than one user. To get the most out of the platform, it needs to be at the perfect height. The ability to move it up or down is important to ensure that the bag is always at eye level.

Size – How much space do you have for the speed bag platform? A professional speed bag platform usually has a large wall mount and space for adjustability. But if space for you is a little more limited, you may want a more compact wall mount speed bag.

Versatility – Do you want a specialist speed bag, or do you want to combine it with other boxing elements? We’ve seen examples here of a speed bag and reflex bar combo but also a stand that allows you to have a speed bag on one side and a heavy bag on another.

If you have the space and budget, we’d always recommend getting the highest quality speed bag platform you can get. However, it may be that getting one with a little more versatility is more suitable for you.

Material and Swivel – To get the highest quality, you want a thick speed bag platform that has at least 1.5” of hardwood for the platform. This will give you the best rebound performance and durability. Lower quality models will use other materials for the board or will be sprung instead. The benefit here is that these platforms are a lot cheaper.

The swivel is also important. This is the piece of hardware that connects the speed bag to the platform. It should be made from high-quality stainless steel and needs the ability to rotate 360 degrees to ensure it always bounces perfectly back to you.

Noise – Speed bags are noisy, but you don’t want to make that worse by having a platform that vibrates violently every time you strike it. If you’re worried about noise, then a thick platform and a solid wall mount will be helpful. It’s always a good idea to check out user reviews to see if anyone has had issues with the noise.

Accessories – Are you just starting out in boxing, or have you been boxing a while and just need to replace your old speed bag? If it’s the former, then you may be interested in getting accessories with your platform, such as gloves, wraps, a speed bag, or even a jump rope! For others, you may just want the platform on its own and nothing else.

Hardware – Check out what installation hardware comes with the speed bag platform. Does it have everything you need, or do you need to go to a hardware store and get it yourself? To make your life easier when installing your speed bag platform, look for one that has everything in one package.

Best Speed Bag Platforms – Product Reviews

1. Best Overall – XMark Hi-Impact Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Suitable For: Beginners and advanced

Accessories: Professional grade ball bearing swivel

Platform Material: Hardwood with a furniture finish

Adjustability: 15″ height adjustment

This speed bag platform outperforms the competition, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, and there are many solid reasons why it is worth the money. For these reasons, it claims our best overall pick.

One of the best features of this professional speed bag platform is its adjustability, which allows it to be used by everyone in your home due to its 15-inch height adjustment. Noise is a major concern when working on a speed bag, as the constant drumming sound is not for everyone.

Fortunately, while you are working out with the speed bag, the dual mount platform and 1 1/2″ hardwood platform keep the vibration to a minimum, thus reducing the drumming sound generated with each strike. The platform is made with a 24-inch drum platform made of 1 1/2 inches of hardwood, which gives it an excellent finish.

The best thing I like about this product is the quality. The platform is very strong and stable, which ensures that it does not shake, which is usually a common concern. I could strike this repeatedly with confidence and precision. This is the best speed bag platform for the money as it combines exceptional quality with a great price.

2. Best for Boxing Workouts – Title Boxing Forged Steel Adjustable Pro Platform

Suitable For: Workout

Accessories: Swivel, masonry wall attachment hardware

Platform Material: hardwood

Adjustability: 20″ height adjustment

This is a high-quality piece of equipment that is built to last and can help boxers and athletes from different fighting styles improve their skills and performance in the ring. It provides a great way to build speed, muscles, and hand-and-eye coordination, making it a perfect boxing workout.

The platform is constructed of strong, long-lasting components, including a sturdy steel frame and a thick wooden board for the striking surface. The platform provides a stable and secure surface for striking and reduces noise and vibration.

Adjustability is another critical feature of this platform. With four security pop-pins, it easily adjusts vertically up to 20″ for every size user according to their specific needs and preferences. The accessories included with the platform are a lightning-fast pro-style swivel and masonry wall attachment hardware.

The thing I like best about the Title platform is the quality of the steel frame and the wooden board. Both of these are extremely durable, which ensures that there is little to no vibration. It is a bit expensive compared to other speed bag platforms, but it is worth the money.

3. Best for Beginners – WYGVNR Speed Bag Platform

Suitable For: Beginners

Accessories: Rotating Swivel and speed bag

Platform Material: Thick PE board

Adjustability: 9″ height adjustment

This platform is great for beginners, and this is mostly due to the quality speed bag included with the purchase. The speed bag is constructed of durable and sturdy materials, and it is comfortable to use.

Speed bags are small but very hard, making it possible for athletes to hurt themselves if they are not cautious. However, this one is recommended for beginners because it is softer and does not hurt your hand.

It also comes with a professional-grade ball bearing swivel that provides 360-degree flexible rotation for the ball. This allows it to bounce back faster and improves speed and coordination.

The platform is made from high-quality materials, including a solid steel frame and a thick PE board for the striking surface. The speed bag platform supports athletes of all ages thanks to its three height-adjustment gears. It can easily be vertically aligned to match the boxer’s height, making it comfortable to practice striking speed.

I really like the accessories included, which are the swivel and the bag, because of the money saved on purchasing the speed bag separately. If I was a beginner, I’d definitely choose this platform.

4. Best for Budget – Everlast Adjustable Wooden Swiveling Speed Bag Platform

Suitable For: Budget

Accessories: Swivel, two brace boards, assembly hardware, and full-end padding

Platform Material: Thick board

Adjustability: 8″ height adjustment

This speed bag platform is a good purchase if you want to practice your speed bag workouts at home. With its fantastic price, this is ideal for those wanting to get into boxing on a budget.

With this platform, you can hang a speed bag and swap it with a heavy bag as well. This is possible due to the size of the board, which is 24 inches. Thanks to the powerful board, this speed bag platform is unquestionably a good investment.

The Everlast platform is easy to install and comes with the necessary accessories to get you up and running in no time. It is easy to change the height, and it comes with a swivel, two brace boards, assembly hardware, and padding for the whole end.

The thing I like best about the product is that it is ideal for both heavy bag and speed bag workouts. I only need to purchase a single platform to practice various styles. My only complaint is that the wall mount hardware is not included in the accessories.

5. Best for Home Gym – XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Suitable For: Home gym

Accessories: Ball bearing swivel

Platform Material: Hardwood

Adjustability: 15″ height adjustment

The XMark speed bag is the best speed bag for home gyms. It’s very similar to our best overall pick above, but this model is a little lighter, so it should be a little easier to install at home. As with the other XMark model, the lack of vibrations is another reason this platform is perfect for home gyms.

Using a speed bag on this platform will make your shoulders and arms stronger, improves your hand-eye coordination, boosts your stamina, sharpens your mind, and accelerates your reflexes. It can easily be adjusted according to your height preference.

The sturdy and durable design is another benefit of having this in your home gym. For less vibration and higher-quality bag rebounds, the XMark Speed Bag Platform features a strong gauge, a dual-mounted mainframe, and a 12.5-inch platform. It also comes with a professional grade ball bearing swivel.

I really like the fact that it does not vibrate or wobble in any way and provides an incredible bounce and snap. It allows you to get into a brilliant rhythm, and you’ll quickly feel your timing improve with this bag.

6. Best for Kids – Nalle Speed Bag Wall Mount

Suitable For: Kids

Accessories: Ball bearing swivel

Platform Material: Steel plate base, pump, expansion screws

Adjustability: 5.1″ height adjustment

This wall-mounted speed bag is great for kids. It differs greatly from the speed bag platform products available on the market. The lower price point also makes it a great introduction for kids into the sport.

It does not have a hardwood circular platform but is constructed in such a way that the bag is hung from a durable spring and can be adjusted in height up to 5.1″ by pulling it down or pushing it up. As it requires only a small area of the wall to be fitted, this wall-mounted bag can free up a lot of space in your home.

Stronger and longer-lasting springs are employed to support the bag, and after every blow, it immediately resumes its original position, operating in a similar fashion to the ball bearing swivel that comes with the speed bag platform.

The thing I like best about this product is that it can be used not only for a speed bag workout but can also be used to practice other forms of striking techniques. There is no doubt your kids would love this bag.

7. Best with Wheel Crank – Valor Fitness Boxing Speed Bag

Suitable For: Height adjustment and quality

Accessories: Speed bag included

Platform Material: Thick 2″ MDF platform

Adjustability: 12″ height adjustment

This speed bag platform is constructed using high-quality material and designed for easy adjustment thanks to the wheel crank. The wheel is situated at the base of the frame; its adjustment is straightforward, and it can be customized to meet the needs of any athlete by enabling them to select the height that is most comfortable for them.

It has a 12″ adjustable range, which makes it easy for everyone to use. However, before rotating the wheel to adjust the height, the frame bolts must be loosened. These bolts are added for extra stability. Just spin the locks counterclockwise to loosen them, and then move the platform to the desired height by turning the wheel crank.

I loved how this platform has incredible durability thanks to the high-quality material used in the manufacturing process. It is heavy, well built, and rock solid. The swivel is of excellent quality, and the platform feels like it can take a beating.

The platform is a 2″ x 2″ frame with steel tubes for maximum stability. Because of its thick MDF base, heavy-duty frame, and solid steel chrome tubes, it has a very long lifespan. So, you can go ahead and practice intense and powerful speed bag workouts. The platform is constructed to reduce vibration and noise, allowing you to punch with more force, and the 360-degree rotating swivel makes it faster and easier to use.

8. Best for Durability – Forza Sports Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Suitable For: Durability

Accessories: Hypersonic Swivel

Platform Material: 1-1/4″ thick wood drum

Adjustability: 12″ height adjustment

Forza Sports focuses on quality and durability, aiming to manufacture a long-lasting speed bag platform. For those who plan to use their speed bag a lot every day, this won’t let you down.

I thought the hypersonic swivel was the star of the Forza speed bag platform, and I was very impressed by it. It is ideal for intermediate and advanced users who want to freestyle with their speed bag because it allows for rapid switching of punching styles as well as high speed punching.

This is a quality feature that is usually not available on most of the speed bag platforms. The swivels that are included in those usually have a movement restriction.

The speed bag platform adjusts more than 12″ vertically to accommodate everyone, and the 24″ platform can support any size speed bag. The ergonomic knobs provide a strong grip by pressing firmly against the rails and locking them into place.

9. Best Wooden – MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit

Suitable For: Quality

Accessories: Swivel, speed bag, hand pump with needle

Platform Material: 1.5 inch thick board

Adjustability: 8″ height adjustment

This product is made with excellent materials, and the platform should last for a few years. With wood dominating the design here, we would have to say that this was the most aesthetically pleasing platform out there.

It is a heavy-duty speed bag platform that is 24 inches in diameter, and the board is 1.5 inches thick for stabilization.

A large-size speed bag is included with the purchase; however, the board is sturdy enough to fit any type of speed bag. The included swivel is worth the money, but you can upgrade to a higher quality swivel if necessary.

The thing I like best about this is the platform quality. The foundation is sturdy, and the impact of the bag doesn’t cause any vibration. It makes it ideal to use in any place where sound may be an issue.

10. Best Multi-Bag Platform – Century Heavy Bag & Speed Bag Platform

Suitable For: Multi-bag

Accessories: Swivel

Platform Material: 3 inch tubular steel

Adjustability: 67″ to 79″

There is no need to drill holes in the wall and screw the platform in place. This is a standing bag platform that can be used to hang a speed bag on one side and a heavy bag on the other. This makes it the best multi bag platform out there right now.

The thing I like best about this platform is that there is no need to drill holes in the wall. The mounting platforms are often easy to adjust, but sometimes it turns out to be quite a hassle. You don’t get those problems here. Being able to hang two bags is another big plus.

Two locking pins let you change the height of the speed bag platform, and it has a ball-bearing swivel for fast bag action. The heavy bag can be hung on the other side and can hold up to 100 lbs. The platform itself is built out of 3″ tubular steel and has three weight pegs to keep it stable.

The only real negative here is that it is quite bulky and can take up a lot of room. But if you have the space for this platform, then you’ll love its versatility.

11. Best Starter Set – Everlast 6-Piece Speed Bag Set

Suitable For: Starter Set

Accessories: 3/4-inch thick

Platform Material: Brackets, speed bag, gloves, a nylon jump rope, and hand wraps

Adjustability: Yes

For those who don’t want to purchase everything separately, they should go for this Everlast product, as it includes everything needed to begin your boxing workout. It’s an incredible starter set for anyone new to the sport.

It includes a speed bag, which is good quality. It is great for beginners and experienced boxers to enhance speed and agility. You also get gloves that are very useful and allow you to hit your speed bag as much as you want without any pain.

Along with these items, you get a jump rope and hand wraps. It means that for those looking to get into boxing, you don’t need to worry about buying everything separately. The speed bag platform itself of simple but high-quality and easy to install.

The thing I like best about the product is that it includes everything and is available in a reasonable price range. The accessories included are not of professional quality but are great for home workouts and for beginners.

12. Best for Reflex Bar – Soozier Speed Bag Platform with Reflex Bar

Suitable For: Speed and reflexes

Accessories: Pump and boxing ball

Platform Material: Steel tube and PU leather

Adjustability: 18.5 inches

This product focuses on punch speed and is a great way to improve your reflexes. The rotating bar with the speed ball is designed for one thing: improving reflexes and timing. Switching between them is the ultimate speed workout.

Along with speed, timing, and reflexes, you can also improve your hand-eye coordination and footwork. Whether you are a boxer or a fitness enthusiast, this is excellent equipment for you.

The product is suitable for home and gym use because the wall-mount design saves a lot of space. It also has an adjustable height for the user’s comfort. With this platform, you can practice a variety of punches and jabs to get better at boxing.

I love the reflex bar. I found it a great addition to the speed bag. It’s perhaps not the best idea for those who want a traditional speed bag platform, but the two combine together for a highly effective boxing workout.


What Is a Speed Bag Platform?

Speed bags aren’t like regular punching bags. With regular bags, you can hang them from the ceiling, joist, or similar, and they will swing freely once they are punched. With a speed bag, it doesn’t hang freely because of how it works.

For speed bag work, you need something for it to bounce against. When you strike this bag, it will hit the speed ball platform, rebound, and hit the platform again on the other side. This hitting of the platform is essential to how it works.

It’s for this reason that you can’t attach a speed bag directly to the ceiling. If you did, then it would probably damage the ceiling, and the rebound speed wouldn’t be good either. A thick speed bag platform allows the bag to be at a perfect height and allows it to rebound perfectly. 

How thick should a speed bag platform be?

A thick platform will help to ensure that the bag has a perfect rebound speed, but it is also important for durability and reducing noise vibration. Around 1.5″ to 2″ is usually the perfect size for a platform, but cheap speed bag platforms may be a little thinner than this.

Does a speed bag need a platform?

A professional speed bag does, yes. The speed bag needs a flat board to bounce against. Technically you could attach one to the ceiling, but the results wouldn’t be very good. The only exception is a speed bag on a spring, but these aren’t professional quality and are best suited to boxing novices and kids.

Where should you place a speed bag at home?

You need to place a wall mount speed bag on any wall that can safely hold the weight. It would also be a good idea to take other aspects into account, such as neighbors. Placing your speed bag on an adjoining wall may be inconsiderate.

What can you hang a speed bag on?

You need to hang a speed bag on a flat board that will offer it a good bounce and won’t damage the speed bag. By far the best material for this is thick, polished hardwood. You can buy this yourself, but getting a speed bag platform will make your life a lot easier.

What is the proper height for a speed bag?

Different fighters like to have the speed bag at slightly different heights, but it should be around level with your face. In my opinion, the best height to have a speed bag is where the widest part of the bag, towards the bottom, is level with your eye line.

Final Verdict

To get the most out of your speed bag, you need a high-quality speed bag platform. This will allow you to practice your speed bag for hours and ensure that you don’t damage the bag or the ceiling. The best speed bag will give you the perfect response to work on your speed and timing.

The best speed bag platform that ticks all these boxes is the XMark Hi-Impact Adjustable Speed Bag Platform. Not only does it have elite quality, but it comes at a great price too. There is no doubt you’d be happy with this speed bag platform.

That being said, you could be looking for something different. Perhaps you need something a little more compact or cheaper. All 12 speed bag platforms we’ve looked at here are excellent, so all you need to do is choose the one that most closely matches your needs.

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