10 Best Punching Dummy Bags

best punching dummy

Punching dummy bags can be a brilliant way to improve the quality of your training. They provide a more realistic level of practice that you can take into your sporting fights, or even for self-defense.

I love using punching dummy bags. Regular punching bags can get a little boring, and in my experience, switching it up can be a great thing. It keeps your mind engages, keeps it fun, and keeps your training harder. That’s why I wanted to share with you the best punching dummy bags available right now.

To do that, we’re going to look at the top 10 dummy bags out there. These include classic punching dummies, inflatable punching bags, and also the best freestanding bags. So let’s get started with our top picks!

Top Picks

If you’ve not got time to read through our reviews, then here’s our top picks that we’d recommend to anyone looking for a high-quality punching dummy bag.

 Best ForBest OverallBest for BudgetBest Freestanding Bag
Product NameCentury BOB OriginalJayefo Tommie Hanging DummyFITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag
Our Rating5.04.94.7
More InformationMore InformationMore InformationMore Information

Who Should Get a Punching Dummy?

There are a few key reasons why someone may get a punching dummy bag. First, they provide all of the benefits of a regular punching bag, such as the ability to build up an elite level of fitness while also practicing your punching (and possibly kicking) technique.

They can do this while being more fun and interactive. Having targets in the form of human features enables you to have more engagement while still being able to perfect your combat sports skills in whichever discipline you love.

While they can be fun, they can also be more practical than regular punching bags. Being able to interact with something more realistic can mean that your skills translate better to the real world. This allows you to practice in ways you otherwise can’t with other bags.

Best Punching Dummy Bag – Product Reviews

1. Best Overall – Century BOB Original

  • Type: Body Opponent Bag
  • Filled: Yes
  • Materials: Plastisol skin and urethane foam interior
  • Height: 60 to 78”

This is simply the best punching dummy bag out there today, and it’s no surprise that it gets our overall top pick. There’s nothing not to love about the Century BOB Original, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for realistic practice.

Beyond fighting another human, this is as close as you can get to reality. That realism is helped by the high-strength plastisol outer, which has the appearance of real skin. That’s aided by the high-density urethane foam filling of this human punching dummy.

The thing I was most impressed with was how stable the human punching bag was. The base needs to be filled with either sand or water, but once it is, it’s very solid and can weigh up to 270 pounds. You can hit it as hard as you want, but it will keep coming back.

It’s great for a wide variety of heights as the training BOB dummy is adjustable from 60 inches up to 78. The head and torso make it perfect for punching, and you can use the boxing dummy with or without gloves. The impressive durability is reflected in the fact it has a one-year warranty which is very unlikely to ever be needed.

2. Best for Beginners – Nevife Inflatable Punching Bag

  • Type: Inflatable Punching Bag
  • Filled: Inflatable
  • Materials: PVC
  • Height: 67”

With this punching bag being inflatable and having a low price tag, it’s perfect for beginners. While this bag can be a lot of fun for kids, adults can use it too, and with it constantly bouncing back, it can be ideal for increasing your fitness.

Of course, this dummy punching bag is not going to be ideal for power punches, but if you want to work on your timing and combinations, you can do it with this punching bag easily. It’s also good for those learning kicks as well.

Most inflatable bags have just a standard blowing pin shape, but there is a lot more to this model. With the targets placed on its hands, you pick different targets and practice using your body movement to line up your shots.

I found the mannequin punching bag a lot of fun but also surprisingly useful. Some users have noted some inflation issues, so it’s a good idea to check for this as soon as possible. The material used for the bag itself is high quality and able to take a lot of punishment.

3. Best Budget – Jayefo Tommie Punching Bag Hanging Dummy

  • Type: Grappling Bag
  • Filled: No
  • Materials: Vegetarian leather
  • Height: 39”

This grappling dummy offers a different proposition than most other punching bags. The Jayefo Tommie can be used for punching practice but also as a grappling bag for a wide variety of combat sports. All of this comes at a great price, making it our best budget punching dummy bag.

Durability here is impressive, and that’s partly due to the high-quality materials used. The shell is made from vegetarian leather, which can take a lot of punishment. Added to this, the stitching will hold together for a long time.

It’s important to note that this martial arts dummy comes unfilled. That helps reduce the costs but also means you can make it as soft or as hard as you wish. It’s recommended that you fill it with cotton but old clothes will work perfectly.

For those looking for a real human feel, they’ll love this. I liked the fact that it was moveable, allowing you to practice different techniques and positions. You can also just use it as a regular punching bag.

4. Best for Home Gym – Century BOB XL

  • Type: Body Opponent Bag
  • Filled: Yes
  • Materials: Plastisol skin and urethane foam interior
  • Height: 60 to 82”

Did you like our best overall pick but wanted something a little bigger? If so, here we have the XL version, which takes our spot as the best freestanding training dummy for home gyms. You’ll love using it time and time again.

As with the other Century BOB, the realism here is fantastic. It’s made to feel and act like the real thing, and I was very impressed. The feedback you get is excellent, and you’ll be able to punch it with confidence. However, if you want a BOB dummy cheap then you’ll be out of luck here, as this model is quite expensive.

If you’re tall and struggle with regular dummy bags, you’ll appreciate that this one can extend all the way up to 82″. It comes with a one-year warranty, but it’s not something you’ll need due to the exceptional durability here.

Whether you love kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, or any other combat sport, this training dummy BOB works perfectly for your needs. Once filled, the base is incredibly stable, and you can hit it time and time again without worrying about it toppling over.

5. Best for MMA / Muay Thai – Hawk Sports Grappling Dummy

  • Type: Grappling Dummy
  • Filled: No
  • Materials: Canvas
  • Height: 6ft

Are you looking for a brilliant grappling dummy to practice MMA or Muay Thai? If so, you don’t need to look any further. This has all the features you feel for realistic and effective practice that will improve your skills.

I was extremely impressed with the feel and quality of this body punching dummy. The outer fabric is soft but remains highly durable. That’s helped by it being double stitched, and therefore you never need to worry about those seams coming apart.

As with the other grappling dummies, this one comes unfilled. You can easily stuff it up to a weight of 80 lbs, but with a little extra compression, you can take that up to around 120 lbs. That high weight only adds to its realistic feel.

You can throw this about and punch it as much as you want without it breaking. That quality is shown by the 3-year warranty that comes with it. What I found most impressive was how moveable it was. You can manufacture it into any position you want to practice specific aspects you want to work on.

6. Best Striking Mask – Title Boxing Heavy Bag Striking Mask

  • Type: Striking Mask
  • Filled: N/A
  • Materials: Sponge Rubber
  • Height: 10”

Here we see a unique take on the classic punching dummy bag. Instead of buying a new separate bag, you can get a striking mask as an addition to your regular punching bag.

I loved this as it gives you a point of focus and allows you to get that feeling of punching a human face. It looks like it may be awkward or uncomfortable to punch, but I didn’t find that. The sponge rubber allows you to punch it hard with confidence.

You can punch it without needing to worry about it slipping due to its concave shape, 3″ straps, and the non-slip rubber backing. It will fit any heavy bag up to a diameter of 16″.

For those who already own a punching bag and are struggling to find the space for another, this could be the solution you’re looking for. The Title Striking Mask will take your heavy bag workout to the next level.

7. Best for Boxing / Kickboxing – GIKPAL Freestanding Punching Bag

  • Type: Freestanding Punching Bag
  • Filled: N/A
  • Materials: Stainless steel tube with fabric/foam buffer and leather exterior
  • Height: 67”

Freestanding bags are a wonderful alternative to a classic punching dummy bag. They may not have realistic features, but the response you get from a high-quality bag makes them ideal for the likes of boxing and kickboxing.

With this GIKPAL freestanding bag, you don’t need to worry about filling it as it’s made with a sturdy stainless steel tube. You don’t need to worry about it being too hard to punch as it’s surrounded by multiple layers of noise and shock absorption rubber.

There are two reasons why this has incredible stability. Firstly, you can fill the base with sand or water to give it significant weight. Added to that are 12 ultra-strong suction cups that allow you to punch and kick this kickboxing dummy as hard as possible.

It’s that durability that I respected here. It felt like I could hit it with confidence, knowing not only won’t it move, but also it won’t break. It allows for realistic punching practice but in a more standard-looking bag.

8. Best for Kids – ImpiriLux Store Inflatable Punching Bag

  • Type: Inflatable Punching Bag
  • Filled: Inflatable
  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Height: 5 feet

Do your kids want to get involved with combat sports? If so, this punching bag can be a great entrance for them. It has a range of different fun designs while still having a level of quality you can respect.

There are two sides to these inflatables, with the one we looked at having a boxer on one side and a karate figure on the other. Other options are available, as you can get a knight/dragon or a ninja/kung fu figure.

While the boxing man dummy may look like a toy, the punching bag is going to give a quality punch response that allows kids to practice their skills. It takes punches and kicks very well while having an impressive level of rebound.

The set-up is very quick, and you can fill the bottom with water for added stability. The fabric of the bag is thick vinyl and therefore you won’t have to worry about breaking it. As a first punching bag to develop motor skills, I’d highly recommend it.

9. Best Freestanding Punching Bag – FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag

  • Type: Freestanding Punching Bag
  • Filled: N/A
  • Materials: Stainless steel tube with fabric/foam buffer and leather exterior
  • Height: 70”

Here we see another freestanding punching bag and probably the best on the market today. There are no faults to pick with this bag as it gives you everything you need to increase your fitness and develop your key skills.

As with the other freestanding bag we featured, this also has a stainless steel core that is never going to bend or break. The thick padding on the outer gives you a firm but soft response that allows you to punch hard without hurting your hands.

That protection is helped by it coming with boxing gloves, which I thought was a great added extra. You can use them to continuously punch this bag and appreciate the spring that allows it to keep coming back to you.

The multi-layer construction is very impressive, and I admire its durability. The bag allows you to practice jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts easily. Whether it’s to improve skills or fitness, this punching bag is going to help you.

10. Best Grappling Dummy – DAAN MMA Grappling Dummy

  • Type: Grappling Dummy
  • Filled: No
  • Materials: Heavy-duty vinyl
  • Height: 67”

The final bag we’ll look at is another brilliant fighting dummy. The difference with this one is that it’s naturally shaped in the grappling stance. Its full-length stretched out is 67,” but the stance makes it look a little shorter than this.

It’s a fun bag but also very useful. It allows you to practice different grappling positions but also works on your ground punches. You can even stand it up for different punching techniques.

There are various color options available that will allow you to choose something that fits in with your style. What I loved here is the realistic feel that the stance gives you. It makes teaching correct techniques a lot easier.

As with all the bags we’ve recommended here, durability is impressive. The outer is incredibly strong vinyl, and that’s all backed up with strong thread and stitching. Adding this dummy to your punching practice will have a range of benefits.

Best Punching Dummy Bags – Buying Guide

To make it easy for you to pick the best punching dummy bag, we’ve developed this buying guide to make your life a little easier.

Benefits of Using Punching Dummy Bag

There are several benefits of using a punching dummy bag, which are:

Realistic practice – These punching bags gives you an added sense of realism that you can take into bouts and self-defense. While no substitute for the real thing, they are more authentic than using a punching bag.

Improves technique – Hitting different shapes and angles gives you an appreciation of how you need to throw punches correctly. It also shows you the importance of body movement.

Fun – Punching dummy bags are just more fun. They allow you to play around a little more and can give you the extra motivation you need to get training.

Improves fitness – As with any type of punching bag, they are incredible for fitness. You’ll soon get that heart rate rising to improve your cardiovascular system.

Types of Punching Dummy

Here are the types of punching dummies available:

Body opponent bag – These are true punching dummy bags that mimic the shape and feel of a real human body. These generally cost much more than other types due to their high quality and realism.

Inflatable bags – Inflatable bags usually aren’t ideal for learning punch technique and power. They can be very useful for fitness alongside movement work.

Grappling bags – Grappling bags are ideal for any combat sport that includes grappling almost with punches.

Freestanding bags – These are ideal for practicing power punches along with martial arts that also require kicking

What To Consider When Buying Punching Dummy

The most important aspect to consider is what sport do you want your punching dummy for. If it’s just to improve punch technique, then a body opponent bag would be best. If you’re getting into MMA, a grappling bag would be ideal.

Also, think about the specific skill you want to work on. For example, if you want to improve your striking power and strength, then a freestanding bag would be best. Think about what you want out of the dummy and then apply that to your decision.

How Much Does a Punching Dummy Cost?

An inflatable dummy may only cost you around $30. These can be good starting points for those starting out in the sport or for those who just want to have a little fun improving their fitness level.

For a high-quality punching dummy, you can expect to pay much more, as some of the best models will cost around $400.


What is a boxing dummy called?

These dummies go bag various names. Some examples are punching dummies, body opponent bags, and body punch bags. There are also different types of dummies available so make sure you get the one that suits your needs.

What is the difference between punching dummy and punching bag?

A punching bag is usually a stuffed cylindrical bag that hangs from the ceiling. A punching dummy will have more realistic features that mimic a human. Sometimes this is in the shape of a human, but others just have an image.

What is the best punching dummy for beginners?

For a complete beginner, we’d recommend an inflatable punching dummy such as the Nevife Inflatable Punching Bag. This is a great and affordable introduction to punching dummies that allow you to develop punching techniques.

What’s the best height for a punching dummy?

You want a punching dummy to have a height that matches your own. This is the most likely scenario in a real fight, so you’ll want to train this way too.

What martial arts are the punching dummies suitable for?

Here we see grappling bags that are great for the likes of MMA, boxing dummies that are ideal for boxing, and freestanding bags that are great for kickboxing. All martial arts are covered here, so get one that matches your sport.

How do you train with a punching dummy?

Depending on the type you get, a boxing manican can be used in various ways. They are great for working out combinations and perfecting your punching technique. The realism allows you to have a more authentic training experience.

Final Verdict

For those who want to add a more realistic touch to their punching practice, these dummy bags represent a perfect opportunity to do exactly that. However, there are many different types available, so it’s vital to consider the features you’re looking for.

While there is a wide array available, our top pick has to go to the Century BOB Original. It has all the features you want from a high-end punching dummy. It looks realistic, feels great to punch, and has long-lasting durability.

However, that may not be what you need for your martial art. Look at all the options here and choose the one which matches what you need. Whichever one you pick, you’ll love the added realism you’ll get from your punching practice.

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