16 Best Punching Bags Reviewed in 2023

Best punching bag

Are you trying to find the best punching bag but not sure what to get? If so, we have you covered. There are many benefits of getting a punching bag, as it will help to get you fit while also allowing you to perfect your punching technique.

Over the years, I have punched countless bags and know the difference between a good bag and a bad one. With my experience, I’ll be able to show you exactly what you should be looking for and the features you need.

We’ll start by looking at the 16 best punching bags in 2023, but we also have a buying guide and FAQ section to give you all the info you need. Let’s get started by first looking at our top picks.

Top Picks

All 16 bags we’ve focused on here are brilliant for one reason or another. However, there were three that we rated above all the others. Here are our top picks:

 Best ForBest OverallBest for BeginnersBest Heavy Bag
Product NameLEKÄRO Punching Bag 70″ with Boxing GlovesVenum Origins Punching BagRingside 100-pound Heavy Bag
Our Rating4.94.74.7
More InformationMore InformationMore InformationMore Information

Who Should Get a Punching Bag?

There are many reasons why getting a punching bag would be a good idea. Firstly, it’s an incredible workout. Anyone who has punched a bag for just a few minutes will know how tiring it is. It gets your blood pumping and is a brilliant way to improve your fitness.

As far as martial arts are concerned, a punching bag is also a useful learning tool. It will allow you to practice your punches and work on your combinations. That are also other types of bags that will help you work on your speed and timing.

Added to all these features is that these bags also get you comfortable and used to punching, allowing you to build up resistance. Whether you just want to get fit or plan on becoming a professional boxer, there are many reasons to get a punching bag.

Top 16 Best Punching Bags

1. Best Overall – LEKÄRO Punching Bag 70″ with Boxing Gloves

  • Suitable For: Anyone wanting to improve punching technique or fitness
  • Type: Freestanding Bag
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Size: Large

The LEKÄRO Punching Bag is a set that includes a 70-inch punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves. This ticks all the boxes on what makes the best boxing bag and is ideal for all experience levels. Its brilliant features make it stand out as our best overall pick, and the best punching bag with stand.

There is no need to hang the bag because it comes with an excellent stand. The base is very durable and stable. It is large, with 12 suction cups at the bottom for solid support that keeps the bag in place.

To ensure further stability, 176 lbs of water or 260 lbs of sand can be added to the base, with a shock-absorbing layer between the bag and the base. It has a quick rebound, guaranteeing it returns to its original place with every strike.

The punching bag is made of durable, high-quality materials with multi-layer foams to absorb shocks. It is suitable for boxing, MMA, and other martial arts training. The included gloves are also made of high-quality materials designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit for the user.

This set is great for individuals who want to improve their striking skills, build strength and endurance, and relieve stress. You only need to look at the punching bag reviews to see how highly rated this is.

The best thing I loved about the bag was the base. There is no need to drill a hole in the ceiling, and it’s very easy to use. In addition, assembling the punching bag is not difficult, and you can keep it indoors to use whenever you want.

2. Best for Beginners – Venum Origins Punching Bag

  • Suitable For: Strength and fitness training for beginners
  • Type: Standard Hanging Bag
  • Material: PU coating
  • Size: ‎4 Feet

This 4-foot punching bag is a great choice for beginners who want to practice their striking technique without spending too much money. It weighs around 70 pounds and is prefilled. All you need to do is hang it from the ceiling using the supplied ceiling mount.

At 70 pounds, it’s still heavy enough to provide good punching resistance but lighter than many other bags on the market. This makes it ideal for those who don’t have a huge amount of punching power.

Venum is well-known for producing quality products. The bag is durable, and you don’t need to worry about holding back on your strikes. The material of the bag is excellent, and the chain and ceiling mount are also of top quality.

I was surprised that this adult punching bag, although prefilled, was still easy to hang up. I would recommend the Venum punching bag to anyone looking for a quality product.

I did find it swung quite a lot after power punches, but you can turn this into good timing practice. Those who want to increase their punching power would most likely need something a little heavier.

3. Best Budget – Jayefo Sports Punching Bag

  • Suitable For: Fitness on a budget
  • Type: Standard/Heavy Bag
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Size: 4 feet

This is the best cheap punching bag and will save you money in the long run because it has a 10-year warranty, and the leather used is of excellent quality. For those on a budget, this is perfect.

The heavy-duty outer and inner materials used with this punching bag make it extremely durable and powerful to practice any type of combat sport. In addition, the high-impact, shock-absorbing outer padding prevents injuries to the wrist.

It’s important to note that this affordable punching bag is shipped unfilled. So, you would need to add the required material yourself. This may be a hassle, but it saves money, and you can also change it from a standard to a heavy bag as you wish.

The best thing I like about the Jayefo punching bag is it is a great investment. It not only comes with a long warranty, but its design and features make it highly reliable and appropriate for any combat sport. The fact it’s unfilled means you can adjust it to your needs.

4. Best for Home Gym – RDX Punching Bag Heavy Boxing Bag

  • Suitable For: Home gyms
  • Type: Heavy Bag
  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 4 feet

This is the best home boxing bag if you want to set it up in your home gym to practice your punches and kicks. The size is about 4 feet, and it weighs 50 pounds when filled.

To provide a sturdy and durable punching bag, it is made of Maya skin leather, and the interior is lined with anti-rip PU material. The design makes it possible to punch, kick, and push the bag without fear of the leather cracking.

The hanging chain is made of high-quality steel. The bag can be held by the strong chain and hooks. You can punch or kick without worrying about the steel chains getting all tangled up because the swivel allows the punching bag to rotate 360 degrees.

The RDX’s quality material is a cool feature that I really like. Having a durable punching bag gives the satisfaction that it will not be susceptible to wear and tear, so it’s great if you want to create a gym with punching bag. The gloves shipped with the punching bag are a good money-saving option.

5. Best Freestanding Punching Bag – FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag

  • Suitable For: All martial art practice
  • Type: Freestanding Bag
  • Material: PU, Faux Leather
  • Size: Large

This is a great choice if you want an indoor punching bag with a stand. This is easy to set up, and there is no need to drill holes anywhere. It’s a perfect option if you’re looking for the best freestanding punching bag.

The base has 12 strong suction cups to hold the bag in place, and for further support, you can fill it with sand. However, sand is not included with the purchase, and you would need to get that separately.

The punching bag is easy to put together. It is more suitable for boxing, but you can also practice Muay Thai or any other combat sport, making it a fantastic punching bag for martial arts. This solid product offers a great experience for different fighting styles due to the multi-layer protection. Not only is the punching bag durable, but it also protects the hand and wrist.

The best thing I love about the freestanding punching bag is the dual PVC shock absorbers and four springs. It is located between the base and the bag. So no matter how hard the strikes are, it has a fantastic rebound. Simply put, this is one of the best punching bags for home use.

6. Best Lightweight – HITOP Punching Bag

  • Suitable For: Fun or fitness for kids and adults
  • Type: Inflatable Bag
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 61″

This 2.7-pound punching bag is easy to set up. If you want to practice your striking technique and want your energetic child to actively participate, this lightweight punching bag is the right choice. It may seem unstable, but it inflates easily, holds air perfectly, and comes back with every strike.

It is suitable for all, adults and children alike, but the primary focus is, without a doubt, on kids, as can be seen by the cartoon character and the smooth surface of the bag to protect the knuckles. It is an inflatable punching bag made of strong materials that can take any kind of hit.

The fact that both adults and children can use the bag is one of its best features because it eliminates the need to buy both a sturdy punching bag for adults and a toy punching bag for children.

7. Best Heavy Bag – Ringside 100-pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

  • Suitable For: Gym use, amateur and professional fighters
  • Type: Heavy Bag
  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 100 Lbs

Ringside is known to provide quality products, and this punching bag is manufactured for fighters, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. At 100lbs, this is a true heavy bag, and the best heavy bag out there.

At first glance, it may look like a normal, durable heavy bag without any extra features. But a closer look at the bag will reveal why this is the number one choice to hang in the gym.

The material is made of durable powerhide, able to withstand any form or type of strike. The inside of the bag is lined with soft 2-inch foam that makes a comfortable hitting surface, protects the hands and wrists from injury, and eases the stress on the wrists, shoulders, and elbows.

I like the durable quality used for this bag, meaning you can also use it as an outdoor heavy bag. It is reliable and long-lasting, and the stitching for attaching the rings is very durable. I found that it can take heavy power strikes repeatedly with no problem.

8. Best for Adjustable Weight – Everlast Omniflex Adjustable Heavy Bag

  • Suitable For: Multiple users
  • Type: Freestanding Bag
  • Material: Shock-absorbing foam and faux leather outer
  • Size: 67″

This heavy bag can be adjusted to various lengths and can stand independently without needing to be hung from the ceiling. The adjustability makes it great for households where multiple people with different heights want to use it.

It has a low-profile base that can be filled with water for stability. The base rotates 360 degrees and provides optimal impact absorption to maintain base stability and prevent the bag from falling over.

It is designed for use in boxing and martial arts training. So, you can practice a wide range of punch and kick combinations. The bag is filled with a special foam that provides a durable and realistic striking surface, and it is made of high-quality materials built to withstand heavy use.

The best thing I like about this bag is setting it up. I also like the adjustable height feature, it helps to practice lower and upper kicks, but I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy power strikes.

9. Best for MMA – UFC Standard Heavy Bag

  • Suitable For: MMA practice
  • Type: Heavy Bag
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 70 lbs

Nothing can beat the quality material of this standard heavy bag. Yes, it may not have those fancy features, such as a standing base, adjustable height, 360-degree base rotation, etc., but it is designed to be the best MMA heavy bag, and is perfect for fitness, technique, and power. 

With this MMA bag, you can practice kicks, elbows, punches, knees, and power strikes. All of this is possible because the heavy bag is made of durable material. It can be filled with a combination of foam and sand to provide a realistic striking surface.

With the reinforced stitching, MMA fighters can practice power strikes without worrying that they will tear a hole in the bag. In addition, the 360-degree swivel prevents the chains from getting all tangled up, which is frustrating if you spend half of your workout fixing the bag.

I love this bag because it is great for all levels, novices and professionals alike. Beginners can practice their technique and develop power and accuracy, while advanced fighters can use it for MMA training and high-intensity intervals.

10. Best for Muay Thai – Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

  • Suitable For: Muay Thai
  • Type: Heavy Bag
  • Material: Powerhide outer
  • Size: 13-inch x 72-inch

Muay Thai punching bags come in various sizes, weights, and shapes. However, the dimensions of this Ringside punching bag are 14″W x 72″H. That length makes it brilliant for any combat sport that includes kicking.

For both professional and amateur fighters, this long, full-length heavy bag is of the highest caliber and highly regarded for muscle building and body conditioning. It is made of durable powerhide and can withstand your strongest blows, particularly the pointed elbows.

Those who do Muay Thai can use this heavy bag to practice their strikes and improve their power, technique, and endurance.

I really like the height of the bag. Once it is hung from the ceiling, you are good to go. A bag of such length makes it easy to practice high and jump kicks. The bag’s material is of excellent quality, and you can hit it hard without any fear of damaging it.

11. Best for Boxing / Kickboxing – RORALA Punching Bag

  • Suitable For: Power and fitness training
  • Type: Heavy Freestanding Bag
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Size: Large

The RORALA punching bag is specifically designed for training in martial arts such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, and boxing. The bag is made of high-quality synthetic materials or leather and is designed to withstand heavy use, making it one of the best kickboxing bags available today.

It is known for its durability, resistance to wear and tear, and high-quality construction. The bag is extremely durable, having a multi-layer structure. With fabric buffers, a stainless steel pole, resilient EVA, and a 2.2mm eco-friendly PU surface. The stitching is also of excellent quality, being double thick.

The base has a 12-hole suction cup, and to make it more stable, it can be filled with sand or water. I always worry about knocking over a freestanding bag, but I was soon able to hit this one with confidence.

I like the bag’s manufacturing material; the fabric is nice and thick, and it has very good shock absorption without being too bouncy. The gloves are also of good quality, providing solid protection to the knuckles and wrist.

12. Best Water-Filled – MaxxMMA Water/Air Heavy Bag

  • Suitable For: Power punching
  • Type: Water-filled Heavy Bag
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Size: 3 feet

This unique bag is filled with a mixture of water and air. The air and water together simulate a more realistic training environment. Air allows for some give and movement while the water offers a stable and consistent weight. This is the best water bag out there.

Because it is created with a unique PVC, the outside material is robust and resistant. As a result, it functions as a dependable heavy bag for training punches and kicks.

There are two holes at the bottom of the bag, one for adding air and the other for adding water. It is best to add the air compartment in the middle before adding water.

By adjusting the air pressure, you can achieve a soft or hard feeling. This is an excellent customizable option depending on how strong your hands are. It felt a little weird to hit at first, but I soon loved the resistance punching water gives you.

I would recommend hanging the bag first and then filling it because it would be difficult to do so after it is filled. However, don’t attempt to hang it alone, as it will need a helping hand.

13. Best for Cardio – Century Original WAVEMASTER

  • Suitable For: Cardio and fitness
  • Type: Freestanding Bag
  • Material: Durable vinyl cover and high-density foam
  • Size: Large

Professional athletes can use it for MMA or boxing training; however, the bag is suitable for people of all ages, especially those who want to work on their cardio. The same training methods used with a conventional heavy bag can be utilized with this free-standing bag, but it has several benefits.

Even with water inside, the bag is light and portable. Roll it by simply tipping it onto the base’s side. Setting it up is easy. Since it is portable, it can be placed anywhere and used for home or gym use.

Since it is portable and comes with a stand, I believe this is a great choice, especially for those who are into MMA fitness. They can practice their strikes with ease without having the hassle of a long setup.

This is why a freestanding punching bag is such a great option; it offers convenience and mobility. I found it easy to use and move, especially compared to many other heavy bags.

14. Best for Women – Protocol Punching Bag with Stand

  • Suitable For: Women and kids
  • Type: Freestanding Punch Ball
  • Material: Metal and faux leather
  • Size: 18″W x 58″H

This punching bag is great for women and kids. It requires minimal effort to assemble, and the material inside the bag is not very hard. It makes it suitable for those who lack power or just want something light and portable for fitness.

The height of the bag is adjustable, the base is sturdy, and the ball bounces back quickly and easily with every strike.  

This punching bag, or punching ball, is a good option for beginners who want to concentrate on practicing punches and increasing strength and speed.

The outer material is a heavy-duty canvas, making it durable and long-lasting. Even though the punching bag is mostly filled with air, the base is durable.

I like this bag for a light workout routine. Staying in shape is easy, and I can practice my punching speed. The canvas material ensures the bag won’t tear, even with regular use, and the air filling provides great resistance.

15. Best for Kids – Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag

  • Suitable For: Kids
  • Type: Freestanding Bag
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Size: 47 inches

This bag is a great gift for kids who are into martial arts and need to practice their punches and kicks without hurting their wrists and hands. The bag is highly durable and comfortable.

The material consists of a 2 mm thickened PU leather striking surface, high-density EPE foam, and fabric padding.

The surface of the bag is very smooth. It is constructed using multi-layers, and the stitching is durable. The base includes 12 large suction cups to provide a firm grip to stop the base from moving. As a result, no sand or water is necessary, as is the case with most stand punch bags.

Overall, the bag is a great investment if you want to keep your kids in shape. Although the bag is designed with safety in mind, it is important that kids practice proper technique.

One of my favorite features is the ease with which it can be set up. There is no requirement for you to add anything else. After being put together, the punching bag is immediately ready for use.

16. Best Double-End Bag – Title Boxing Double End Bag

  • Suitable For: Practicing speed and timing
  • Type: Double-End Bag
  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 7 inch

Don’t be fooled by the size of this bag. It can be suspended from the ceiling or a stand using two elastic cords, one at the top and one at the bottom. This is the best double-end bag available right now.

It is used for boxing and is ideal for throwing all punches, slipping, counterpunching, and reflex training. Many boxers train with this double-ended bag to improve their speed, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination.

It is constructed using an all-leather shell with triple nylon stitching. The straps have a hook-and-loop closure in the middle and are constructed out of two layers of leather with heavy-duty chrome O-rings on both the top and bottom.

The bag is still very hard even though it is small in size and recommended for improving reflexes and speed. Practice should not be done without proper equipment, such as gloves and hand wraps, as there is a high chance of injury.

I loved using this bag as it’s a good alternative to practicing power punches on a heavy bag. You can have a lot of fun perfecting your speed and timing.

Benefits of Using Punching Bags

There are many reasons to get a punching bag, but here are the most important.

Fitness – As with any boxing practice, hitting a punching bag takes a lot of effort. They will almost instantly get your great racing. If you want to get fitter, they are the perfect way to do it without ever needing to leave your home.

Timing – If you want to work on the timing of your punches, many bags can help you with that. People think punching bags are all about power, but there’s a lot more to them, especially with the wide range of bags available.

Strength – If you want to increase your strength, then a heavy bag will do that for you. Moving one around and punching it is very difficult. You can increase your muscle strength which will be useful when it comes to fighting.

Technique – Need to practice your uppercut? Hook? Combinations? Whatever you need to work on, they’ll be a punching bag out there for you. Angled bags are especially good at practicing different types of punches.

Stress – Had a bad day at work? Life getting you down? If so, then a punching bag can be a huge stress reliever. Getting in a quick punching session is a great way to get all those worries and anxiety out of your body.

Weight Loss – Punching is extremely tiring. Even as an amateur, I have no idea how professional boxers do it for 12 rounds! It takes a lot of effort, and therefore, burns a lot of calories. You won’t find a better exercise if you want to lose weight.

Top 5 Best Punching Bag Brands

Many great brands make punching bags, and all the ones featured here are top quality. In terms of the best, it’s hard to split Ringside and Everlast as they are both great brands that produce high-quality boxing equipment, but Ringside probably just edges it.

For the rest, RDX, FITVEN, and Jayefo all produce high-quality bags that you can trust. However, we don’t think brands are too important. If you get the features you’re looking for and get a highly-rated bag, you can’t go wrong.

1.      Ringside

2.      Everlast

3.      RDX

4.      FITVEN

5.      Jayefo

Types of Punching Bags

There are many different types of punching bags available, which are all used for different reasons. Let’s look at what they are.

Standard – The standard bag hangs from the ceiling and is fairly easy to punch. This offers a good amount of resistance and works for all-around training. These are the most common type of bags that you’ll find.

Lightweight – You can get a lightweight bag if you want less resistance to your punches. These are usually best for those who lack power and want a bag mainly for fitness. They have little use when it comes to practicing combat sports skills.

Heavy – These are just heavy versions of standard bags. Even for a power puncher, they don’t move a lot when punched. This is for learning those power shots and perfecting your punch technique. They’ll also get your hands and wrists used to the force of punches.

Inflatable – There aren’t many reasons to get an inflatable bag except that they are fun and good for kids. Storage is easy but they offer minimal punching power. Heavier inflatables can be good for timing and building up your fitness.

Body Opponent – These are punching bags that are made to represent the human body, with its familiar features. This can offer more realistic practice and can be good for teaching yourself techniques and combinations.

Freestanding – These are standard bags attached to a base, instead of hanging up. These are ideal for those that can’t hang a bag up. Storage is easy while still offering a good level of punch resistance. However, you can’t usually hit them as hard as a standard or heavy bag.

Angled – As the name suggests, these bags have sides at various angles that allow you to practice different shots, such as the hook and the uppercut. They teach you how to perfect the body movement needed to throw these punches.

Teardrop – These are smaller bags that are still heavy. They allow you to practice power punches but also teach you timing. This is because they swing more than a heavy bag does. You can slip past them or learn to punch into their backswing.

Wrecking Ball – A wrecking ball is a fatter version of a teardrop. They are great for practicing uppercuts and hooks due to their shape. However, they are heavy and don’t move around as much as a teardrop bag.

Wall – Wall bags can be a great space saver. You fix them to the wall, and they usually have flat pads you can punch against. They come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to get one that fits your needs.

Speed – Professional boxers love showing off their speed bag work. These are small hanging bags that are attached via a spring. This means they swing back quickly, making them great for practicing speed, timing, and endurance.

Double-End – These bags are attached to the wall and the floor. They also swing back quickly when punched, making them ideal for practicing timing and movement. As with speed bags, these aren’t for power training.

Water – These aren’t a punching bag type as such, but a different type of filling. The water can feel more like punching the human body and can also be easier on the wrists. Most of them have a teardrop or wrecking ball shape.

What To Consider When Buying a Punching Bag

It’s vital that you get the right punching bag for you. As we’ve just looked at, there are many different types out there and you need to think about what you’re trying to achieve.

Looking to perfect your uppercut? If so, an angled bag would be best. Want to work on just your fitness? A freestanding or standard bag would be great for getting that blood pumping. Want to increase your stamina, strength, and punching power? Then a heavy bag is what you need.

Once you know what type you should get, you can focus on other factors such as their quality and brand. It’s always a good idea to look at the product reviews as this can give you peace of mind that you’re getting a highly-rated bag.  

Aside from that, it’s also good to think about installation. Can you install a hook? If not, perhaps a freestanding bag is a better idea. A wall bag can be a good compromise if you live somewhere cramped for space.


How much does a punching bag cost?

When it comes to the cost of a punching bag, the minimum you can expect to pay for a decent punching bag is around $50. You can get inflatable and kids’ bags for cheaper than that, but for an adult bag, you want to ensure high quality. For high-quality bags, you can expect to pay approximately $150 to $200.

What is the difference between heavy bag and punching bag?

The obvious answer is that a heavy bag weighs more. But the result of this is that they don’t move as much and are harsher on the hands. However, they are better for strength training and increasing the power of your punches.

Freestanding punching bag vs. hanging punching bag: which is better?

No matter how hard you hit a hanging back, it keeps coming back at you. Freestanding bags are less stable and aren’t as good for power shots. The advantages of a freestanding bag is that they are easy to store and easy to use. The best one depends on which features you value the most.

How do you hang a punching bag?

To hang a heavy bag, you need to find a secure support beam in which to install the hook, which needs to be done with a drill. Some bags come with a hook, and others don’t, so it’s important to double-check. Once you have it installed, you can hook and unhook your bag as you wish.

Are gloves necessary for punching bags?

No, but we’d recommend them, especially for beginners. Punching a heavy bag incorrectly can break your fingers or wrists. As you get more experienced, punching bare-knuckled can increase your hand and wrist strength, but it’s too risky for novices. If you don’t want to wear gloves, gel hand wraps are a quick and easy alternative.

What’s the best filling for a punching bag?

There is no right answer to this. Many bags are filled with compressed bits of fabric, which works well for lighter bags. Heavier bags will often have the likes of sawdust and sand. Water has become a popular material in recent times due to its realistic body feel.

What’s the best weight for a punching bag?

For a standard bag, around 70 to 80 lbs is a good figure. You’d want heavy bags to be 100 lbs or more. For a freestanding bag, you’ll ideally want it to be around 200 lbs for it to have the stability required for effective practice.

Final Verdict

There are many different types of punching bags out there. Before looking at individual bags, it’s important to know what you want. Then, think about the results you want from your punching bag and work back from there.

With so many options, choosing the best overall is very difficult. But for those that want a brilliant standard punching bag, we’d recommend the LEKÄRO Punching Bag. The quality is exceptional, and it comes with everything you need to get started.

While it’s brilliant, any of the other 15 bags we looked at may be a better option for you. If you have any doubts, read back through our buying guide. All that’s left to do is pick the best punching bag for you and enjoy all the benefits that come with them.

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