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When many people think of nunchucks their mind goes to Bruce Lee or black-clothed ninjas flinging the sticks around in a flashy, over-the-top manner. However, the small devices are a great tool that can help bring your karate skills or general fitness to the next level.

I’m a hardcore athlete who has spent over 6 years around those who practice karate. It is that firsthand experience, mixed with plenty of additional research and the studying of personal accounts, that enabled me to compile this list.

My number one nunchuck is the Estink Safety, which has a tough-but-flexible construction that makes the sticks easy to use for training or workout purposes.

Where many nunchucks utilize foam for safety, the Estink Safety sticks are crafted from easy-to-grip and easy-to-wield rubber. That change gives them excellent usability. Add on the strong outer layer and tough chain and you get well-rounded nunchucks you can use anytime. 

If you want to learn more about the Estink models, or if you’re interested in other top nunchuck options, check out the premium models I outlined throughout this article.

Quick Summary

Who Should Get This?

Today, nunchucks are primarily used as a training or work out tool. As such, they are perfect for karate / taekwondo students who want to directly improve their posture, quickness, or hand movements. They do a great job at building general coordination as well.

If you’re a student looking to put in more work on your own time, or if you want to get in a hard workout in a different way, nunchucks can be one of the most unique methods you can use to break a hard sweat.

What to Consider When Choosing Nunchucks?

All of the aspects in this section are important to keep in mind when figuring out what nunchucks are best for you.


Though many assume nunchucks are all uniform in shape and size, that could not be further from the truth. The items tend to differ in both length of chain and stick size. Most sticks measure 12 to 13 inches, but there are smaller ones for children or younger students.

In addition, chain length changes from model to model. Always pay attention to the size before making your purchase. Note that specific models also can be adjusted, which is incredibly handy in figuring out what length works best for you.


While it’s not as important as when dealing with clothing or protective gear, nunchuck durability still matters. Even only using your pair in training, they are going to go through wear and tear. Drops will happen, and the constant swinging puts a strain on the chain.

As such, you want to get a tough item that can take plenty of use without weakening too quickly. All nunchucks wear down over time, but the longer you can put off that process, the better. Look for ones made with high-end materials that come from big or well-known brands.


Going off the above trait, your nunchuck’s material matters. Most models are made from either metal, plastic, wood, foam, or fiberglass. Foam and plastic are the most common, followed by wood. Metal and fiberglass aren’t used for training purposes.

When getting nunchucks for workouts, foam and plastic are both great. You can always choose whatever material you want, but when starting out you don’t want to go too heavy because that can lead to you seriously hurting yourself. Always get something lightweight and relatively soft.

Best Nunchucks: Top Picks

Here, I will cover a series of the top nunchucks by looking at their traits and breaking down the individual niches they fill. 

1. Estink Safety Nunchucks

Best Nunchucks | Estink Safety Nunchucks
  • Best For: Overall
  • Key Features: Durable exterior. Flexible construction. Powerful chain and solid construction. Simple look and design.
  • Weight: 1.45 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber

Regardless of what you want to use your nunchucks for (practice, training, or a workout) the safety model from Estink will give you great results. Unlike so many similar models that rely on foam, these are built from a safe, flexible rubber that’s easy to grip and has perfectly balance.

In that way, anyone can easily use them regardless of their experience level. That alone makes them incredibly useful, but they also get high marks for their durable build and strong chain. It’s made to hold up to a lot of use and won’t fall apart after a few months.

Such measures prevent any accidents and ensure you’re getting a good bang for your buck. These nunchucks are a bit on the heavier side, but students who want a sturdier item and a strong workout will love what they bring to the table.

2. A-Parts Training Nunchucks 

Best Nunchucks | A-Parts Training Nunchucks
  • Best For: Beginners
  • Key Features: Stainless steel chain. Foam construction. Durable and long-lasted. Included carrying bag.
  • Weight: 6.3 ounces
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Foam, rubber

There are many great training nunchucks on the market, but the ones from A-Parts are extremely useful towards that end due to how they combine a foam/rubber construction with a tough build and incredibly useful stainless steel chain.

These don’t hurt if you accidentally knock yourself while practicing, but they are still stiff enough to hold up to extended use or drops. On top of that, the rubber caps on the end further cut down on any accidental bumps. These are perfect for kids getting started with the sticks.

The only downside to these nunchucks is the plastic carrying bag. While useful, it isn’t quite as durable as many will like. Luckily, everything else holds up much, much better.

3. MSGumiho Rubber Training Nunchucks 

Best Nunchucks | MSGumiho Rubber Training Nunchucks
  • Best For: Versatility
  • Key Features: Solid rubber construction. Steel chain with smooth ball bearing system. Medium weight for better movements.
  • Weight: 1.39 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber

Another incredibly handy training nunchuck, this rubber model from MSGumiho can be used for training, workout, or practice purposes. That’s because the rubber material used in the construction is incredibly powerful, but still soft and light enough to be used by beginners.

The solid weight helps you build up a sweat, and it also greatly improves your reaction time. There are many pros to lighter nunchucks, but getting one with more heft can be good as well. In the case of the one from MSGumiho, it helps you use it anyway that you need.

There’s a lot of versatility with this model, making it good for both casual and serious use. Though some people will want something that’s more durable and is a bit lighter, it’s hard to find something you can use for so many different training workouts.

4. Zalani Foam-Safe 

Best Nunchucks | Zalani Foam-Safe
  • Best For: General safety
  • Key Features: Soft foam to prevent an injury. Lightweight. Fully detachable.
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Foam

As mentioned, most training nunchucks are designed with safety in mind. While all of the models on this list aim to keep you protected, none focus on that aspect more than the ones from Zalani. These are covered with an incredibly soft foam that comes with no risk of injury.

Backing up the plush exterior is a lightweight core, which further cuts down on any bonks or bumps you might sustain during training. That allows you to push yourself and truly improve your flexibility or agility without any fear of getting injured.

Something else to note is that the sticks are fully detachable. That allows you to fully adjust them and enables you to change the weight if you do want something a bit heavier. These don’t have the best durability, but they are great for any student at any level.

5. Shiida Training Nunchucks

Best Nunchucks | Shiida Training Nunchucks
  • Best For: Durability
  • Key Features: Safe thanks to the foam and rubber materials. Easy to use. Detachable stick tail. Unique design. 1-year money back guarantee.
  • Weight: 15 ounces
  • Color: Black and gold
  • Material: Foam, rubber

A lot of the time, nunchucks cut out some durability or long term strength to make room for a softer, safer product. That’s not the case with the training ones from Shiida. Rather, these still give you a padded foam construction and comfortable grip without losing any toughness.

The sticks mix a padded foam exterior with two incredibly tough sponge cores. On top of that, they also have a stainless steel chain made to last a long, long time. Everything is easy to grip, won’t wear down, and enables you to train to your heart’s content.

Everything is then perfectly complemented by the fully detachable stick tail and comfortable feel. You get a 1-year money back guarantee as well. They don’t have a ton of weight for heavy workouts, but are a perfect choice if you want a long-lasting nunchuck. 

6. Jandays Foam-Safe

Best Nunchucks | Jandays Foam-Safe
  • Best For: Lightweight
  • Key Features: Flexible connecting cord. Detachable tail. Padded foam. Striking appearance.
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Color: Black and gold
  • Material: Foam, rubber

If you’re after a lighter nunchuck with plenty of premium aspects, look no further than the Jandays Foam-Safe. This model is one of the easiest to use on the list due to how well it manages to cut down on weight without losing any extra traits.

The cord, while flexible, isn’t going to have the same durability as a metal chain. Even so, it does a good job of perfectly complementing the rest of the design by providing ample flexibility. The tail is fully detachable for extra versatility, and the rubber feels good in your hands.

7. Realhunlee Nunchucks

Best Nunchucks | Realhunlee Nunchucks
  • Best For: Comfort
  • Key Features: 360-degree welding treatment. Durable firm sponge core. Soft-but-sturdy foam exterior.
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Color: Red, black, gold
  • Material: Rubber

Combining a striking look with a powerful core and soft, easy-grip padding, the nunchucks from Realhunlee offer a great grip with unmatched feel. The 360 degree welding treated chain will not break no matter how much you use it and the sponge cores are strong without being dangerous.

These sticks are incredibly lightweight and come with a no-risk purchase through the 1-year money back guarantee. While not the best choice for more experienced users, these nunchucks are excellent options for newer users who want something they can use without any issues.

Nunchucks FAQs

This section breaks down popular nunchuck questions and explains the answers in detail.

What Do You Need to Consider When Buying Nunchucks?

You need to look at size, material, durability, and feel. Always make sure you can handle your nunchucks and ensure they are safe to use. Foam and rubber are the best materials, while you need a size that you can properly handle.

How To Use Nunchucks?

As with anything, learning how to use nunchucks takes time. Go into a clear space and slowly twirl them around your body to get a feel for their weight. If you want some starting moves, check in with a seasoned veteran or consult a teaching video online.

Is it Illegal to Own Nunchucks?

It entirely depends on where you live. While they are illegal in some European countries like Spain and Germany, and cannot be owned in some U.S. states, there are plenty of places where they are allowed. There are also exceptions for lightweight or training ones.

Can I Use Nunchucks for Fitness?

Absolutely. Twirling around nunchucks is hard work, especially as you get more advanced. Learning to use them and spending time on individual workouts will burn calories and help build up strength.

Are Nunchucks Actually Effective? 

It depends on how you use them. The weapons, despite their representation in films, are not good weapons. That being said, they are incredibly effective as workout tools when it comes to improving your athleticism and general coordination.

My Verdict

The Estink Safety Nunchucks are my pick for the top Nunchucks. Where some brands skimp in one or more areas, the item does an excellent job at combining flexibility, durability, and a sleek look. It’s easy to use, won’t lead to accidents, and will hold up for a long, long time.

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