7 Best Muay Thai Gloves Reviewed in 2023 | Buying Guide

Best Muay Thai Gloves

Keeping your hands safe is easier said than done when it comes to sports like Muay Thai. I have gone through a fair amount of gloves in my time and have a pretty solid understanding of what are the best Muay Thai gloves for specific needs. Save yourself the heartache of sprained wrists, bruised knuckles and twisted thumbs by selecting the best Muay Thai gloves for you!

Whether it was training in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates or Thailand, I always made sure to bring with me a quality pair of Muay Thai gloves. You never know when you’ll get the opportunity to join a class and if there is no class then you should at least be training by yourself. Having competed professionally, I know the difference a quality pair of Muay Thai gloves can make in training and on fight night.

In this article I have selected the best Muay Thai gloves options available to you. I’ve selected a wide variety of options to ensure your specific needs have been taken into consideration. Hopefully this guide will make the task of picking your Muay Thai gloves significantly easier!

Top Picks:

Best ForBest OverallBeginnersHand and Wrist Safety
Product’s NameFairtex Limited Edition Muay Thai GlovesVenum Elite Muay Thai GlovesCleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves
Guru’s Pick1099.5
More InformationLatest PriceLatest PriceLatest Price

Who Should Get This?

If you don’t want to be using the overused, stinky training gloves at your dojo then you’ll have to get your own. While it may be tempting to pick up the cheap gloves from your gym store they will likely cost you a lot more down the line due to disintegration or injuries.

No matter how protected you are, you must understand that taking part in any combat sport is dangerous (especially Muay Thai). Do the smart thing by investing in a pair of the best Muay Thai gloves for your needs. This will make a huge impact when it comes to protecting your hands/wrists.

Whether you’re purchasing a pair for yourself or your children, I have selected only the best options currently available so that you can be sure that you are getting a solid product for your budget. Hand injuries can take a while to heal, so why not prevent the injury from ever happening by picking the right gloves for you?

Factors to Consider Before Buying Muay Thai Gloves

What is the main difference between Muay Thai gloves and boxing gloves?

It is quite hard to tell the difference between Muay Thai gloves and boxing gloves. However, the key difference is that Muay Thai gloves have padding equally distributed throughout the glove because of the necessity to block kicks with your gloves at times. 

This is obviously not a concern for your traditional boxer. Generally speaking, boxing gloves will be heavily padded mostly where the knuckles are and on the top. It is worth noting that the difference is very slight and therefore most Muay Thai fighters will happily train in boxing gloves.

What Size Muay Thai Gloves Should I Buy?

This really depends on what you expect to be doing. If the majority of your time will be spent sparring then the bigger gloves will be the best choice (16oz). However, some people complain that this will affect one’s ability to learn the speed of techniques properly (fights often take place with 8oz gloves). 

Therefore, I suggest that you invest in both 10oz (pads) and 16oz (heavy bag and sparring). It is worth noting that I have spent the majority of my training life in 16oz gloves exclusively, not ideal but cost-effective and it means my hands feel super light and fast in a fight.

7 Best Muay Thai Gloves Reviews

#1 Fairtex Limited Edition Muay Thai Gloves – Best Overall

Best Muay Thai Gloves | Fairtex Limited Edition Muay Thai Gloves

Fairtex is one of the leading Muay Thai brands, with all of their equipment being made in Thailand and quality you can rely on, it is hard to find a better option on the market. Some of the best fighters in the world use Fairtex equipment to ensure they are able to train to their best ability without getting injured and walk into the storm of battle confident that their hands and wrists are well protected.

Key Features

  • Premium quality leather
  • Snug fit
  • Built to last
  • Sizes from 8oz-16oz 


  • Designed specifically for Muay Thai fighters and boxers
  • Handmade  
  • Multiple designs to select from


  • A little light in terms of padding


The limited edition Fairtex Muay Thai gloves are an excellent choice if you want to mix awesome style with decent protection. While other brands over the years have stumbled at times in terms of quality, Fairtex has stayed consistent all the way through. As mentioned previously, there are more padded gloves offering better protection for the knuckles and hands in general (better for bag work), however these are perfect for pads and sparring.

#2 Venum Elite Muay Thai Gloves – Best for Beginners

Best Muay Thai Gloves | Venum Elite Muay Thai Gloves

Venum really are doing an excellent job of making a name for themselves in the combat sports world. Their products, especially the higher price tag items such as these Venum Elite really are quite good at a fair price. As the main sponsor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) among other organisations, Venum’s products are not decent quality but are also trendy.

Key Features

  • Great price for the quality
  • Many designs to choose from
  • Handmade


  • Light and ergonomic
  • Breathable 
  • Variety of sizes to choose from


  • Slightly below average wrist support


Venum have really outdone themselves with the Venum Elite boxing gloves. Not only are they affordable, they provide a lot of protection and style for the price tag. I personally prefer the likes of Fairtex due to the reputation and quality of materials used. However, Venum is more affordable. This is a great pair of Muay Thai gloves for beginners.

#3 Cleto Reyes Training Gloves – Best for Hand and Wrist Safety

Best Muay Thai Gloves | Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

If price isn’t a problem and you want to be ultra padded then look no further than Cleto Reyes training gloves. They’re a fantastic option for those of you that are likely going to be sparring hard and hitting the heavy bag like a tank. I personally haven’t tried Cleto Reyes gloves myself before, but have only heard good things about them. Each and every pair is handmade in the home of boxing in South America, Mexico.

Key Features

  • Super thick padding for hand and wrist safety
  • Streamlined fit
  • Built to last


  • Incredibly durable gloves
  • Excellent impact distribution
  • Multiple colors to select from


  • Not ideal for people with larger than average thumbs


You’ve gotta be pretty serious about the sport to drop Cleto Reyes kind of money on gloves, but you won’t regret it. Quality, quality, quality is what you can expect from this top of the range pair of Muay Thai gloves. Especially when it comes to hitting the heavy bag, every bit of padding and wrist protection helps. I wouldn’t say this is the best choice for everyone, but if being ultra protected is the most important thing for you, this is a solid choice.

#4 RDX T17 Aura Boxing Gloves – Cutting-edge Top Choice

Best Muay Thai Gloves | RDX T17 Aura Boxing Gloves

RDX continue to assert themselves as a combat sports equipment company you can trust both in terms of quality and evolving equipment to meet the needs of their customers. The RDX T17 Aura uses RDX’s patented vegan skin technology to ensure you are able to get the best possible Muay Thai gloves experience without any animals needing to be sacrificed in the process.

Key Features

  • Patented Vegan Skin technology
  • Incredibly natural fit
  • Eye-catching designs


  • Quality build
  • Decent wrist support
  • Animal friendly


  • Don’t offer quite the same breathability as the leather options


There is no doubt that RDX really have done a great job with the RDX T17 Aura, it has received a lot of praise from those who have used them and with the movement towards animal-free products that is taking over the world, they are likely to lead the way in this area. There is no surprise that it isn’t quite like leather boxing gloves in terms of breathability, but that is to be expected. Overall, a fantastic choice for the vegan fighters among us.

#5 Sanabul Essential Muay Thai Gloves – Best Budget Muay Thai Gloves

Best Muay Thai Gloves | Sanabul Essential Muay Thai Gloves

Being backed by UFC champions such as TJ Dillashaw and Michael Bisping, Sanabul really has the support of some serious players in the combat world behind them. Sanabul has a wide range of options for people that do combat sports and that is great news for everyone! The Sanabul Essential range is just that, the bare essentials at an incredibly fair price.

Key Features

  • Gel interior
  • Mesh palm
  • Decent overall protection


  • Multiple colors available
  • Breathable reducing perspiration buildup 


  • Questionable durability over extended periods of use


Most gyms have gloves that they sell in their store that are terrible, don’t buy them. These Sanabul Essential Muay Thai gloves aren’t anything special, but for the price they are exceptionally good for what you pay. As mentioned previously, these are basic gloves, nothing that special about them but you can trust that they will keep you safe. Ideally not for heavy sparring or serious heavy bag usage.

#6 Sanabul Sticker Bomb Muay Thai Gloves (Kids) – Best Muay Thai Gloves for Kids

Best Muay Thai Gloves | Sanabul Sticker Bomb Muay Thai Gloves (Kids)

Sanabul really has an extensive range of products for everyone you can think of, really impressive. These sticker bomb gloves are an excellent way to get your kids excited to go train and to show off their awesome gloves to their friends. Needless to say they will also be well protected in the process!

Key Features

  • Unique and eye-catching designs
  • Good padding
  • Sturdy construction


  • Comfortable interior
  • Snug fit
  • Durable


  • Some people find it a bit too tight


What an excellent pair of Muay Thai gloves these would be for a child that is either already in love with training or will soon be! These kids muay thai gloves are well made and will ensure that your child knows that it is fun to go train. There is a wide range of decision options, so why not let your child choose which one is their favorite? I’ll be getting a pair of these for my kids one day!

#7 Sanabul Sticker Bomb Muay Thai Gloves (Adults) – Fun Adults Top Choice

Best Muay Thai Gloves | Sanabul Sticker Bomb Muay Thai Gloves (Adults)

Got a bit jealous when you saw the Sticker Bomb range for kids? Well, they have them for adults too! Although the designs are slightly different, they’re just as eye-catching! You can enjoy some decent protection, awesome designs and overall quality you can expect from Sanabul from these muay thai gloves. What better way to put a smile on your face before you start training than looking at these gloves!

Key Features

  • Unique designs
  • Different size options


  • Great for hitting pads and light sparring
  • Offers decent knuckle and wrist support


  • Slightly uncomfortable interior


Sanabul really has gone all out with these muay thai gloves. Although they aren’t something I would go for, they definitely will appeal to a certain type of person. I wouldn’t suggest any sort of heavy work with them as they aren’t the most durable, however if you’re training for fitness and a few laughs this could be an excellent pair for you.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the right Muay Thai gloves, price should never be the deciding factor. The reality is our hands are incredibly delicate and no matter how well protected they are, they still run the risk of being damaged in combat sports. 

Making an intelligent decision on the Muay Thai gloves you choose can really be an excellent investment both in your training and your health. That is why I have and always will go with Fairtex, especially when they are looking as sexy as the Fairtex Limited Edition Muay Thai Gloves.

I completely understand however if the price is the deciding factor and that is why I had to choose carefully for the top budget-friendly pair, these are most definitely the Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves.

Hopefully the curated list I have made for you helps you in the process of picking the best Muay Thai gloves for you! Be sure to share this article on social media with your friends and family that may benefit from it!


How to take care of your Muay Thai gloves?

You want to make sure that hygiene is on the top of your list when it comes to taking care of your Muay Thai gloves. Make sure that they are left in a stinky gym bag! Aside from that, give them a good wipe when you’re back from the gym.

Can you use Muay Thai gloves for boxing and other martial arts?

For boxing, yes, you’d have to look into whether it is okay for other martial arts. Generally speaking, if a martial artist accepts boxing gloves, they’ll also accept Muay Thai gloves.

Do I need to wear hand wraps with my Muay Thai gloves?

It isn’t a necessity to wear hand wraps, but it is definitely a wise decision. Throwing punches with gloves on doesn’t make your hand indestructible. What hand wraps do is that they ensure that your fingers and wrist have added protection. You should use any protection you can get that doesn’t limit your ability to train!

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