7 Best Mouthguard for Boxing (and MMA) Reviews | Buying Guide

Best mouthguard for boxing and MMA

One of the greatest fears that a boxer or any sort of combat practitioner has is losing their teeth in battle! Although this fear is pretty universal, you’d be surprised by how many people still decide to spar and sometimes even fight (uncommon) without a mouthguard. Save yourself both the physical and financial pain of needing dental work by investing in the best mouthguard for boxing that fits your needs.

I have fought internationally and have seen how people’s use of mouthguards can vary. Some only use them when fighting, others will simply not train without them in. From my experience, I try to keep my mouthguard in for the majority of the time when I’m training, even when strikes are not being thrown at me. This allows for the mouthguard to feel as natural as possible and also provides cardiovascular benefits due to the restriction of airflow.

In this article, I have picked out some of the best mouthguards for boxing (or MMA) options. Depending on your needs, what is an excellent option for your friend may be far from the ideal option for you. Have no fear! I have taken all of the guesswork out so you’ll be able to make a simple decision that you are confident will protect you.

Top Picks

Best ForBest overallBoxing/MMA Standard Teeth Protection
Product’s NameOpro Power-Fit MouthguardShock Doctor Pro Mouth GuardShock Doctor Double Protection
Guru’s Pick10/109/109.5/10
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Who should get this?

Do you want to end the training session with all the teeth you went in with? Then get a mouthguard. Not just any mouthguard though, some are simply subpar. I’ve selected only the best boxing mouthguard (or MMA) options on the market to protect your teeth and wallet!

There is no point leaving it to chance or your cat-like reflexes. If you’re training in a combat sport, you will get hit in the face at some point and there is no telling how hard or damaging that shot will be. What you can be sure of is that with a quality mouthguard you are well protected.

Interestingly, I actually found that some of the most damaging shots I received were accidental, delivered in a sport that doesn’t even have striking (BJJ). Keep your teeth protected as best as possible, selecting from the best boxing mouthguard options I’m about to share with you will mean you can train with confidence.

7 Best Mouthguard for Boxing and MMA

#1 Opro Power-Fit Mouthguard – Best Overall

Best Mouthguard for Boxing and MMA |  Opro Power-Fit Mouthguard

As the official supplier for both the England rugby team and none other than the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), you can’t go wrong by picking an Opro mouthguard. This is most certainly the best mouthguard I personally have used and continue to go back to Opro time and time again. The PowerFit model has everything you can hope for from a boil and mould mouthguard with an amazing warranty offer to give you the added peace of mind that you’re buying a quality product.

Key Features 

  • Design created and approved by dentists 
  • Comfortable feel
  • Built to last 


  • High-quality materials used
  • Multi-layered offering the right type of protection
  • Multiple designs to select from


  • Easily damaged if moulding instructions aren’t followed exactly 


Throughout my life as a sports fanatic, I have also found Opro to produce the best mouthguards on the market. They simply know what is needed and develop products that work time and time again. This isn’t that surprising really if you take into consideration that it is a brand that has always worked closely with the dental world and high-impact combat sports to ensure they are delivering exactly what is needed. I can’t speak highly enough of Opro.

#2 Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard  – Boxing/MMA Standard Option

Best Mouthguard for Boxing and MMA |  Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard

Considered to be one of the leading mouthguard suppliers, Shock Doctor is a brand you can trust. There are no bells or whistles with this iteration, it’ll simply keep you protected and at a very competitive price. There are a wide range of options available on Shock Doctor’s mouthguard range, but this timeless classic is all the average person will need to keep their teeth safe in the storm of battle.

Key Features 

  • Highly durable multi-layer protection
  • Both kids and adults options are available
  • Ideal option for those with braces


  • Affordable high quality protection
  • Easy to mould
  • Strap option available


  •  Not ideal for larger jaws
  •  Limited choice in design


I’ve also had the pleasure of using Shock Doctor products in the past, as mentioned earlier, there is nothing special about this model, but it does the job as promised. One really nice feature is that it is one of the few store bought mouthguards that is compatible with braces (only the top set). For only a couple bucks you can really get some quality protection with this mouthguard.

#3 Shock Doctor Double Protection  – Best for Teeth Protection

Best Mouthguard for Boxing and MMA |  Shock Doctor Double Protection

Some people are simply against the idea of not having protection for both the upper and lower set of your teeth. For them, this is quite possibly the best option available on the market. Shock Doctor, as mentioned previously, is right at the top of the list when it comes to quality dental protection. With this Shock Doctor Double Protection, you can be sure that you are fully protected for impact that can be sustained in combat sports.

Key Features

  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Designed for a wide range of sports where impact occurs
  • Sleek design


  • Easy to mould
  • Both upper and lower teeth protection
  • Decent breathability for a double mouthguard


  • Can be a bit bulky
  • Breathing is never as good in doubles compared to traditional mouthguards


Buying a double mouthguard provides some people with the peace of mind that they aren’t able to experience with traditional mouthguards. While it does mean your bottom set is also guarded, it often comes at the expense of comfort and breathability. Shock Doctor’s Double Protection mouthguard does an excellent job of mitigating the issues typically found with double mouthguards, it’s a solid choice for those of you that “NEED” a double mouthguard.

#4 SISU Max Sports Mouth Guard  – Best for Lightweight

Best Mouthguard for Boxing and MMA |  SISU Max Sports Mouth Guard

SISU have really been putting in some excellent work in their research and production to come up with mouthguards that are both light, protective and offer decent breathability. They’ve done an excellent job. While for many their advances in mouthguard technology aren’t all that necessary, for others using a SISU mouthguard has been revolutionary. I kid you not, some people I know simply won’t spar without a Sisu mouthguard.

Key Features 

  • Masterfully designed mouthguard that spreads the impact across all teeth
  • Excellent airflow channels
  • Super lightweight 


  • Ability to talk and be understood without taking it out
  • Remoldable material
  • Minimal amount of material used while providing maximum protection


  • Must be washed regularly


Although I myself am not riding the SISU hype train, many are. They really are trying to push mouthguard technology to the next level and many believe they already have. Personally, I find comfort in having a slightly chunkier mouthguard in my mouth, there is something about the feeling that makes me feel more secure. SISU mouthguards aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a mouthguard that is cutting-edge, light and still offers great protection. This is the one for you.

#5 Champs Mouthguard  – Best for MMA

Best Mouthguard for Boxing and MMA |  Champs Mouthguard

Although little is known about this brand, they have started to build up recognition by producing decent moldable mouthguards that offer both comfort and top-notch protection. This option is especially good for those involved with MMA, the reason being that the breathability and hard outer layer offer the extra support required in the challenging situations that arise during an MMA spar/fight. A solid choice for fighters around the world.

Key Features

  • A design with combat sports in mind
  • Carefully selected materials offering comfort and protection
  • Breathability is excellent


  • Build for the demands of combat sports specifically
  • Tough outer layer that spreads the impact
  • Easy to mold


  • Poor instructions for molding


If you’re looking for a combat specific mouthguard, this is an excellent choice to go for. What you do need to bear in mind is that it comes with quite possibly the worst instructions for mouthguard moulding known to man. Go with the standard 15-20secs for the boiling stage of the fitting and you will be just fine (60-90 seconds is insane!). Aside from the instructions, you’ll be very pleased with your purchase, they’ve definitely thought this one through and created something MMA enthusiasts can happily say is part of their protective gear.

#6 Damage Control Mouthguard  – Light Spar/Fashion Conscious

Best Mouthguard for Boxing and MMA |  Champs Mouthguard

Fancy a fun mouthguard that is ideal for getting noticed and protecting your teeth? Well, Damage Control is doing a pretty good job of catering to people just like you. Although not the most protective mouthguard on the market (I wouldn’t suggest hard sparring in these), it can be an excellent choice for light sparring/BJJ rolling.

Key Features

  • Designs that will get you noticed
  • Lightweight mouthguard
  • Dental warranty


  • Attention grabbing look
  • Easier to talk with it in than most mouthguards
  • Damprotech™ technology allowing for solid protection


  • Not capable of taking high impact force i.e. hard sparring


Offering decent protection with playful designs, Damage Control might be just what you’re looking for. I personally like my mouthguards to be built to take on anything, so I wouldn’t personally go for anything less. However, many of you simply do martial arts/boxing to keep fit and have fun, so this could be an excellent option that will also get you lots of attention!

#7 Venum Challenger Mouthguard  – Best for Kids

Best Mouthguard for Boxing and MMA |  Venum Challenger Mouthguard

It is hard not to see Venum equipment everywhere nowadays! As the main sponsor of UFC and other fight organizations, they are really making waves in the combat sports goods space. The Venum Challenger is an excellent choice for kids or an adult with small mouths. As Venum continues to increase its market share of the combat sports goods market, we will likely see more top-quality mouthguards from them in the future.

Key Features

  • Many colors to pick from
  • Ideal fit for kids
  • Easy to mould


  • Decent level of protection for combat sports
  • Cool brand to be associated with
  • Comfortable fit


  • Not a good choice for the average adult or someone with a big jaw


I’ve personally never used a Venum mouthguard and don’t see myself doing so in the near future. However, I would definitely be looking to pick up something like this for my nephew once he starts either Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai. It is an excellent mouthguard for kids who want something that looks cool, offers protection, and doesn’t break the bank.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best mouthguard for boxing is a difficult task, there are so many options available on the market. I hope this article has helped you clear the fog and make the decision that much easier.

Fundamentally it comes down to how protected you want to feel and whether things like optimal breathability and comfort are that important to you.

For the most budget-friendly but safe option the Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard is your go-to, and for those that want to shell out a bit extra for what I believe is the best option available in stores then go for the Opro Power-Fit Mouthguard.


What is the best brand of mouthguards?

I’ve been around brands like Opro and Shock Doctor since I’ve been a child playing rugby at school. They both have always been widely accepted as some of the best mouthguards on the market and at a fairly reasonable price too. Although there are many options on the market nowadays such as SISU and Venum, for me the brand that I believe is synonymous with quality is Opro and that is why I continue to go back to them time and time again.

Is it important to wear a boxing mouthguard?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, there are so many reasons why you should be wearing a mouthguard. Here are a couple for you to think over: your teeth don’t grow back, and even if you can afford the dental bill you’ll still be in a lot of pain while you wait to get seen and “fixed” and cutting through your tongue or lips is a very real possibility when you train without a mouthguard.

Hopefully, that has provided you with enough reasons to get a mouthguard, they are mostly a very affordable protective item that will save you so much in the long run.

Can I reuse my mouthguard?

Your mouthguard is reusable for as long as it is protecting you properly. Once you notice any signs of breaking, change it. A quality mouthguard should last for quite some time, especially the ones I have selected above. Unless your mouth changes considerably over the space of time you are training you will be able to reuse it continuously until it eventually reaches the end of its life.

Can I speak while wearing a boxing mouthguard?

This very much depends on the type of mouthguard you have. It is far more difficult to talk with a double-protection mouthguard than it is with a traditional upper-protection mouthguard. Some of the options above such as the SISU Max Sports Mouth Guard and Damage Control Mouthguards are designed specifically to allow for speaking, drinking, and breathing to be easier.

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