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best mouth guard for karate

In karate, protection is key. It’s a dangerous sport that can lead to some serious accidents if you aren’t careful. That’s why anyone who practices the discipline, casually or more seriously, needs a strong, well-made mouth guard.

I am a long time athlete who has been around karate, and those who practice it, for over six years. My own experience with the sport, combined and backed up by extensive research, allowed me to compile the list in this article.

There are many great karate mouth guards, but the Safejawz Slim Fit gets my pick for the best one. That’s due to how well it blends a tough construction with a form-fitting, comfortable design.

The mouthguard has a tough synthetic outer shell made to absorb impacts as well as a great, low profile build to cut down on gagging or discomfort. It breathes quite well, perfectly fits to your teeth, and allows you to fit it multiple times through its unique ReModel technology.

If you want to learn more about what makes the mouthguard so special, or if you want to look at other top options, check out the following sections.

Quick Summary

Who Should Get This?

Anyone who practices karate at any level needs a solid mouth guard. It’s easy to assume that you can eschew the item when in a more casual setting, but accidents can happen in even the most relaxed of sparring environments. That can then lead to broken or chipped teeth.

If you have even the smallest chance to get hit in the face, you want something to protect your mouth. Those who don’t practice or sparr with other people, such as students who train by themselves, won’t need one. Everyone else does.

Top Choices for Karate Mouth Guards

The following mouth guards all protect your teeth through unique characteristics you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Safejawz Slim Fit

  • Best For: Overall
  • Key Features: Remodel technology. Jaw secure with perfect fit. Durable. Fun, colorful appearance.
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Style: Boil and bite
  • Color Options: 10

No karate mouth guard is as well-rounded as the slim fit model from Safejawz. Where many guards specialize in one area, this tops off my list because it’s easy to use, comfortable, and provides an ample amount of jaw protection. The synthetic material is also extremely strong.

The number one aspect that truly makes this guard shine is the fit. Not only does it feel great in your mouth, but the special ReModel technology enables you to repeat the fitting process multiple times. That ensures you get the perfect mold regardless of your mouth shape.

On top of that, the gum shields have an ultra-slim profile to cut down on any gagging or internal discomfort. While it might be a bit small for larger mouths, the entire product does exactly what it sets out to do.

2. Champs Breathable Mouthguard

  • Best For: Breathability
  • Key Features: Easy to wash. Tough outer layer. Fully breathable. Double shock control. Protective EVA frame.
  • Material: EVA copolymer
  • Style: Boil and bite
  • Color Options: 6

As you might imagine from the name, the breathable mouth guard from Champs is one of the most comfortable karate guards on the market because it never restricts your air flow. While some can get in the way, this works with you no matter how hard you like to push yourself.

On top of that, the EVA copolymer frame is as durable as it gets. You’ll be able to take plenty of hits without ever slowing down. The dual core creates incredible shock control while the rigid-outer layer provides even more security.

That’s all backed up by the excellent center holes and incredible fit. It’s easy to wash and it perfectly adjusts to your jaw. The color options are a bit limited, but that’s a small nitpick compared to the ample characteristics.

3. ArmourFit 

  • Best For: Comfort
  • Key Features: Fitted, strapless design. Chew-resistance. Plenty of airflow. 32,000 dental warranty. 
  • Material: Polymer
  • Style: Boil and bite
  • Color Options: Red, white, green, black

If you’re after a karate mouth guard that stays out of the way, the ArmourFit is the one for you. The fitted boil and bite guard has a largely low profile and is completely strapless. It also sits close to your skin. That combination means you can effortlessly talk and breathe with it on. 

The mouthguard is one piece that can be quickly heated in the microwave. The fit is also just about perfect, and it will mold to any mouth shape. That, combined with the streamlined and simple design, means you’ll never have any feel issues or discomfort while sparring.

It’s plenty durable as well. While some students will want something a bit larger and more chunky, you won’t find a better slim-fit guard on the market.

4. Venum Challenger

  • Best For: Durability
  • Key Features: Incredibly tough construction. Nexfit gel frame. High density rubber frame. Adjustable. Protective case.
  • Material: Rubber
  • Style: Boil and bite
  • Color Options: 13

Made with a durable, high-density rubber frame and outfitted with Nexfit gel, the Venum Challenger is a well-made product that does a wonderful job of keeping your mouth safe. Its dual-construction absorbs shocks and takes blows without ever wearing down.

The single piece mouth guard is a true boil and bite model that delivers great protection without being so long that it gags you. The breathing channel that runs through the middle of the guard also delivers plenty of air flow so as to not restrict your breathing.

There’s also a handy storage case, which is a nice bonus. This mouth guard is definitely on the smaller side in terms of total size than other options on this list, but those with narrower mouths will get a lot of use out of it.

5. Sisu Aero

  • Best For: Lightweight
  • Key Features: Slim, custom design. Incredibly thin and lightweight. Diffusix technology. Limited dental warranty.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Boil and bite
  • Color Options: 16

While it’s marketed for general sports, the Sisu Aero is an excellent mouth guard for karate as well. As with other top models, the design does a great job of allowing plenty of air flow without ever being too light or flimsy. It’s only 1.6mm thick, but still can take a hit.

There are two huge bonuses to the lighter weight. First, you won’t have a lot of extra bulk in your mouth and can focus on your moves. Second, it’s quite easy to talk, breathe, and even drink with the guard in. That offers a ton of versatility similar models lack.

The guard perfectly molds to your teeth and it can be remolded in a pinch. Though some like larger models, this is a great option for karate students who want to feel like they’re wearing nothing in their mouth at all.

Best Mouth Guards for Karate: What to Consider

The below characteristics are incredibly important to keep in mind when getting a new karate mouth guard.


Karate is an extremely intensive sport that makes you sweat. As such, your mouth guard needs to let you breathe. You don’t want a piece that restricts or cuts down your air flow. Rather, you want something with so much ventilation that you don’t notice a difference when it’s on. 


Your mouth guard needs to fit. There are two sides to that, and both matter. First, you want a model that molds to your teeth to create the best possible security. The tighter it fits, the better off you’ll be during a contest, practice, or sparr.

In addition, you want a guard that stays in place. It’s easy to get a guard that might fit right away, but that pops out of your mouth during intense training sessions. Make sure it doesn’t move no matter how much you push it.


It’s also critical that your guard is comfortable. That means it needs to fit properly to your mouth shape, it needs to be made of  a softer material, and it can’t cause discomfort. Get a model that you can wear for extremely long periods of time without any chaffing or rubbing.


What Do You Need to Consider When Buying a Mouth Guard For Karate?

When getting a karate mouthguard it’s incredibly important to pay attention to durability, fit, comfort, and style. You want something that fits your mouth and works for your personal training needs. It can’t be uncomfortable, but needs to be able to keep you safe during a large hit too.

How Do You Wash/Dry/Save Your Mouthguard?

To wash your mouth guard, simply soak it in distilled white vinegar (or water with a bit of mouthwash) each night for about thirty minutes. Once it’s done, rinse it under cool water and then set it on a towel to dry overnight. Store it in a case the next day.

How Do Mouth Guards Prevent Injury?

Mouth guards sit over your teeth and create a barrier between you and your opponent. When you get hit in the face, the material absorbs the blow and prevents any damage to your mouth.

My Verdict

The Safejawz Slim Fit is my pick of the best mouth guard for karate. It has one of the most striking and fun appearances on the market, but also creates an incredibly secure fit through the unmatched Remodel technology. It’s durable, easy to wear, and will keep you safe for years.

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Span Chen
Span Chen
I have been practicing karate for more than 6 years, and now at the sixth level (green belt) of the Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karatedo Kugekai. Though I haven’t earned my Black Belt yet, I am deeply passionate about my training.