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Mastering the skills of martial arts is a journey of persistence and diligence. Your muscles and joints tend to endure a lot of impact during this journey. With so many movements while practicing Jiu-jitsu, Judo, BJJ, Karate, and Taekwondo, it’s important to take care of all safety aspects. 

I want to ensure that you maintain your safety as you embark upon the spiritual conquest of mastering the arts. In this piece, we are going to talk about the best martial arts floor mats available on the market. 

In doing so, I will be explaining how these mats help to absorb impacts and ensure your well-being. By the end of this article, you will be able to select the mat, which is suited to your needs and budget. 

I have been practicing and perfecting my skills in Karate for the past 6 years. Based on these variegated experiences, I am going to review the top 5 martial arts mats currently on the market to help you make a wise decision. 

Top Picks

Best ForProducts
OverallWe Sell Mats ¾ Inch Martial Arts Mat
BeginnersMTAOU Puzzle Exercise Mat
Heavy TrainingBalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat
AffordableYes4All Interlocking Exercise Mat
Lightweight TrainingStillCool Puzzle Exercise Floor Mat

5 Best Martial Arts Floor Mats

Here are my top picks for the best martial arts floor mats on the market. I have carefully curated all of the considerations and am hopeful that you will find your pick suited to your needs. 

1. We Sell Mats ¾ Inch Martial Arts Mat

Best Martial Arts Floor Mats | We Sell Mats ¾ Inch Martial Arts Mat | best jiu jitsu mats

If you want the best mat for overall performance, We Sell Mats is the way to go. This brand has continued to offer some of the most durable mats for martial arts. This ¾ inch mat is made from high-density EVA foam. Each tile measures 24” with a sturdy interlocking puzzle design, which fits seamlessly to offer protection. 

The “tatami” texture of the mat provides ample traction to prevent slipping. This “anti-fatigue” cushion support reduces the strain on your body and allows support for your joints. It can be easily installed on any surface and can be cleaned with soap and water. 

I think this is the best option for everyone who wants to practice martial arts. The price is affordable, the brand is dependable and the product is durable. 


Item Dimensions LxWxH25 x 25 x 1 inches
Item Thickness0.75 Inches
Item Weight7 Pounds


  • Tatami finish preventing slipping
  • Anti Fatigue Cushion Support
  • Affordable
  • ¾ inch thick for absorbing injury
  • Easy installation


  • Larger pieces
  • Lack of color options

2. MTAOU Puzzle Exercise Mat

Best Martial Arts Floor Mats | MTAOU Puzzle Exercise Mat | best bjj mats

Our next selection is for the people who are looking for something a little affordable. MTAOU offers an excellent design which is easy to assemble and can be installed anywhere. The cushioning and injury prevention is guaranteed by the EVA foaming.

Chances of slip injuries can also be mitigated as the mat offers a non-slip pattern. When you take the delivery, it may have a powder covering on it. So, be sure to give it a wipe down before beginning to use it. 

The mats come with 2 side strips for each square. Hence, you can make different patterns by mixing them up a little. 


MaterialEthylene Vinyl Acetate
Item Dimensions LxWxH24 x 24 x 1 inches
Item Thickness0.5 inches
Item Weight1 gram


  • Durable Cushion
  • Non-Slip surface
  • Easy to assemble and use at any time
  • Affordable
  • Lots of color options


  • Not fit for heavy-duty use
  • 0.5 inch thick

3. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

Best Martial Arts Floor Mats | BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles | best mma mats

The Puzzle Exercise Mat from BalanceFrom offers double-sided non-slip surfaces. Hence, it gives you excellent resistance and prevents injuries caused by slipping. This mat is extra thick at 1” and comfortably cushions your body. 

The EVA foam has a high density and can last you for a long time. There are 3 colors to choose from and each pack comes with 18 tiles and 36 end borders. The floor mat covers about a 72 sq. feet area. These tiles are interlocking and the puzzle patterns lock the tiles together. Therefore, the tiles do not come apart easily shielding you from injuries during your sparring sessions. 

We all know that these mats tend to get soiled after considerable use. The BalanceFrom mats are equipped with moisture resistance technology, which allows you to clean the mats with soap and water. 


Item Dimensions LxWxH26 x 26 x 1 inches
Item ThicknessDifferent sizes


  • Interlocking and non-slip surface
  • Offers good area coverage
  • Easy to clean
  • Extra thick for better protection
  • Good for heavy use


  • Limited colors are available
  • Costly

4. Yes4All Interlocking Exercise Mat

Best Martial Arts Floor Mats | Yes4All Interlocking Exercise Mat | best karate 

If the options above seem out of your budget, I have a pick for you. Yes4All offers user-friendly mats with high-density EVA foaming. This non-skid textured mat allows minimum strain on your body and provides a shock-absorbing surface for your training sessions. 

The tiles cover an area of 12 sq. ft. with a thickness of 7/16 inches. It is offered at a competitive price for all martial arts enthusiasts who maintain a tight budget. These interlocking mats are easy to assemble owing to their lightweight puzzle pieces. 

These mats are moisture-resistant and can be cleaned with soap and water. 


Item Dimensions LxWxH12 x 12 x 0.43 inches
Item Weight2.09 pounds


  • Great pricing
  • Durable and Non-Slip surface
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Easy assembling


  • Not fit for heavy sparring sessions
  • Covers less area

5. StillCool Puzzle Exercise Floor Mat

Best Martial Arts Floor Mats | StillCool Puzzle Exercise Floor Mat | best teakwondo mats

The exercise mat from StillCool is a good option for lightweight martial arts training. This floor mat also comes with EVA foaming to prevent serious injuries. It covers 20 sq. ft. and comes with 20 tiles. 

The tiles are 0.50 inches thick and are comfortable on your back, spine, joints and hips. It offers a good platform for your training sessions and the non-slip surface provides you with maximum traction. 

The cushioning of this floor mat is proven to relieve pressure when you train and exercise. It has smaller tile pieces and can be assembled in a matter of minutes. Overall, the comfort and safety offered by them are considered good for the price. 


MaterialEthylene Vinyl Acetate
Item Dimensions LxWxHDifferent Sizes
Item Thickness1 inch


  • Smaller Tiles
  • Good for beginners
  • Ample protection for lightweight training
  • Good safety ratings


  • Limited Color selection
  • Not recommended for heavy training

What to Consider When Buying Martial Arts Floor Mats?

Getting the proper floor mat will prove to be monumental for your training. There are several factors that should affect your choice of mat. Hence, I have provided you with a few considerations to keep in mind while shopping for a mat:


The mat has to withstand the test of time. During your training and sparring sessions, these mats absorb a lot of stress. The primary function of a mat is to provide a safe landing and avoid injuries and trauma. If it wears out, training on your mat can prove to be fatal to your body. Therefore, ensure that it is made up of material that is durable and soft on your body while tumbling and falling. 

Absorbing Shock

The mats provide you with a physical and mental cushion. During your sessions, you need to ensure that your mats absorb most of the shock. Injury during training can hinder your development and advancement. So, try to make sure that your mat is made up of shock-absorbent material. 

EVA Foaming 

I have mentioned EVA foaming a considerable amount of time. But, what is it and why is it so important? EVA foams are made from ethylene and vinyl acetate, which is important for any padding material. It makes the padding soft and durable. 

Take a look at the density of EVA foaming while selecting your mat. Buy mats that have a high density of EVA foaming as they will properly absorb the force exerted on them. 


Your practice sessions are bound to soil the mat. Therefore, your mat requires cleaning at regular intervals. You should be able to clean it with soap and water but only when it is water-resistant. If not, your mat can get damaged which will affect its safety and durability. 


Most people do not have a permanent place to practice. In these situations, you need to look for martial arts floor mats that are light and portable. They should be easy to set up and stow away. 

Non-Slip Surfaces

The texture of the mat is also important for your training. Your mat needs to have a ‘non-slip surface’ to ensure traction on your feet. This is because unnecessary slipping can prove to be devastating for your joints and hips. 

A good mat will have a texture that offers you a firm grip over your stance, while you move and perform your moves. So, try to look for a textured mat such as the one with ‘tatami design’, which prevents you from injuries and offers the feeling of control over your body and moves. 

You can also watch this Youtube video for more information on ‘tatami mats’. 

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can lead to unpleasant odors and degradation of the floor mats. These microbes can also cause discoloration of the mat. So, while looking for a mat, get the one that is resistant to these microbes to ensure that it lasts long. 

Precautions with Martial Arts Floor Mats

  • Don’t fold your mats unless they are foldable as it can damage them.
  • Don’t leave them outside if they are not in use and someone can stumble and fall.
  • Don’t clean your mats unnecessarily as excessive washing can damage them.
  • Don’t walk on your mats with shoes.
  • Keep your mats away from animals that have sharp teeth or claws.

The Verdict

I have touched upon a variety of things you need to know about martial arts mats. But, we do need to talk about the winner of this round-up review article. 

Well, the clear winner of this round is the product by We Sell Mats offering ¾ inch thickness at a competitive price. It offers a non-slip finish and the ‘anti-fatigue’ cushion support will do wonders for your training. 

Coming in at the second position, we have the MTAOU Puzzle Exercise Mat. This mat would be perfect if you are starting out in Jiu-jitsu, Judo, BJJ, Karate, or Taekwondo. It offers the EVA foaming for absorbing injuries and comes in a variety of colors. 

I am hopeful that this blog has been somewhat helpful in determining the best martial arts floor mats in the market presently. Remember, your mats will go a long way in contributing to your skills in martial arts. So, make an informed decision!


What is the material used to make martial arts Floor Mats?

As mentioned earlier, the mats are made up of EVA foaming. This helps to absorb a lot of stress and injuries caused to your body while training. These floor mats help create a safe environment for tumbling and falling during your workout sessions. 

Can I use my floor mats outdoors?

Mats can be used outside as they are generally portable and easy to set up. But, you should realize that sunlight can make them fade and degrade faster. These mats are best suited for indoors and try not to use them outdoors. 

Should I use my mats on hardwood floors?

Mats are usually covered in a non-slip material, which keeps the mats in place if you install it on a hardwood floor. Interlocking paddings, on the other hand, may slip unless you install it wall to wall. 

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