5 Best Kickboxing DVDs for Beginners and Advanced | Buying Guide

Best Kickboxing DVDs

Kickboxing, just like any other sport, has its own set of rules and techniques that one must understand to excel in it. It may look just like a freestyle sport but there are many techniques to learn, along with knowing how to build fitness.

With my 6 years of kickboxing experience, I wanted to find out the best kickboxing DVDs that are available right now. These range from simple fitness work to others that will help to develop your technique. I’ve chosen five which are going to be great for you.

Along with reviewing five of the best kickboxing DVDs, we’ve also got a buying guide so you can choose the perfect program for you. 

Who Should Get This?

These programs are available for anyone, from the hardcore kickboxing enthusiast to the ones that just want to get on enjoy practicing the sport and lose some calories.

Kickboxing workouts are best suited for people that enjoy fast-paced training and are ready to change the ordinary exercises with something new and hardcore. There are no restrictions on any of these DVD’s but everyone should still be careful and take care while exercising.

How to Choose The Perfect Kickboxing DVDs?

The real level you are

The first thing to do when looking for a Kickboxing DVD is to be aware of your own self, from the stamina you have to the amount of experience and force you to possess, it is extremely important to not overestimate yourself from the beginning.

A badly chosen program may leave you out of breath in the first exercise and it might mean that you abandon it for the sole reason of being too hard for you.

Accept that you are a beginner and choose something according to that, in time as you get more and more experienced, there are other programs to choose from, but you should always start from the real level you are on.

What you are comfortable with

There are a lot of different approaches to this sport and so, you should be able to determine which is the best suited for you. If you prefer a more basic approach, look for programs that offer simple exercises for a good calorie burn.

If you like a little more challenging routine, look for a Kickboxing DVD that offers complicated techniques to learn and hardcore muscle training.

In such a vast sport, there are many different styles applied and so you should have a base idea on what fits you and your lifestyle, maybe you are just a novice training to get a little sport in your busy life, or an experienced kickboxer wanting to learn something new.

The time you want to put in

Time management takes a huge part in your routine and workout, it will be for nothing to buy a program that you are not able to do because of the schedule you have for the day, an eight hour course is not a good idea when all you have time for is a quick 30 min exercise.

Plan what you have to do with the time you can give, choose a program according to the time you can put into it, and something fast but easy may be the best for someone with a busy life. An eight-hour program will probably suit someone with some time to spare or someone determined to perfect technique.

Best Kickboxing DVDs: Our Top Picks

1. Grapplearts the Precision Kickboxing Masterclass

Best Kickboxing DVDs | Grapplearts the Precision Kickboxing Masterclass
  • Best For: A full kickboxing masterclass
  • Key Features: Beginner to advanced tuition, full routines, plenty of exercises
  • Material: A perfectly balanced program that will get you from basic to advanced level
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Advanced

If you plan on becoming a kickboxing expert, then these are the DVDs for you. They will give you all the tools and techniques you need to constantly improve.

The perfect program for all levels, it is almost eight hours of workouts and instructions to rapidly become an expert. The program covers plenty of exercises and gives out good advice on what to do and what to avoid while learning.

Eight hours may seem intimidating but you’ll soon get into the flow. Everyone that wants to try it should reserve plenty of time to give it a try, having dual exercises in there as well may require a little help.

Overall it truly brings the best out of anyone and ensures a complete lesson on how to protect yourself in situations that may arise in the future.

2. Way of The Warrior Kickboxing Workout DVDs

Best Kickboxing DVDs | Way of The Warrior Kickboxing Workout DVDs
  • Best For: Teaching basic techniques
  • Key Features:  Teaching technique, weight loss, variety of lessons
  • Material: A program perfect for learning technique
  • Ability Level: Experienced

If you are completely dedicated to becoming a kickboxer then you’ll love this DVD. It requires plenty of dedication but you’ll soon see fantastic results.

Probably the hardest material on this list, the program is perfect for those that want to learn kickboxing techniques. In a 50 minutes workout, you will get different exercises from many different cultures created by an expert that is an excellent motivator.

With a weight loss of almost 600 calories for the whole program, this is a hardcore routine that will get the blood pumping.

Presenting a non-equipment full-body workout with whole techniques including MMA and Muay Thai, this really is hard to follow and it requires dedication to learn, while also showing results desired by anyone.

3. Cathe Friedrich LITE Rev’d Up Rumble Kickboxing DVD

Best Kickboxing DVDs | Cathe Friedrich LITE Rev'd Up Rumble Kickboxing DVD
  • Best For: Low impact training
  • Key Features: Normal pace, Simple instructions, and quick-burning
  • Material: Low impact core muscle-burning
  • Ability Level: Intermediate

This is a fitness DVD that is directed toward women but anyone could feel the benefits of this. It’s great for those that not only want to lose weight but increase fitness.

An amazing program that is both perfect for intermediates but also accessible to people that just got into the sport, it presents an original view on exercises and what role they possess in strengthening the core muscles.

With a normal pace that everyone can follow, the exercises are a low impact, meaning you won’t feel tired immediately after the first set, it comes with exercises for any group of muscles and also with a bonus workout for abdominals in order to get rid of belly fat and shoulder strength routine to help you get that perfect physique.

A fun and challenging program that will show results after just a few repetitions.

4. Beachbody CORE DE FORCE Kickboxing Workout DVD

Best Kickboxing DVDs | Beachbody CORE DE FORCE Kickboxing Workout DVD
  • Best For: A full lifestyle plan
  • Key Features: Total Workout, full-body definition, intense burning
  • Material: Full body program with no equipment
  • Ability Level: Advanced

This kickboxing DVD is perfect for anyone looking for a full lifestyle plan. Programs that are all-rounders like this are incredibly difficult to find, presenting a full-body workout, meaning that every single muscle cell will be working. It also comes with a book presenting instructions on diets, what you should eat, and what you should avoid.

Working out on bad fuel will determine a bad performance, will get you tired, and with no visible changes.

This program is best for people that do not prefer gyms, as it is a non-equipment one, meaning that you need nothing to do the exercises with except for your muscles.

It also has a 7-day planner to help anyone get into the rhythm in order to start burning those calories, the visible changes will happen fast but also the full-body workout will test anyone’s limits and core muscle in order to get that perfect physique in no time.

5. Martial Fusion Kickboxing Cardio Burn DVD

Best Kickboxing DVDs | Martial Fusion Kickboxing Cardio Burn DVD
  • Best For: Advanced kickboxing fitness
  • Key Features: High intensity, full aerobic, constant burning
  • Material: 60 minutes full body program
  • Ability Level: Advanced

This Kickboxing DVD is another for those who want to throw themselves into a world of kickboxing fitness. A simple all-in-one-based aerobic program that will get you burning the excess fats in no time.

The program is covering all the muscle groups with good and easy exercises that are suited for anyone, with no complicated techniques and exercises. This workout plan is perfect for people that want to start but think the exercises will be too difficult.

What makes this program advances is the constant work and minimal breaks, it should not be a problem as beginners can stop it and take a second to get their stamina back, an advanced kickboxer is able to keep up with the program, those that are new are free to take it slow.

The program bases itself on different parts especially to accommodate beginners and get them to burn calories, doing the program and applying the pieces of advice will get you to do the full routine in no time.


Do I need special equipment?

There are a lot of programs that may require you to possess things like special mats for exercises, some kinds of special weight, and maybe some heavy equipment, but these are only for people that envies the sport and practice it for a long time.

For beginners, there are some Kickboxing DVDs that do not require any equipment and can be done anywhere and by anyone.

Do I need a special diet?

A good diet is a base for muscle building and calorie burning, but if you already have a pretty balanced diet and get all the nutrients you need, there is no need to change it.

Some Kickboxing DVDs come with special diet instructions to make sure you have the energy to sustain the hard exercises and routines.

You can always change what you eat and having a balanced diet full of healthy fats and protein can show good results even after a few days.

Do I need to do the program every day?

Having a daily routine will help to see results faster and get the physique you desire, the changes need some time to be visible and also a little determination. But completing a Kickboxing DVD routine every day often isn’t realistic for many people.

It is okay to lose a day of training and can even be beneficial to get some rest. While you should try and practice every day, just make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle and introduce exercising as much as possible.


Everyone can do a little sport in order to get a healthier lifestyle, lose some weight or just get a better image of themselves. For that, you need good advice and a Kickboxing DVD fit for all your needs and expectations.

For me, the best kickboxing DVD is the Grapplearts the Precision Kickboxing Masterclass. This gives you all the tools you need to become an expert kickboxer while also being great for fitness too. While we thought it was great, any of the DVDs on this list would be a good purchase.

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