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Starting karate training at a young age, when the body and mind are the most primed to receive that kind of training, can help improve strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination while also helping with calmness and peace of mind.

If you have been thinking of enrolling your child for karate training, you need to find the best karate schools for kids in your area. The best karate schools in the world boast of highly skilled and experienced teachers, excellent facilities, and special provisions for training children the right way.

If you want your child to soak up the full benefit of karate training, become immersed in the discipline, and maybe take part in competitive events in the future, you need to take a look at the best karate schools in America.

Here, we discuss the characteristics to watch out for when looking for the right karate school and break down some of the best karate schools for kids in the country with special attention to training for kids.

Best Karate Schools For Kids

What Makes A Good Karate School for Kids?

Before zeroing in on a particular school, you need to keep in mind certain characteristic properties that a good karate school would have, with special focus on the training of children. You need to look at the environment, the infrastructure, any special facilities that make it friendlier to children, and the experts conducting the teaching.

The Right Mix

For a karate school to be a good choice for kids, you need a balance of several factors. For starters, it is important to remember that karate training can involve a lot of striking and the right school is one that would make sure that this is done in a safe environment using proper technique so that children do not face injuries.

The right teaching style and philosophy can also play an important role in making a school a place where children can feel welcome and comfortable. While discipline and focus are excellent qualities, harsh enforcement of discipline can often become counter-intuitive for kids. Patience and understanding are much more desirable qualities in trainers.

Overall, you are looking for a karate school where children can learn to overcome their fears and immerse themselves in the martial art. The atmosphere should be positive and the training should focus around not just fighting and self-defense but all the important aspects of the karate philosophy.

Trying it Out

The best way to find the best karate school for kids is to take your child to trial classes at a few places. Most schools offer the option of trial classes and this can be a great way to see if the school would be a good fit for your child.

For example, if your child is sensitive the school has a strict, harsh learning environment, it might not be a good fit. On the other hand, having to stand still and listen to lengthy talking would not be a good fit for an overactive child with a lot of energy. You need to find the right fit.

This is also an astute way to look at the learning environment up close and find out how trainers interact with children. Overall, you would be looking for a place where your child can release pent-up energy, have a fun experience learning the technicalities, while also being able to develop patience, discipline, focus, and impulse control. And don’t worry, no one is going to recommend Cobra Kai for you or your children here!

Karate Schools For Kids

Top 6 Karate Schools for Kids

Here are some of the best karate schools for kids in America:

1. Tiger Strong NYC

A reputed karate school, Tiger Strong is open to people of all ages and offers a variety of classes for karate and other activities.

What makes them an excellent choice for kids is their variety of training programs for kids of all ages, starting as early as 2 years old. A major USP is the way they structure their classes and the intensity and focus of the training to suit specific age groups. They also offer joint classes for parents and children, which can become a bonding exercise apart from also featuring karate training.

Apart from focused karate training, Tiger Strong also offers self-defense training, yoga, and ballet lessons. Overall, the learning environment and the professional, caring manner in which kids are treated can make this a great candidate.

2. World Seido Karate

If you are looking for a mix of old-school, traditional karate training and values mixed with modern facilities and training methods, World Seido Karate can tick quite a few boxes. With Dojos in NYC and Westchester, this school focuses on the traditional teachings of Seido karate, focused on maximum physical and mental development. 

Their training classes for kids start at 4 years old, and focus on karate education and basic training in a fun environment. As the children grow, the training changes to focus on the right training ingredients for their age group. 

They also have an elaborate system of belt levels for all groups that can help keep the spirit of competition alive. The old-school charm of traditional martial arts training is strong in World Seido Karate and your child can really thrive here. They do such a good job even Steven Seagal would be impressed.

3. AmeriKick Karate

This school embodies the modern training philosophy and aims to teach karate to children in new, exciting ways. They offer different programs based on age groups with appropriate training for each. Their Tiny Tigers program takes in kids as young as 3 years old. Apart from developing karate skills and physical fitness, the school also focuses on character building and developing genuine traits like kindness and generosity.

With two large, modern facilities in Staten Island and a roster full of skilled, experienced staff with special capabilities of handling classes for kids, AmeriKick Karate can be a stellar home for your kid. Apart from karate classes, they also offer several other classes, including ones specialized on anti-bullying and kickboxing.

4. Astoria Martial Arts

This established karate school has special programs for kids with a focus on all-round development. Their Lil Tigers program starts from age 4 and is designed to provide children with a fun, productive learning environment where they can express themselves and learn important life skills along with karate training. From there, the programs change as the children get older with age-appropriate training.

The program for kids at Astoria martial arts is different in the way it focuses on all-round development. Their programs claim to help children calm down, direct their energy into productive pursuits, learn to focus, and deal well with problems like indiscipline, tempers, and frustration. They also foster the teaching of social skills, teamwork, leadership skills, and the development of sportsman spirit.

5. Harris Holt Martial Arts Academy

This school is regarded as one of the best in the country for kids by many. Their starting grade is the Little Ninjas program that takes in children from age 4. To start with, they offer short, fun classes that teach the basics of karate and mental development in an entertaining, engaging way. The belt ranking system and extended classes kick in from age 6 which is probably when Tony Jaa started out in his martial arts training.

This school is consistently reviewed as one of the best by parents and has a large staff of sensitive, caring experts. They also offer a two-week trial period where you can send your child for karate classes free of costs to see if it will be a solid fit. 

Apart from karate training, they also offer a host of other fun activities like themed parties and karate summer camps.

6. Freestyle Martial Arts Academy

This popular karate school has a youth program that starts from age 8. The chief instructor is known for his experience and teaching credentials and the programs are a reflection of that, focusing on all-round development in a friendly, sensitive learning environment.

They also have a Little Dragons program for children age 4 onwards that teaches basic karate techniques with the help of fun drills, games, and other activities with a solid focus on teaching respect and motivation. They usually have smaller classes with two or more instructors providing personal focus training for kids. Apart from karate, many other martial arts disciplines are also taught here.

Key Takeaways

Karate training for children can have a number of important benefits. Along with proper physical development and the enhancement of important attributes like strength, stamina, and overall fitness, this can also give children an excellent outlet to spend extra energy in a fun learning environment. 

The development of mental skills like focus, discipline, concentration, leadership, and sensitivity can also help create welcome changes in your child that can make your work as a parent easier.

All of the karate schools listed above are some of the best karate schools for kids that you can have access to. Keep in mind though qualities and criteria discussed above and check these schools out to find the most perfect fit for your child. Then, a productive, positive, and fun karate experience with all its transformative qualities can begin for your child.

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