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Boxing is a sport that doesn’t require a lot of equipment but what you do use is very important. While most of the focus goes onto the gloves, your shorts are also a vital part of your comfort both in the ring and in training.

I’ve been boxing for more than 6 years and know that the difference between regular shorts and boxing shorts is huge. You need shorts that are durable and don’t restrict your movement. I know from experience that it’s also great to look good in the ring, as it helps with confidence.

I’ve scoured the market to come up with the best boxing shorts available right now. Along with reviews of the top seven shorts, I’ve also written a buying guide to give you all the info you need, you will find the perfect boxing shorts.

Top Picks

Best ForBest ValuePremium PickBudget Option
Product NameAdidas Boxing Punch Line ShortsCleto Reyes Satin Boxing TrunksMRX Men Boxing Shorts
Guru’s Rating9.5/1010/109.0/10
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Who Should Get This

Boxing shorts are ideal for boxing enthusiasts of any level. You could be a beginner, an avid boxer, or probably even a pro, there is no reason to not acquire a good pair of boxing shorts. It is practical to use them for training and sparring just as much as it is used in an actual boxing match. Other types of shorts won’t give you the same protection, freedom of movement, or durability.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Boxing Shorts


There is no doubt that when picking out the ideal boxing shorts, it is paramount that you get the right size. Boxing shorts need to fit snugly and comfortably since boxing involves so much dynamic and agile movement with split-second timing.

Different brands can have some degree of variance in terms of size so it’s important to double-check their guides before buying. If you’re unsure, then you can check reviews from other users to see if there is any further guidance on sizing.


Boxing shorts are made from several different types of materials and need to cope with plenty of punishment. They need to be able to cope with a lot more demands than with regular shorts.

It’s common to see the stitching and certain parts along the seams to degrade over a short period of time when the shorts are used rigorously. It is therefore important to check the sturdiness of the build quality and the material quality before making a purchase.

This will ensure that you get boxing shorts that are durable and last at least to the point that you have gotten your money’s worth when you first bought them. Materials that stretch easily are better as it does not impede a boxer’s movements.


The thing with boxing shorts is that because it is such a custom apparel for a very specific type of sport, it would normally mean that it does not come cheap. The relationship between cost and quality is usually very closely related.

When cost is reduced, quality normally goes down in an almost equal ratio. There is a saying of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ and that’s true of boxing shorts. If you get a low-quality pair then they’ll soon wear out and you’ll need to buy them again.

All the shorts we’ve looked at here find that perfect balance between quality and affordability. They maintain excellent standards without sacrificing their durability. As with any boxing equipment, it’s a good idea to commit to high quality, even if it costs a little more.


One of the most important features of boxing shorts is the waistband. It plays a triple role of keeping the shorts firmly in place, preventing excess movement in your groin protector while also giving you more protection from low shots.

The waistband of boxing shorts generally have three methods of closure which are elastic, drawstring, and zip. For ultimate comfort, elastic is often the best option but this does mean your sizing has to be exact. If you want a little more control over how tight they are, then a drawstring or zip can be a good choice.


We hope that you get to the point where you are wearing your own custom boxing shorts with your name and sponsors on them. Until then, you want your standard pair to look great. While not seen as an important feature, a good-looking pair can make you feel more confident in the ring.

Best Boxing Shorts – Product Reviews

1. Cleto Reyes Satin Boxing Trunks

Best Boxing Shorts | Cleto Reyes Satin Boxing Trunks

· Best For: Using in the ring

· Key Features: Elastic closure, 4-inch-wide waistband, extra-long cut, handcrafted in Mexico

· Material: 100% satin polyester

· Ability Level: Expert

These Cleto Reyes shorts top my list as they are perfect for any boxing activity. While these are expert-level shorts, they also have a price tag accessible for beginners. They tick every box and are simply brilliant boxing shorts.

Made from satin polyester, these shorts feel comfortable and smooth against your skin. They have a 4-inch waistband and an elastic closure which gives more than enough room for a groin protector.

Due to the lack of drawstrings, choosing the right size from the get-go is essential. The waistband works very well to secure the shorts firmly on your waist and does not shift and slip away from its initial position.

These Cleto Reyes boxing shorts have a long and spacious cut in a classic boxing style. You can rest assured that it won’t be of any kind of hindrance to your movements in or outside the ring. The shorts are hand-crafted in Mexico, and they have a beautiful design that sets them apart from any other manufacturer.

2. Title Edge Boxing Trunks

Best Boxing Shorts | Title Edge Boxing Trunks

· Best For: Those with large waists

· Key Features: Extra-wide 4″ elastic waistband, leg slits,  24″ length, machine washable

· Material: 100% polyester

· Ability Level: Intermediate

If you’re a bigger guy on the lookout for the perfect shorts for your physique, look no further. They are available in just about any size, including XXL. They do feel slightly heavier than a lot of other boxing trunks but that makes for excellent durability.

The waistband is high to ensure that the trunks are securely positioned when in use and the loose-fitting of the trunks themselves offer great comfort, especially if you sweat a lot.

Some buyers have highlighted that the weight of the trunks is fairly high. That’s more of an issue if you’re a smaller fighter who relies on your nimble footwork but a heavyweight isn’t really going to notice the difference.

The immense durability marks these shorts out as great for sparring and training. You’ll be using them for many years to come but if you want to step up to a professional fight, you may wish for something lighter and more breathable.

3. Ringside Pro-Style Boxing Shorts

Best Boxing Shorts | Ringside Pro-Style Boxing Shorts

· Best For: Use for sparring

· Key Features: Drawstring closure, machine washable, super thick satin fabrication, embroidered logo

· Material: 100% satin polyester

· Ability Level: Intermediate to Professional

If you spar often in boxing then you need a highly durable pair of shorts that have a professional feel. If that’s what you’re looking for then I’d recommend getting these Ringside Trunks.

The Ringside Pro-Style Boxing Trunk’s biggest strength is its excellent durability. The satin polyester material is stitched together with fantastic craftsmanship. These boxing trunks will last you years of use and abuse. A downside, these trunks are not as stretchable as some of the others on this list but still provide plenty of room.

They have a professional look and feel about them. Are they good enough for use in the ring? They are great for sparring and can also be used in amateur bouts. While not at the premium level, they are great for almost all boxing activities.

You get to choose from a wide variety of colors, which all look great. They are also very easy to use with them being machine washable and having a drawstring closure. Not only do they look great but they’ll also perform well in the ring.

4. MRX Men Boxing Shorts

Best Boxing Shorts | MRX Men Boxing Shorts

· Best For: Providing free movement

· Key Features: Elastic closure, back support, soft and stretchable material

· Material: 100% polyester with satin finish

· Ability Level: All

If you want ultimate freedom of movement, then these shorts are the one for you. They are a little shorter than traditional boxing trunks because they have a slightly higher cut. They gives you plenty of room but also make them ideal for other combat sports.

The unique aspect of the MRX Men Boxing Shorts is that it provides a thick elasticated waistband that helps to constrict back muscles and provide it with some additional support. This is such a great feature, especially for boxers who have a tough training regime and can suffer from back issues.

There are not many of these types of trunks on the market that have these qualities and MRX deserves the credit for providing such a great feature.

The final benefit of these trunks is that they are the cheapest on this list. It may not last you a lifetime in terms of durability but at that price point and for some of the features that you get, it’s quite a bargain.

5. Adidas Boxing Punch Line Shorts

Best Boxing Shorts | Adidas Boxing Punch Line Shorts

· Best For: Regular training

· Key Features: Zipper closure, AIBA approved, lightweight

· Material: 100% polyester

· Ability Level: Beginner

I think these shorts are perfect for everyday regular training. If you’re just getting into boxing and fighting in the ring isn’t on the horizon, these tick all the right boxes. That being said, they are still great for fighting too.

These boxing trunks are great in terms of comfort and functionality as well as overall build quality. Adidas is well known for making quality and durable sports attire.

Although made from polyester like every other boxing shorts in this list, the Adidas Boxing Punch Line Shorts are designed with micro-mesh fabric to ensure that the skin maintains a normal temperature no matter how intense the training or the fight. It is also very lightweight which greatly provides great versatility of movement.

While they look good, their styling is more of an amateur design than a professional one. These boxing shorts are perfect for anyone starting out who wants high-quality equipment. Then it comes time to get in the ring, you can switch to a more professional look.

6. Venum Standard Boxing Shorts

Best Boxing Shorts | Venum Standard Boxing Shorts

· Best For: Excessive sweaters

· Key Features: Pull on closure, Mesh side vents, comfortable stretch

· Material: 100% polyester

· Ability Level: Expert

If you’re the type of boxer that sweats a lot and overheats quickly then you will appreciate these shorts. They have an incredible level of breathability that is going to keep you cool, even when you’re in the heat of battle.

Venum is another company that makes brilliant boxing shorts. These shorts not only have a high level of performance but they look great too. They are only available in two colors but the Venum lettering and logo stand out.

They are one of the more expensive options on the market but many will see that as a price worth paying. They are very comfortable, even when wearing a boxing guard. Their stretch is going to give you a tight fit without being too restrictive.

When wearing these shorts, you’ll feel confident in the ring and they will allow you to perfect that footwork.

7. Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Trunks

Best Boxing Shorts | Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Trunks

· Best For: Smaller fighters

· Key Features: Drawstring closure, Large size and color selection, lightweight design

· Material: 100% polyester

· Ability Level: Intermediate

For those who want to be as light as possible on their feet, these Anthem Athletics trunks are going to be perfect. Their lightweight design means you’re not going to be restricted whatsoever.

The smaller you are, the more important it is to have lighter boxing shorts as their weight is going to have more of an effect. While these are light, they are also durable and should last for a very long time before you ever need to get a new pair.

While the Venum shorts above might not be available in many colors, these are. You have seven options to choose from and they all look great. They are very easy to use as they are machine washable and the drawstring closure makes them easy to tighten.

They may not be from the biggest brand in the boxing world but here you get phenomenal value for money with shorts you’ll love.

Boxing Shorts FAQs

What makes a good boxing short?

You want your boxing shorts to allow you freedom of movement, keep your groin protector secure, and have a snug fit. Durability is also an important feature as they’ll need to cope with plenty of abuse. While they are the main factors, you also want your shorts to look great too.

Can I wear the same boxing shorts for sparring and competitions?

Yes, absolutely. There is nothing wrong with wearing boxing shorts for sparring, competitions, or just ordinary training exercises. That being said, many boxers prefer to have separate shorts for training and a more personal set for fights.

Why do boxers wear their shorts so high?

The reason why boxers wear big baggy shorts is to increase the air circulation around their legs. Boxers also use foul protectors and need appropriately sized shorts to accommodate their size. There is also an element of style and tradition.

What are boxing shorts called?

Shorts is the most common name for what boxers wear on their legs. They are also called boxing trunks which may be a little confusing for some. If you’re wondering if there is a difference between them, there isn’t.

Are loose, flexible shorts better?

Loose and flexible shorts have a number of advantages. Firstly, they allow you to have full freedom of movement around the ring. You also need space in which to put your groin guard and that loose style also allows for plenty of airflows.

What’s the difference between boxing and MMA shorts?

There are huge differences between the two. MMA shorts are often much smaller, tighter and are made from a more flexible material. These features limit any grabbing of the shorts and allow for unrestricted kicks. MMA fighters also wear a smaller groin guard.

What do I wear under the boxing shorts?

In fights, boxers will wear a full groin guard which not only protects their private parts but also their waist. Due to this, you need boxing shorts that are big enough to cover it. In sparring, you may wear a smaller guard that just has a cup to protect your genitals.

Why is boxing topless?

There are a number of different reasons. It limits the amount of clinching, makes scoring easier, is less restrictive, and stops you from overheating. There is also an element of tradition to it, as it’s always been the way for professional boxers.

My Verdict

Regardless of whether you are a beginner, a seasoned amateur, or a professional fighter, getting the right type of shorts is an important step.

All the five pairs we looked at here are great but if we had to pick a top model, it would be the Cleto Reyes Satin Boxing Trunks. Not only do they look awesome but they have a professional level of quality and are perfect for all boxing activities.

While we loved them, you may think that any of the other four pairs of shorts suit your needs better. All you need to do now is choose your favorite pair and enjoy the benefits that come from the best boxing shorts.

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