14 Best Boxing Shoes Reviewed in 2023

best boxing shoes

If you want to perform in a boxing ring, then you need to have a pair of high-quality boxing shoes. They’ll not only aid in your footwork, but they’ll also give you plenty of support and allow you to plant your feet with confidence.

From my experience, I know all about the problems with poor-quality shoes. It’s easy to slip, it makes footwork more difficult, and you end up thinking more about your feet than the opponent in front of you. And that’s a position you never want to be in.

Getting the best boxing shoes is important, but what are the best shoes out there, and what features should you be looking for? Thankfully we have all the information you need right here. All you need to do is read on and choose the best boxing shoes for you. Let’s go!

Top Picks

It’s important to check out our reviews to ensure that you get boxing shoes that most closely match your needs. For those in a rush, here are our top three picks for you to choose from!

 Best ForBest OverallBest for ProfessionalBest for Budget
Product NameHayabusa Pro Boxing ShoeTitle Boxing Total Balance Boxing ShoeFISTRAGE Leather Kick Boxing Shoes
Our Rating5.04.84.8
More InformationMore InformationMore InformationMore Information

Who Should Get Boxing Shoes?

Boxing shoes need to tick a lot of boxes. Firstly, they need to provide plenty of support to your ankle. In the ring, your feet will be moving in every direction, and your shoe needs to cope with these movements to ensure stability.

They also need to have enough traction on the sole that you don’t slip on the canvas while also being light enough to move around quickly. Due to these features, boxing shoes are vital for anyone that wants to take boxing seriously.

These specialist shoes allow you to perform in the ring but also train with confidence. Regular sneakers aren’t going to have all of these features, and therefore boxing shoes are ideal for those who are stepping into the ring.

Best Boxing Shoes – Product Reviews

1. Best Overall – Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe

Suitable For: Professional boxing

Type: Mid-top

Material: Microfiber leather, mesh panels, and slim rubber

Colors Available: black, blue, red, and white

This pair from Hayabusa has everything you want from a high-quality boxing shoe, which makes them our best overall pick. The build quality is fantastic while allowing you to move around the ring with confidence.

When moving your feet, you don’t want to worry about any slips or trips. These pro shoes have a custom outsole that allows you to punch into your attacks from a highly stable base. You’ll feel anchored to the canvas when you need to throw with power.

However, if you need to get out of trouble, the lightweight nature of these shoes allows you to be quick on your feet. It means they have that impressive mix of durability and stability. Added to that, they look great too with four distinct color options.

I was impressed with how they felt light while still providing plenty of ankle support. These mid-top boxing shoes will be comfortable for long training sessions and are suitable to be used in fights at any level. For those who want the best quality boxing shoes, look no further.

2. Best for Beginners – Adidas Unisex-Adult Hog 3 Boxing Shoe

Suitable For: Beginners and practice

Type: Mid-cut

Material: EVA and breathable mesh

Colors Available: Seven multi-colored options

If you’re getting into the sport, then you’ll want a high-quality shoe that can grow with your ability. For those reasons, we make the Adidas Hog 3 our best beginner boxing shoe, as they are comfortable and durable, while still being perfect for boxing.

That durability is aided by it having a protective toe cap. I wondered whether or not that would make the shoe uncomfortable, but it didn’t. These should have an excellent fit without having any pinch points, making them ideal for long sessions.

They can provide that comfort while only having a thin midsole. That thinness not only helps to keep the shoe light, but allows you to stay close to the canvas. It allows your footwork to be sharp and responsive to the challenges of your opponent.

Breathability is another impressive feature. You’re not going to sweat too much or feel like your overheating whenever you’re wearing them. For those that like to move around the ring, they’ll appreciate how light and airy these are.

3. Best for Professional – Title Boxing Total Balance Boxing Shoe

Suitable For: Fights and sparring

Type: Mid-top

Material: Lightweight mesh and rubber sole

Colors Available: Black, grey, white, and black

The Hayabusa Pro shoes may have got out best overall pick, but that title could have easily gone to the Title Total Balance boxing shoe. These shoes claim our title of best boxing shoes for professionals due to their in-ring performance.

Title is a boxing brand name you can respect, and they don’t disappoint here. The materials used here are lightweight while also being extremely durable. You can dance around the ring as much as you want without ever needing to worry about your shoes letting you down.

There is a wave pattern on the soles which ensures a good level of grip at all times. Even if there is a little blood or sweat on the canvas, these boxing shoes are going to cope.

I loved how light they felt while still giving you confidence in your footwork. It’s obvious why these get our pick as the best professional boxing shoes.

Style is impressive too. These shoes look great and are sure to make a statement in the ring. They have an all-black design that looks mean and imposing, but they also have a range of multi-colored designs that may be more suited to your tastes.

4. Best for Ankle Support – Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Suitable For: Those with ankle issues

Type: High-top

Material: Open weave mesh, microfiber, and suede

Colors Available: red, blue, and black

For those needing a high level of ankle support, you can’t get better than these shoes from Everlast. Their high-top design means your ankle is always going to be well supported and protect you from any potential injury.

Another feature of these boxing shoes is just how stylish they are. They look fantastic in either their red, blue, or black design. If you want to look great in the ring, then it’s another good reason to buy these from Everlast.

Everlast is known for its high-quality boxing equipment, and these shoes are no different. While being highly durable with a solid construction, they also remain lightweight. Keeping weight down is something plenty of high-tops struggle with.

They work equally well in a boxing gym or the canvas, allowing you to train and fight with confidence. I loved how they can give you the secure feel of a high top but without feeling restrictive in any way.

5. Best for Budget – FISTRAGE Leather Kick Boxing Shoes

Suitable For: Boxing novices

Type: Both low and high top

Material: Leather, mesh, and rubber sole

Colors Available: Black

Are you starting out in the world of boxing and want a good pair of boxing shoes at an affordable price? If so, these Fistrage shoes are ideal. They are also available in both low and high-top designs, allowing you to choose ones that fit your style.

Even though these shoes are on the lower end of the budget spectrum, it doesn’t feel like that when you’re wearing them. They have a comfortable feel while still feeling as though they have good stability.

Along with those on a budget, these shoes are ideal for those who suffer from sweaty feet that overheat quickly. The mesh uppers give an immense level of ventilation, so your shoes won’t be soaking wet after a long training session.

Another feature I enjoyed was the combination of a lace-up design along with a velcro strap. It allows your foot to be locked into the shoe. This means your footwork can remain sharp, which is aided by the gum rubber sole.

Overall, these Fistrage boxing shoes offer up an impressive mix of benefits. Whether you get the low or high-top version, you won’t regret it. They serve as a perfect introduction to the world of boxing shoes, making them both the best cheap boxing shoes and the best boxing shoes under 100.

6. Best Lightweight – Title Charged Boxing Shoes

Suitable For: Fast footwork

Type: Mid-top

Material: Synthetic leather and triple nylon weave

Colors Available: Black, blue, gold, red, silver, and white

Title is a brand name you can trust, and these are the shoes for you if you’re looking for a low weight while still having impressive quality. For those fighters whose footwork is an important part of their skill set, you need shoes like this.

They come in a wide range of sizes and colors to ensure you can get the perfect shoe to match your style. The design isn’t the most eye-catching out there, but everything else about this shoe is premium quality.

A part of that quality comes from the mix of materials. They have patent leather detailing while also using mesh to keep the shoe light and breathable. Added to that is the rubber sole that will give you plenty of grip from the canvas.

It’s difficult for boxing shoes to give you both stability and low weight. That’s because more materials are required to give the ankle more support. However, these boxing shoes from Title manage to tick both of those boxes.

I found them very comfortable to wear, and they aid in rapid footwork. Their design makes them great for use in the boxing gym, but they are also good enough to wear in fights too. They’ll ensure you can focus on your opponent while giving you great stability and performance.

7. Best for Boxing Training – Adidas Men’s Mat Hog 2.0 Sneaker

Suitable For: Boxing training

Type: Mid-top

Material: Suede, mesh, and rubber sole

Colors Available: Black, and red.

Do you want to have a great pair of sneakers that you can use for boxing training? If so, we’d recommend these Mat Hog 2.0s from Adidas. They allow you to train at 100% with impressive durability for long-term wear, making them the best boxing training shoes.

I’ve always found that it’s best to have separate shoes for training and fights. The reason is that I want to keep my fighting shoes fresh while my training shoes can take the daily abuse. Having dedicated fighting shoes also puts you in a great mindset for stepping into the ring.

But that’s why I loved these boxing sneakers. I felt they would give me many hours of intense training while remaining breathable and comfortable. They are marketed as wrestling shoes, but they work perfectly well for boxing as both sports have very similar requirements when it comes to footwork.

With Adidas, you know you’ll always get the added benefit of them looking great too. The mix of suede and those famous three stripes look fantastic. I also love the look of a shoe that has both laces and a strap, as it gives it that professional look along with additional support.

These are especially good for those boxers with a bouncy footwork style where your weight is mostly on the balls of your feet. They offer brilliant flexibility while still giving you stability. It’s a great mix of features that help to make this an impressive shoe.

8. Best for Kids – Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

Suitable For: Kids who are serious about boxing

Type: Low-top

Material: Patent leather, nylon mesh, and rubber sole

Colors Available: Black, red, and white

For those with big kids that are starting to get serious about boxing, these shoes would be a good idea. Not only do they look great, but they also have all the features you’d look for in premium quality boxing shoes.

While style shouldn’t be the first thing you look for in a boxing shoe, it’s always nice to be able to show off your boxing gear. I was impressed with all of the colorways available, but the white shoes here particularly look fantastic.

But there are plenty of other reasons to love these shoes aside from their aesthetic. They allow a great range of movement which is aided by their low-top ankle, which is still able to give a good level of support.

As with many of the shoes on this list, they incorporate breathable nylon into their upper which helps to release the heat from your feet, and keep sweating down to a minimum. It also provides a great contrast to the shiny patent leather.

Another impressive feature is the rubber sole. It features a unique pattern that can prevent slipping from a multitude of different angles. Whether moving forward, backward or to the side, your child can move around the ring with confidence.

9. Best Low Top – Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes

Suitable For: Dynamic footwork

Type: Low-top

Material: Mesh, suede, and rubber sole

Colors Available: Black/gold, black/red, grey/red, and black

While high-tops do offer a lot of support and stability, many believe that they can be limiting of their footwork. That is why a lot of boxers prefer low-tops, and if that sounds like you, then choosing these Everlast shoes would be a wise decision.

With all that being said, I was impressed by the stability of these shoes. I think that is due to the increased level of padding you get around the ankle. They aren’t going to provide as much support as high tops, but it’s not far off.

One thing you’ll love about these low-top/cut boxing shoes is how locked in you feel. There are no pinch points but no sliding around either. It means you get the perfect level of tightness to not only dance around the ring but also plant your feet for those power shots.

You can also do both of those things because of the immense grip these shoes give, even if there is blood and sweat on the canvas. This is thanks to their partnership with Michelin, whose technology you’ll find in the sole.

There is no doubt that these are fantastic boxing shoes. If you don’t want a separate pair for training and fights, then these are for you. They perform equally well in the gym as they do in the ring for exceptional all-around performance.

10. Best High Top – Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Suitable For: Maximum in-ring foot support

Type: High-top

Material: Patent leather, mesh, and rubber sole

Colors Available: Black, and white

We switch from the best low tops to the best high tops. These are especially good for those in the higher weight classes or anyone who needs maximum foot support. Added to that support is the bonus of them looking amazing.

There is no doubt that these boxing shoes are of professional quality. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of pro boxing or it’s your aim to get there, these shoes are going to help you on your journey. Their quality is very impressive, making them the best high-top boxing shoes.

What I loved about these is simply how great they feel when laced up. You feel ready for action with professional high-performance footwear on your feet. They can cope with all motion ranges in the ring to give you high traction at all times.

Sometimes high-performance shoes struggle to give you the highest levels of comfort, but I didn’t find that here. Whether it’s a two-hour grueling sparring session or a 12-round fight, these boxing shoes are going to cope with whatever you throw at them.

That isn’t just due to durability and comfort, but also their breathability too. They help you to keep sweat levels down and your temperature under control. Overall, these are the best boxing boots, and are well worth the price tag.

11. Best Unisex Boxing Shoe – Adidas Unisex-Adult Hog 4 Boxing Shoe

Suitable For: Multi-purpose training and fighting

Type: High-top

Material: Rubber, and mesh

Colors Available: Eight multi-color options

Whether you’re a man or a woman, these unisex shoes give you all the features you want from a boxing shoe. If you’re also the type to struggle getting the right size, the incredible 85 sizing options here are going to give you exactly what you need.

Added to the huge range of sizes, there are also eight different color options available with these boxing shoes for men or women. As you’d expect from Adidas, they all look great. For those who want to look good while you’re fighting, you can never go wrong with Adidas shoes.

Of all the shoes we’ve looked at here, these perhaps offer the highest levels of foot support. That’s because they have an internal support cage that ensures your feet remain in a healthy position at all times. If you have a history of ankle injuries, then it makes a lot of sense to get these boxing shoes.

The most impressive aspect of these shoes is that they have that cage, but it’s surrounded by a meh fabric. It means you get that unbelievable level of stability while still managing to have a lightweight shoe what is lightweight.

It almost feels odd when you put them on, but in a good way. Often you have to sacrifice weight for stability, but not here. Pivoting around the canvas or heavy bag and the shoes offer plenty of comforts too. You can’t go wrong buying these. 

12. Best High Grip Boxing Shoe – Venum Unisex-Adult Elite Boxing Shoes

Suitable For: Pro fights

Type: Mid-top

Material: Patent leather, faux leather, mesh, and rubber

Colors Available: Nine options

So you often find yourself struggling with grip on the canvas? This can be especially difficult if you’re someone that is light on your feet or sweat a lot. Thankfully these shoes from Venum offer an unbeatable level of traction.

Added to the high-grip outsole is a bonded insole that will prevent any slipping inside the shoe. These two features add up to a shoe that allows you to move confidently in any direction, be light on your feet, and step into your punches with confidence.

It’s also worth mentioning how good these shoes look. I know style is subjective, but I think Venum makes the best-looking boxing equipment in the world. Everything they make has their trademark aggressive and beautiful styling. The nine color options here also allow you to add that personal touch to these attractive shoes.

Of course, the style wasn’t the only thing I was impressed by. They are highly comfortable, and you know that they’ll easily see you through long sessions without any foot pain. In tandem with that comfort is the durability. This shoe can easily withstand the stresses and strains of boxing.

Their traction, along with the high lateral ankle support, makes these perfect for quick footwork. They are one of the most expensive options on this list, so are they worth it? I’d say so, as not only is their performance exception, but they are also built to last.

13. Best Womens Boxing Shoe – Adidas Unisex-Adult Speedex 18 Boxing Shoe

Suitable For: Female boxers

Type: Mid-top

Material: Mesh, and rubber sole

Colors Available: 11 multi-colored options

With their unisex design and wide range of size options, these boxing shoes are great for both men and women. You can get the perfect fit to give you full confidence for when it comes to stepping into the ring.

These shoes have been built with agility in mind, allowing you to throw a combination and slip away from shots with ease. Of course, this is helped by their low weight, which comes in at just over 11 ounces.

As we’ve already seen from other Adidas shoes on this list, the style here is brilliant. There are 11 multi-colored options to look from, allowing your personality to shine in the ring. Along with that are a huge array of size options.

One area where many boxing shoes aren’t great. Many of them have thin insoles which don’t provide much shock absorption. I loved these shoes as they are a lot different with an impressive midsole which helps those who need that shock protection.

As you can expect from Adidas, durability is high here, and you can expect these shoes to last for a long time. That makes them ideal for those who want a shoe for training, sparring, and fights combined.

14. Best Multi-Sport Shoe – Otomix Men’s Warrior Shoes

Suitable For: Those who enjoy multiple sports

Type: Mid-top

Material: Suede, and rubber sole

Colors Available: Black, grey, white, and red

Do you love other martial arts besides boxing? Whether it’s wrestling or weightlifting, or even practice for sports such as kickboxing and MMA, these shoes are great. They perform well whilst giving you plenty of durability.

They are also great for those that find most boxing shoes to be a little restrictive. Their wider toe box gives you a little more space to work with. Added to that is plenty of padding, which all adds up to a shoe that gives you exceptional comfort.

While I liked these shoes, they aren’t ones I’d recommend for your boxing bouts, as I’d recommend specialist boxing shoes for that. Instead, these are ideal for boxing training and can also be used for sparring.

One area they shine is with their traction, which is why they are also good wrestling shoes. If you’re a fighter that really likes to plant their shots, you’ll feel nicely stuck to the ground with these excellent shoes.

Breathability isn’t the best due to their lack of mesh but aside from that, there was a lot to love about these shoes. They are comfortable to wear, look good, and are going to stand up to a lot of punishment. All this makes them the best boxing shoes for MMA / Muay Thai, as well as many other sports.

Best Boxing Shoes – Buying Guide

It can be hard to figure out which boxing shoe you should get. If you’re feeling a little confused, then this buying guide should help you out!

Top 10 Best Boxing Shoes Brands

Trying to pick the best boxing shoe brands is difficult as there are so many great manufacturers out there.

The classic brands of Everlast, Title, Hayabusa, and Ringside all make excellent shoes with boxers in mind. They mix excellent agility with impressive foot support. You can’t go wrong with any of these brands.

There are also slightly lesser-known brands such as Fistrage, Venum, and Otomix who impress in the boxing shoe market. Nike and Rival also make great boxing shoes but didn’t make it in our recommendations above.

But our number one pick would have to be Adidas. Not only do their shoes tick all the right boxes, but there is an excellent range too. Whatever style, support, or type you need, they’ll have a brilliant pair of boxing shoes for you.

  1. Adidas
  2. Everlast
  3. Title
  4. Hayabusa
  5. Fistrage
  6. Ringside
  7. Otomix
  8. Venum
  9. Nike
  10. Rival

Different Types of Boxing Shoes

Not all boxing shoes are built the same, and it’s important to know which type is going to be most suitable for your boxing activity.

All boxing shoes need to provide a range of similar features. They need to provide enough support to your feet while also allowing for a wide range of movement on the canvas. Added to this, they also need to be breathable and have a high level of traction.

Due to this, there aren’t really different types of shoes and specific design features to look out for, except for how much support they give the ankle. We’ll go into a little more detail about the difference between low, mid, and high tops a little later.

Training Boxing Shoes vs. Competing Boxing Shoes

For those planning to compete, you want to have high-quality footwear, but what makes competition shoes better than training shoes?

Usually, you want competition shoes to have the best range of features. For example, you want them to provide plenty of support while also being low in weight. You’ll also want them to be breathable and allow for quick footwork. Added to this, you want quality construction with impressive durability.

Getting all these features into one shoe comes at a price. Professional-quality boxing shoes can be expensive, which is why many fighters don’t want to use them for training, as otherwise, they will wear out quickly.

Therefore, it can be a little idea to get a cheaper and simpler shoe for your training. Getting two pairs of shoes may be more expensive in the short term, but saving your boxing shoes for fights is a good idea.

Low Top Vs. Mid Top Vs. High Top

One of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself regarding boxing shoes is how high you want them to sit on your ankle.

This is a fairly straightforward question of what do you value more, stability or agility? The answer to this question not only comes down to your style preference but also your body type and injury history.

For example, I’m fairly tall and have a history of ankle problems. Due to this, rapid lateral sidesteps aren’t really my thing, and I want to have extra protection for my ankles. For these reasons, I prefer to wear high tops.

On the other end of the scale, you may be a featherweight who has no ankle issues. If so, you’ll most likely want the lightness and flexibility you get from a low-top. These allow for more agility and lateral movement.

Of course, there is a middle ground, which is where most boxing shoes sit. If you want a decent level of ankle support but for them to be still quite flexible, then mid-tops are the way to go.

What To Look for When Buying Boxing Shoes

There are several features of boxing shoes that are important for you to consider.

Type – As we looked at above. It’s important to first decide whether you want low, mid, or high tops. High tops offer you more stability but aren’t as flexible as low tops.

Traction – Most boxing shoes will have a rubber sole with lightly cut grooves into them. This allows you to move around the ring with confidence and push off your feet when you need to throw power punches.

Weight – The importance of weight can depend on your fighting style and weight class. For example, for heavyweights who need ankle support, the weight of the shoe isn’t that important. For lightweights that rely on quick footwork, it’ll be a more important feature.

Breathability – Most boxing shoes are made in part from a mesh material. This ensures a high level of airflow which allows heat to be released from the shoe and colder air to come in. This helps not only prevent sweating but also keeps you from overheating.

Style – While not the most important feature of a boxing shoe, everyone wants to look good while they’re in the ring. If you find two shoes that have all the features that you want, then you may as well choose the ones that most suit your style.

Brand – Big brands get their name for a reason, and usually because they are known for making high-quality shoes. That being said, it’s always a good idea to check out the product review. This can give you peace of mind that you’re getting a high-quality product. 

Best Boxing Shoes – FAQs

What is the price range of boxing shoes?

As with most products, the price range of boxing shoes can be quite vast. If you’re just getting into the sport and fighting isn’t quite on your radar just yet, then you can still get a good quality boxing shoe for around $40 to $50.

For those who want to venture into the world of professional boxing, you’ll need to spend at least double that. Great boxing shoes are priced around $150, but you can still find some pro-quality shoes at around $100.

Can I use running shoes for boxing?

Yes, you can wear running shoes for boxing. While that’s the short answer, the longer answer is that you probably shouldn’t. Boxing shoes are designed to be worn on a canvas, have lateral ankle protection, and provide comfort for boxing-specific movements.

If you’re heading to your first-ever boxing training session, then don’t worry about wearing running shoes. However, as you progress, you’ll soon want to have the proper footwear.

How heavy should a boxing shoe be?

There is no weight that a boxing shoe should be. Part of the reason for that is because there are features you may need that weigh more. For example, if you want a high-top boxing shoe that has additional ankle support, then this will almost certainly weigh more than a low-top boxing shoe with no support.

What shoes do professional boxers wear?

Professional boxers wear a wide variety of shoes. Some prefer to wear large boxing boots, whereas others want lightweight low tops. It’s important to wear whatever will give you the most confidence in the ring. A good example is this fight between Tony Bellew vs David Haye, with Haye wearing low tops and Bellew wearing high tops.

Can I use boxing shoes for other martial arts?

You can use them for practice, but it’s worth noting that most martial arts require you to be barefoot, as they include kicking. Wrestling requires specific footwear, but for wrestling training and sparring, boxing shoes can be used. However, for competition, you’ll want to have specialist footwear.

Final Verdict

If you want to take your boxing performance to the next level, then you’ll need to have a great pair of shoes. Not only will they aid in your performance, but having professional-quality shoes on your feet with also give you plenty of confidence.

The competition was fierce, but the Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe got our spot as the top pick. I was very impressed with the foot stability, even though they are lightweight and breathable. Added to this, they are a little cheaper than many other pro boxing shoes.

While we loved the Hayabusa’s, we’d recommend any of the other 13 shoes on our list as they all had a great range of qualities. All you need to do now is pick the best boxing shoes for you and elevate your game to the next level.

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