10 Best Boxing Robes in 2023

best boxing robes

The boxing robe has long been a common fixture in boxing. Originally used to keep fighters warm, boxing robes have since become a fashion piece. They allow you to show your personality and feel fight-ready before your bout.

Trust me when I say that you feel great walking to the ring wearing an amazing robe. In my experience, I’ve found that a high-quality robe will not only keep your muscles warm but also give you confidence. That’s why I wanted to find the best robes out there today.

Whether you’re an amateur doing a charity bout, a great boxer on their way to being pro, or just someone looking for a fun costume, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 best boxing robes available right now. Let’s get started!

Top Picks

We loved all 10 boxing robes that we looked at on this list, but we thought three stood out above the rest. Let’s see what they were.

 Best OverallBest BudgetBest Comfortable
Product NameCLETO REYES Satin Boxing Robe with HoodCostume Agent Boxing Robe with HoodW WESING Boxing Robe with Hood
Our Rating5.04.84.7
More InformationMore InformationMore Information

Who Should Get a Boxing Robe?

A good-quality boxing robe will provide warmth and protection while ring walking and prepping before your fight. The boxers gown has become a huge part of how a fighter will present themselves before a bout.

Besides their main purpose, they can also be used to show team or personal identity during competition and to present a professional look during contests. They can also be a bit of fun for those looking for a great fancy dress costume!

When purchasing a boxing robe, it is important to consider color options, size, material quality, and full-length or 3/4 variations. Buying from a reputable brand is always advisable for such an essential part of any fighter’s wardrobe.

Boxing Robes Buying Guide

Before buying a boxer robe, it’s important to know what you should be looking for. Our buying guide should hopefully answer all the questions you have.

What is a Boxing Robe?

The boxing robe is an iconic piece of sporting apparel, often seen as part of a boxer’s attire when entering the ring. Rising to fame in the United States in the 1920s, this full-length garment was designed for protection and modesty and has since become an essential part of professional boxing culture.

This unique item has been donned by some of the most illustrious world champions throughout history and can still be seen in high-profile fights today. It serves the dual purpose of keeping the fighter’s muscles warm while also allowing them to show off their style and personality.

5 Best Boxing Robe Brands

There are many great makers of boxing robes, but it’s hard to look past Cleto Reyes as the best out there. They have a phenomenal selection, but W Westing and Title aren’t too far behind. For those looking for costume robes, it’s hard to look past Amnpolen or Costume Agent for brilliant boxing robes.

  • Cleto Reyes
  • W Wesing
  • Title
  • Amnpolen
  • Costume Agent

What to Look For Before Buying a Boxing Robe

Here are all the features you need to consider before buying a boxing robe.

Functionality – Do you want your boxing outfit for a costume, or are you planning on going pro? If it’s the latter, then you need to look for a high-quality robe that will help to keep you warm before fights as well as suiting your style.

Cost – These boxing robes can have quite different price ranges. Those looking for something they’ll only wear once or twice may want to buy something cheaper. If this is going to be your robe for a while, then it’s worth spending that little extra.

Warmth – We mentioned it before, but one of the key roles of a boxing robe is to keep you warm. If you know you’ll be fighting in cold venues or know that you’re prone to injury if your muscles aren’t warm, then get a robe that will give you some insulation.

Style – There is no doubt that style is an important part of why fighters wear boxing robes. Think of the personality that you want to present. Do you want to be colorful? Represent your country’s colors? Or want something dark and menacing? Whatever the answer, get a boxing robe to match.

Size – These are robes, so they are meant to be quite big and loose. You also need to consider that they should fit over your gloves. If you’re not sure about sizes, then it’s probably wise to opt for something a little bigger.

Accessories – This only really applies to those looking for a costume. If you want a boxing robe for a little bit of fun, then look at what accessories come with them. Many come with matching shorts, but others can even come with pretend boxing gloves.

Best Boxing Robe Reviews

1. Best Overall – CLETO REYES Satin Boxing Robe with Hood

Suitable for: Training and competitions

Material: 100% Polyester Satin Fabric

Size Options: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Color Options: Black/Gold

Cleto Reyes is a well-known brand in the boxing industry, and their products are generally well-regarded. So if you are considering purchasing a boxing robe with hood, you will not be disappointed here, and we’ve made it our best overall pick.

It is a premium item of boxing apparel designed for both training and competition. The robe is made from satin, which is smooth and durable, and features a hood for added warmth and protection.

The champion boxing robe is designed to be lightweight and comfortable and is often used by boxers to keep warm before a fight or during training sessions.

To ensure that it will be comfortable to wear, the full length boxing robe comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large.

The sleeve and side panels of the robe, which are gold in color and have a satin texture, give the robe a distinctive appearance. This ticks all the right boxes in what makes a great boxing robe and is highly recommended.

2. Best Durable – Title Boxing Pro Full Length Boxing Robe

Suitable for: Durability

Material: High-Quality Satin

Size Options: X-Large

Color Options: Gold/Black, Royal/White

For those looking for a durable robe that will last for many years, this is for you. This robe will allow you to get into fighting shape mentally and physically before entering the ring, and be ready to put on a show befitting a world champion.

This robe is designed to fall just below the knee and has three-quarter length sleeves to keep you warm while still allowing you to move freely.

It doesn’t itch, it doesn’t stick to your skin, and it doesn’t get in the way while you’re showing off your skills. The material is made of high-quality satin, making the fabric very durable. You won’t be looking for a replacement robe any time soon if you are wearing a Title Boxing Pro robe.

It is available in a few sizes, primarily x-large, and only in two colors. Both designs are purposefully striking to draw attention and make a bold statement to your opponent.

3. Best for Rocky Fans – Rocky Balboa Movie Italian Stallion Boxing Robe

Suitable for: Rocky Fans

Material: 100% Polysatin

Size Options: One size fits all

Color Options: Black

Have you ever wanted to be a boxer after seeing Sylvester Stallone in Rocky? If so, this robe is the one to buy. If you can’t live the part, you can dream of it. This robe has the words “Rocky” printed with the figure of the Italian Stallion inside the “O,” with the arms raised in a victory pose.

It truly is a fan favorite because it is available in all sizes. The black boxing robe will gracefully fall below your knees whether you are a child, a petite woman, or a man. Every Rocky fan will love this robe and appreciate the genius of its design.

The Rocky robe is made of 100% poly satin, which gives it a soft and lightweight feel. The material is not very durable, but it is comfortable and easy to wear. This set also gives you the boxing shorts and robe combo for the full Rocky look.

4. Best Budget – Costume Agent Boxing Robe with Hood

Suitable for: Personalized Costume

Material: 100% Polyester

Size Options: One size fits all

Color Options: Black, American Flag, Red, Blue, and White

For those looking for a cheap boxing robe, Costume Agent has you covered. The attentiveness to the client’s needs is what separates Costume Agent from its rivals in the industry. In addition, Costume Agent lets you add a custom message and even a new design to a boxing robe if you want to make it more personal.

Not only does Costume Agent provide a personalized look and feel, but they also offer an array of size and color options for their boxing robes. So whether you’re looking for a white boxing robe or red boxing robes, you’ll find it here.

The price of the boxing robe is very reasonable, and the company does not compromise on quality, providing robes made of 100% polyester. However, it will not keep the air out, so don’t expect to stay warm when wearing this robe.

Costume Agent is a great place to buy a boxing robe. You can change the look, the quality is good, there are a lot of sizes and colors to choose from, and it’s not too expensive. They are unbeatable for high-quality costume robes at a great price.

5. Best Party Costume – Maxim Party Supplies Adult Men Boxing Costume

Suitable for: Costume parties

Material: Polyester and Satin

Size Options: One size fits all

Color Options: Black/Gold and Red/Yellow

The Maxim Party Supplies robe is a costume designed to look like a pro boxing outfit. It is a three-piece costume and includes a belt, trunks, and a robe. The boxer costume features “Champ” text on the waistband of the shorts, “World Champ” on the back of the robe, and a logo printed on the front.

The boxer hooded robe is made of polyester and satin, which feels great when it’s on. The company is proud of the quality of its boxing robe costume and ensures that they provide excellent products, even if professionals don’t use them.

It is intended to be worn by adults, but because it is a one-size-fits-all item, it can and has been worn by women too, with many satisfied customers. In addition, this boxing robe features pockets, allowing you to carry your personal goods without the risk of losing them.

6. Best Satin Boxing Robe – AMNPOLEN Satin American Flag Boxing Costume Robe Cloak

Suitable for: Costume parties

Material: 100% Satin Silk

Size Options: One size fits all

Color Options: American Flag Print

The Amnpolen American Flag costume is made of satin silk material, so it’s perfect for anyone looking for silk boxing robes. Designed to look like the American flag, the colors stand out and are easy on the eyes. It is suitable for various occasions, especially if there is a party on the 4th of July.

This unique robe is a great choice for anyone looking to show off their patriotism with style. If you are a huge fan of Rocky Balboa, the product will live up to your expectations if you want something a little different from the standard Rocky robe.

There are a few issues, as it can be hard to close, and the belt is prone to slip out. But, despite the minor issues, this is an excellent and stylish way to show off your American pride. The customer ratings are also brilliant, so you know you’ll get a quality product.

7. Best Comfortable – W WESING Boxing Robe with Hood

Suitable for: Competition and cosplay

Material: Nylon Satin

Size Options: Medium, large, x-large, xx-large

Color Options: Red White, Red Yellow, Blue White

The W Wesing Boxing Robe is constructed from a material of superior quality, specifically nylon satin, making it extremely comfortable. In addition, because it is a robe with a relaxed fit, the boxer will have complete freedom of movement while wearing it.

Athletes can maintain their warmth and comfort while maintaining their concentration on the fight at hand. Apart from providing comfort, the colors are easy on the eye, and it is a great fashion statement that will amaze the crowd and make you feel confident.

Although the boxing robe is made of high-quality material, making it extremely long-lasting, it is advised to be washed by hand because washing it in a machine may hasten the process of wear and tear.

8. Best for Man – Dreamgirl Men’s World Champion Costume

Suitable for: Costume

Material: 100% Polyester

Size Options: Medium, Large, X-Large

Color Options: Black and Gold

In terms of men’s boxing robes, it doesn’t get better than this. The Dreamgirl Men’s World Champion Costume has lived up to its name. This costume comes with all of the boxing accessories, which is a rare treat. It typically includes a robe, boxing trunks, gloves, a tie belt, and a world championship belt.

The costume is made of 100% polyester and is intended to be worn for a party. This costume is a perfect way to dress up as a boxer for a night, and the accessories make it even more special, but be aware that the belt and gloves are merely costume props and should not be mistaken for actual boxing equipment.

Not only is the fabric of the 3/4 length boxing robe of great quality, but the color combination of black and gold is also stunning. It is comfortable as well as elegant, and it has the appearance and feel of an athletic garment.

Only dry cleaning or spot cleaning should be done with the costume. It is possible to get three to four years of use out of it if you take care of it.

9. Best for Women – Cleto Reyes Boxing Robes Unisex

Suitable for: Competitions

Material: 100% Polyester

Size Options: Small, medium, large, x-large

Color Options: Mexican Flag, Classic Red/White, Electric Blue/White, White, White with Red and Green Decoration, Black/Gold, Black, Black/White

Cleto Reyes is a brand that produces a range of boxing equipment and apparel, including boxing robes for women. The Cleto Reyes Boxing Robes are designed for both men and women and are made of high-quality materials such as satin or silk.

Since it is a unisex robe, it is a great option for female athletes, as they can purchase robes according to their color and size requirements.

These robes are ideal for a boxer of any ability, from young amateur all the way to experienced pro. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, such as their beautiful red, white and green boxing robe.

The robes are designed to be comfortable and allow the boxer to move freely while wearing them. Additionally, the women’s boxing robe comes in different sizes, and the hood is adjustable to ensure that it fits comfortably.

10. Best for Kids – Costume Agent Cosplay Boxer Cloak for Kids

Suitable for: Kids’ costume

Material: Satin

Size Options: Medium

Color Options: American Flag, Black, Blue, and Red.

Children who love to dress up as their favorite boxers can do so by purchasing this youth boxing robe. It is manufactured to be worn by children during fancy dress events such as Halloween, a school play, a dress-up, or other special occasions. It is designed to resemble a boxer’s cloak and is made from satin.

These boxer capes are typically worn over a child’s clothing and include additional accessories, such as gloves or a belt, to complete the costume. Your child will definitely have a memorable moment showing off his favorite boxer cosplay.

The company also provides personalized boxing robes, such as adding your child’s name and any other additions. Remember that personalized items cannot be exchanged for another or returned after purchase because they are considered final sales.


How much is a boxing robe?

Boxing superstars will most likely pay thousands of dollars for their personalized robes, but thankfully you don’t need to worry about that yet! A costume robe is usually around $25 to $35, but for a professional robe for genuine boxers, you’re probably going to pay double that.

Why do boxers wear robes?

The original purpose of boxing and MMA robes was to keep fighters warm before a fight. Just wearing shorts means your muscles can quickly become cold and inactive. They still serve that purpose, but in modern times, they have also been a symbol of the boxer’s personality and self-expression. We sometimes see style as more important, which is why you’ll sometimes see a sleeveless boxing robe, even though this serves very little practical use.

When to use the boxing robes?

Before a fight, a boxer will get changed, get their hands wrapped, and then warm up. It’s after that warm-up that the boxer should put their robe on. It will then stay on for the walk to the ring and will only come off when you are just about to fight.

How to maintain boxing robes?

Boxing robes can be made from a wide variety of materials, two of the most common being polyester and silk. Both of these materials are quite sensitive to heat, so you should wash them on a gentle machine setting (or hand wash them) and always make sure they are air-dried.

Can I sleep in my boxing robe?

You can do whatever you want in your boxing robe! That being said, they aren’t designed for sleeping, and they’ll quickly start looking worn out if you use them as a boxing bath robe. There are plenty of other robes out there which are specifically designed for bath time and sleeping.

Final Verdict

Boxing robes are a lot of fun but behind their great designs is an important practical use. They will ensure you stay warm and are able to be loose and ready when that opening bell sounds. It’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

Picking the best one is tough, but if I had to choose, it would be the Cleto Reyes Satin Boxing Robe with Hood. It looks great, will allow you to perform at your best, and has that Cleto Reyes name that you can trust.

While you can’t go wrong with a Cleto Reyes robe, you can’t go wrong with any of the robes on this list. All you need to do is choose the one that fits your personality and needs. When you do, you’ll be able to walk to the ring in confidence and style.

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