6 Best Boxing Reflex Balls

best boxing reflex ball

How difficult is it to hit someone with lightning-fast reflexes and excellent body control? The answer is, really hard! Having good reflexes is necessary for a strong boxing defense and the reflex ball is the best training equipment to improve your reflexes.

Unfortunately, finding the best boxing reflex ball can be tough. Thankfully I am here to help. With my years of boxing experience, I know the difference between a great boxing reflex ball and a bad one. 

Here are our recommendations for the best reflex ball you can buy in 2023. Let’s take a look!

Top Picks

 Best OverallBest BudgetBest Package
Our PicksChamps MMA Reflex Boxing BallNDGDV Boxing Reflex BallAmerican Fist Boxing Reflex Ball Set
More InformationMore InformationMore InformationMore Information

Who Should Get a Boxing Reflex Ball?

Reflex balls help you improve your focus, reaction speed, hand-eye coordination, and accuracy. These headband balls are a great starting point for anyone looking to improve the accuracy and speed of their punches. Still, you should keep in mind that reflex balls do not help build power and proper form.

An improvement in focus, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination strengthens a boxer’s defense while also improving the accuracy of their counterpunches. Hence, reflex balls are great for all levels of boxers looking to polish their reflexes. You can find out more ways to improve your hand-eye coordination here.

They are also great as warm-up equipment for boxers before bag drills or spars and since reflex balls are portable, you can carry them with you when you travel.

Buying Guide

If you want to buy reflex balls apart from our top picks, here are some things you should keep in mind before you buy a reflex ball.

What Is a Boxing Reflex Ball?

A boxing reflex ball or a headband punching ball is a headband with a ball attached to an elastic cord. You can also make a DIY reflex ball using a tennis ball like this:

How To Make Your Own Reflex Ball For $3

However, tennis balls are very uncomfortable to punch and you can badly injure your knuckles while punching them.  

The boxing head ball training is a system where you punch a ball and maintain the ball in motion with more strikes.

Because of the elastic cord, the ball rebounds very quickly and becomes faster the more power you put into the punch.

Reflex Ball vs Reflex Bag

Many beginners confuse a reflex ball with a reflex bag because of how similar the two names are. While both kinds of equipment are used by boxers, they are very different.

A reflex ball is a ball tied to a headband or a cap, whereas a reflex bag is similar to a freestanding bag with a target bag at the top of a pole.

Reflex bags are also commonly called cobra bags because they of the springs near the top or bottom of the pole that allows the bag to swing.

Both kinds of equipment are great for training hand-eye coordination, speed, accuracy, and reflexes.

However, reflex balls cost a lot less and are much easier to carry while traveling. On the other hand, reflex bags are expensive and are more suited to gyms.

Facts to Consider When Buying a Reflex Ball

Here are some important factors to consider when deciding the best boxing reflex ball for you.  


Reflex balls are made of either rubber or PVC, depending on the amount of foam used, the ball might become more difficult to hit and keep in motion.

Many reflex ball sellers such as the TEKXYD reflex balls come with multiple balls, each with a different difficulty level.

Before you buy a reflex ball, make sure they have a ball that suits your skill level. Rubber balls generally rebound faster and are more difficult to hit than PVC balls. DIY reflex balls made from tennis balls can be a good option for beginners but using them can hurt your knuckles.


The elastic cord’s elasticity and length can also make it difficult to hit the reflex ball. Ideally, you want the cord to be adjustable to match your requirements.

A longer cord will require you to hit the ball with more power to keep it in the air, whereas a short cord will need you to be faster and more accurate with your strikes.

If your cord has high elasticity, the ball will rebound very quickly. On the other hand, if the elasticity is too low, the ball might not rebound at all.

The strength of the cord also matters since a weak cord might snap if powerful strikes are used.


When training with a reflex ball, the headband must fit you well. The headband has to act as the pivot for the cord and the ball so having a well-secured headband will make training more consistent and easy.

Most headbands come with Velcro straps, making them adjustable for all sizes.

You should also keep in mind the headband’s comfort. Tight headbands can secure the cord better but they are uncomfortable, whereas loose headbands might fly off your head when pulled by the cord. In case you want to make a DIY reflex ball, you can use a baseball cap to tie the cord.  

Hand wraps or gloves

Punching reflex balls with bare hands can bruise your knuckles. It is recommended you at least use hand wraps to protect your hands while training with a reflex ball.

Some reflex balls, such as the Boxerpoint boxing reflex ball, come with hand wraps as part of the package. Kids can use boxing gloves to practice using reflex balls safely.

Best Boxing Reflex Ball Reviews

1. Best Overall – Champs MMA Reflex Boxing Ball

  • Suitable for: Boxing, MMA.
  • Included in the pack: 4x difficulty balls, 1x carrying bag, 1x headband, and 8x replacement strings.
  • Material: Triple layered headband (Nylon, neoprene, microfiber), Rubber/foam balls.

As far as boxing reflex balls go, nothing beats the Champs MMA reflex boxing ball set. This set has something for every skill level. This is the best set by far since it comes with four different difficulty balls (beginner, veteran, boxer, and beast) to match your skill level.

Add to it 8 strings for longevity, a triple-layered headband for optimal comfort, and a carrying bag as a cherry on top.

The Champs MMA set is a complete package for reflex ball training. This makes it a great present for others as well as an excellent set for home or gym use.

The punching ball headband has a Velcro strap, making it adjustable for all sizes. The set does cost more than other models on the list but it offers the best quality.

You can also buy the Champs MMA beginner’s or kids’ reflex ball sets but the main set of four balls is designed with adults in mind. The advanced-level balls are an excellent fit for athletes and fighters.

The only downside for this set would be that it doesn’t come with protective gear like hand wraps or gloves.

2. Best Budget – NDGDV Boxing Reflex Ball

  • Suitable for: MMA, Boxing, Cardio.
  • Included in the pack: 2x difficulty balls, 1x headband, 1x carry bag, and 2x replacement strings.
  • Material: PVC ball for beginners, Red rubber ball for Veterans, Elastic headband.

If you’re someone on a tight budget or if you just want to try out reflex balls before making up your mind, the NDGDV boxing reflex ball set is for you. The NDGDV set is by far the most affordable reflex ball set that still offers variety and extra accessories.

The set comes with two difficulty balls, a PVC reflex ball for beginner difficulty and a red rubber ball for veterans. The set also comes with two replacement strings for the balls and the extra carry bag makes the entire thing very portable.

The NDGDV boxing reflex ball is perfect for those wanting to try out a good quality reflex ball without having to spend too much. The headband’s comfort might not match the other items on the list but it is still excellent beginner equipment.

Keep in mind that this set is not for kids and does not come with any protective gear such as hand wraps or gloves. The equipment is durable enough to last you a while making it well worth the cost.

One downside of this set is the lack of intermediate-level balls, making it unsuitable for mid-level athletes and fighters.

3. Best for Kids – YMX Boxing Ultimate Reflex Ball

  • Suitable for: Boxing for children, Light exercise.
  • Included in the pack: 4x difficulty balls (with cords), and 2x headbands.
  • Material: Faux leather balls, elastic fabric headbands.

YMX boxing reflex balls are made of faux leather which makes their novice balls extremely soft and light on the hands. This makes them excellent for kids and people with unaccustomed fists. 

The set comes with veteran and advanced-level balls with the same degree of softness. This adds to the longevity of this set as your kids can begin to use higher-difficulty balls as their skills develop.

The pack also comes with two headbands, one for adults and one for kids. Both headbands have a Velcro strap, making them very adjustable and allowing you to join in the fun.

The only downside to this set is that the cords can break under stress if used with powerful strikes. As a result, the YMX set isn’t suitable for athletes or adults.

The set does not come with protective gloves or hand wraps since the balls are soft enough to not bruise bare knuckles when used. However, kids might need to use gloves when using more difficult balls for the first time.

4. Best for Family – TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball Family Pack

  • Suitable for: Light workout, recreation.
  • Included in the pack:  2x difficulty balls (with cords), 1x carrying bag, 4x elastic cords, 2x headbands, and 1x how-to booklet.   
  • Material: Foam balls and elastic fabric headbands.

As the name suggests, the TEKXYZ family pack is the best fit for families since it has two novice balls for the children and two higher difficulties (Veteran and beast mode) balls for the adults. The TEKXYZ pack is more suited to families because it has sturdier cords for adult use.

The family pack also includes a carry bag for portability and a replacement elastic cord for each ball. Compared to other reflex ball sets on this list, the TEKXYZ pack is more affordable.

Still, similar to the YMX reflex ball sets, the TEKXYZ set has weak cords that aren’t built for very powerful strikes. Making them unsuitable for athletes and fighters.

The pack does not include hand wraps or gloves but it does come with a how-to manual to get you started. There are two headbands in a set, one for adults and one for kids. Both headbands have Velcro straps for adjustability.

If you only want to have fun with the family using a boxing reflex ball headband, the TEKXYZ family pack is for you.

5. Best for Beginners – Boxerpoint Boxing Reflex Ball Set

  • Suitable for: Beginners, Boxing.
  • Included in the pack: 2x/4x difficulty balls, 1x hand wraps, 1x carry bag, 4x elastic cords, 1x instructions booklet, and 1x headband.
  • Material: Rubber/polyester balls, nylon bag, elastic headband.

Boxerpoint boxing reflex set is the perfect starter pack for anyone looking to get into using reflex balls. With hand wraps, replacement cords, a carry bag, and an instruction manual to boot, this pack has everything a beginner would need.

You can choose between a set of two boxing reaction balls and a set of four balls. The two-ball set has beginner and expert difficulty balls whereas the four-ball set has a ball for every difficulty level.

The only downside of this pack is that it isn’t suitable for athletes or boxers with a strong punch.

Still, if you want to begin your reflex ball training journey, this is the set for you.

6. Best Package – American Fist Boxing Reflex Ball Set

  • Suitable for: Boxing, workout, warm-up, MMA.
  • Included in the pack: 4x difficulty balls, 1x carry bag, 1x headband, 4x lobster locks, 2x hand wraps, 1x user’s manual.
  • Material: Rubber/polyester balls, velvet bag, elastic fabric headband. 

The American fist reflex ball set is by far the best all-in-one package you can buy. It has everything you need including hand wraps for safety, four difficulty balls (newbie, veteran, boxer, and beast mode), a luxurious velvet carry bag, and a non-slip headband.

The set also includes a user manual to help explain all the basics of reflex ball use. The cords are durable and are perfect for use by children, adults, and even athletes.

The pack also comes with lobster locks that you can replace on the headband if the need arises.

The only downside to this set is the lack of replacement cords or a cord replacement tool. Still, as far as the price goes, the American fist reflex ball set gives you the most accessories to go with the balls.

How to Use a Boxing Reflex Ball

Here are some tips to properly use a reflex ball.

  1. Use light jabs in the beginning and focus on developing consistency with one hand before using both hands.
  2. Try to keep the ball below head height.
  3. Adjust the cord length so that the cord has a bit of tension when held at a fully extended arm’s length.
  4. Once you’re able to hit the ball consistently, try to sidestep and dodge the rebounding ball.
  5. Mix up the combination by catching and throwing the ball.
  6. Use easier balls in the beginning and be patient as you develop consistency.
  7. Use lightweight gloves or hand wraps if your hands aren’t conditioned for punching.
  8. As you get more proficient, try to add hooks and uppercuts to the combination to add complexity.
How To Use A Reflex Ball | Beginner-Advanced


How much is a boxing reflex ball?

A boxing reflex ball can be anywhere between $10 and $30 depending on the build quality, brand, extra items included in the package, and more.

However, you can also make a DIY boxing reflex bag for less than $10. In most cases, single-difficulty reflex ball sets cost less than sets with multiple balls.    

How does a boxing reflex ball work?

A boxing reflex ball is attached to the headband with an elastic cord. When you punch the ball, it stretches the cord which causes the ball to rebound back toward you.

The goal is to develop quick reflexes to hit or avoid a fast incoming object while retaining accuracy.

What is the best boxing reflex ball for kids?

Soft reflex balls made from polyester are the best for kids. Many brands, such as YMX, have newbie difficulty balls for kids and beginners. A lighter reflex ball is recommended for children since they can get injured from a heavy reflex ball rebound.

To be on the safe side, children should use hand wraps when using reflex balls.

Is Active Pulse pro boxing reflex ball good for beginners?

Active pulse pro boxing reflex ball comes with only a single difficulty ball, which makes it better suited for intermediate-level users. However, beginners can use it as long as they use hand wraps or have well-developed fists.

Are reflex balls good for boxers?

Yes, reflex balls are great for training reaction times, hand-eye coordination, and accuracy. Some of the greatest boxers today like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have used reflex balls as a part of their training routines.

However, keep in mind that using reflex balls in isolation might ruin your form and lead to bad boxing habits.

Can I use the reaction ball for home training?

Yes, reflex balls are perfect for home training sessions. Using a reflex ball only requires a few meters of space. You can also carry reflex balls with you while traveling and they make for great warm-up equipment.

My Verdict

Reflex balls are perfect for anyone looking to improve their focus, reaction speed, and accuracy. However, you need to pair reflex balls with other boxing drill bags for the best results. Still, the Champs MMA reflex boxing ball set is a great option to pair with your boxing drills.

It might not improve your power but it will enhance your reaction time, while also adding some variety to your training regime. If that isn’t suitable for you, then any of the other five reflex balls would be a great pick. 

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