13 Best Boxing Gloves Reviewed in 2023 [Ultimate Buying Guide]

best boxing gloves

If you are into boxing, either for fun or to start a professional career, you want to buy the best boxing gloves money can get. 

Before buying, you should understand the types of gloves and the differences between them. That’s because gloves are the most vital piece of equipment in boxing.

When I started boxing, I didn’t pay too much attention to the gloves. Instead of focusing on the best boxing gloves, I wanted to learn boxing techniques from the start. The footwork, bobbing and weaving, punches, and counter punches were my priority.

After over a decade of experience, I’ve learned that while learning technique is vital, you also want to train with the best equipment. That’s why we’ve looked at the best gloves in every category.

Whether you want them for fitness, training, or fighting, we’ve found the right gloves for you. Let’s get started!

Top Picks

Before diving into the list of the best boxing gloves available, here are 3 top picks you should consider.

Best OverallBest For BudgetBest For Professionals
Product NameCleto Reyes Lace GlovesTitle Leather Pro-Style Training GlovesWinning Professional Boxing Gloves
Ratings4.8 out of 54.7 out of 54.8 out of 5
More InformationMore informationMore informationMore information

Who Should Get This?

Anyone participating in boxing should have a pair of boxing gloves. These specially designed gloves protect fighters from serious hand and head injuries.

Wearing the best boxing gloves will improve your performance. They will also safeguard you and your opponent from injury. These gloves are fully padded and cushioned to deliver a non-lethal blow. They use high-quality materials and protect the knuckles and wrist.

If you’ve ever punched a bag without gloves on you’ll know the instant regret. Even if it’s just for fitness, a good pair of boxing gloves are required. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Boxing Gloves

You’re on a learning curve, so you might not know what type of glove would best fit your training or fighting style. If that sounds like you, then we’ve put together a guide to give you all the info you need. Here are the factors you’ll want to consider before buying your next pair of gloves. 

Types of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are designed for different purposes. If you find an expensive pair of gloves hanging in a store that doesn’t mean it’s the best boxing gloves for competitions. Don’t let the price fool you.

Boxing gloves are divided into five main categories.

Training Gloves – For the everyday workout, the training gloves will do just fine. They focus on protection and performance and can be used for light sparring, bags, and mitts. Training gloves are recommended for beginners.

Sparring Gloves – It is important to wear sparring gloves during sparring practices with a training partner to avoid injuries. The extra padding on these gloves will absorb high impact, and the wrist will be well-secured and locked in place.

Women Gloves – The majority of gloves are not suitable for women. Some companies have focused on unisex or just for women’s gloves.

The main consideration here is hand size. Technically there is no difference in design between men’s and women’s gloves. The difference is that women generally have smaller hands so “women’s gloves” account for this.

If you’re a man who has particularly small hands, a women’s or unisex glove may provide a better fit. Equally, if you’re a woman with large hands, you can just get boxing gloves for men. 

Bag Gloves – Unlike regular training gloves, these gloves have less padding, as they are designed for speed and to emphasize punching form. They also need excellent durability. If you want to practice combo punches on a heavy bag, you need to buy bag gloves. 

Competition Gloves – They have less padding compared to the other type of gloves, which makes them more vulnerable to damage and impact.

They are also less comfortable but these sacrifices are needed to hurt your opponent. It’s also why there’s no point using expensive competition gloves for sparring and training. There are also rules and regulations around boxing gloves. 

Size and Weight

Should you get 12/14/16 oz sized gloves? It can be hard to know. Boxing gloves weight ranging from 8oz to 20oz. A boxer’s height, weight, and the size of the dominant hand are usually the best guide to finding the proper gloves.

You also need to know what type of gloves you want. Do you want to use it for heavy bag training, sparring, or participating in professional competitions?

Heavy bag training – If your goal is to work on combo or power punches on a heavy bag, wear gloves that weigh a bit more. The reason is that it will require more effort on your part to lift your arm and punch the bag. It will build up your striking speed and strength.

Some may even say to go for lighter gloves. This is so you can improve your speed and feel the impact, to make your hands get used to it when participating in an event. The danger here is that you may damage your hands. 

Sparring – For sparring, go for heavier gloves because they have more padding, hence providing more protection. Heavy gloves of 16oz or greater are mandatory for sparring, where these are especially important.

In sparring, you don’t want that knockout power or to damage your opponent. Sparring is all about practice and technique. 

Competition – The gloves size needed here depends on competition rules. If you want gloves for competition, check the regulations first. 

Professional fighters in lower-weight classes will wear 8oz gloves. Whereas higher-weight amateurs will wear 12oz gloves. Make sure to double-check the size you need before buying. 

13 Best Boxing Gloves

1. Best Overall – Cleto Reyes Lace Gloves

Used for: Training

Key features: Better fist closure, extra long cuff, water-resistant nylon lining, high-quality

Material: Leather

Color: Black, Green, Blue, White, Purple, Red, Silver, Yellow

Type: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA training

These gloves are perfect for almost any boxing activity. While they are advertised as training gloves, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them in the ring. These gloves are not for beginners only as a boxer of any skill level can wear them.

These gloves are costly but a close inspection will show that they are made using high-quality material with lace closure. When you wear them, your hands will feel comfortable and secure.

Practicing on a heavy bag will reveal that the impact is true. The target connects with your fist because your hand is perfectly aligned inside the glove. This minimizes the risk of injuries. The knuckles are also very well protected by the excellent padding used.

The Cleto gloves are available in different sizes. These gloves are produced in Mexico, and the company prides itself on strict quality control.

The Cleto Reyes Lace gloves are durable because of the quality material used in the production process. They provide excellent wrist support and knuckle protection. Two very vital features any fighter should look for in a glove. One drawback is that you would need help to tie the laces.

Due to their versatility, we’d say these were also the best boxing gloves for MMA / Muay Thai.

2. Best for Beginners – RDX Boxing Gloves

Used for: Training and sparring

Key features: Durable, dual stitching, quadro-dome 3 padding

Material: Faux leather

Color: Black, Golden, Red, Pink, White

Type: Training

Are you a beginner? If so, get these gloves. They will give you a great feel for boxing gloves without needing to buy a premium pair. They’ll also offer excellent support to your hands. This is vital for those learning punching techniques.

RDX boxing gloves offer a variety of excellent features, making any boxer drool over them. Here are some of the notable product features that are hard to ignore.

The leather is exceptionally durable, making it resistant to wear and tear. The padding around the knuckles and wrist is of high quality. It makes it safe to throw power punches without fear of sustaining injuries.

There are tiny flows on the palm of the glove, known as ventilated mesh, which make way for the air to flow. Added to this, the RDX gloves have attached thumb support. It improves the focus of the punch with greater accuracy and ease because the support keeps the thumb and fist aligned.

I was amazed that the RDX Boxing Gloves were at such a low price. I could not find any solid reason, but it looks like these gloves are for training and sparring, therefore best for beginners.

3. Best for Budget – Title Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves 3.0

Used for: Training and sparring

Key features: Super tough, durable, shock absorber

Material: Leather

Color: Black/White, Red/White, Hot Pink/White, Blue/White

Type: Training

Want a high-quality pair of gloves but don’t want to break the bank? These gloves are the best cheap boxing gloves. Despite being easy on the wallet, they still offer impressive quality. 

Made using genuine full-grain leather, you can rest assured that the Title Boxing gloves will not need replacing anytime soon. Top-level performance round after round is guaranteed. With the leather covers, you get tough and durable construction.

The fist and back of the hands are covered with high and low-density foams. The wrists are fully secured and provide a complete and comfortable fit thanks to the full wrap wrist strap. You can practice power punches carefree on a heavy bag because the padded foams are a multi-layer shock absorber.

The Title Boxing Pro gloves are a remastered version of the Leather Pro Style Training gloves. If you have trained using the previous masterpiece, you already know purchasing the Title Boxing Pro gloves will be an upgrade.

The multi-layer shock-absorbing foams are brilliant, along with the full-layer wrist straps. These gloves are also designed to keep moisture out, thanks to the satin nylon liner.

The genuine leather tag on the gloves provides a quality look, and wearing the gloves will deliver a quality feel. Continuous training, sparring, and hitting the bag with these gloves will result in minimum to zero wear and tear. The quality and durable construction ensure that the stitching will not give away. You will barely see any discoloration on the gloves. 

4. Best for Wrist Support – Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Used for: Bags/pads, partner drills, and sparring

Key features: Built for comfort, interlocking velcro wrist straps, premium 5-layer foam protection

Material: Vylar engineered leather

Color: 15 stylish options available

Type: Bag

Worried about wrecking your wrists? Hayabusa has got your back. These gloves are expensive but worth it. The price ensures that the company does not compromise on knuckle protection and wrist support. In fact, the company boasts that they have developed the most advanced and protected gloves in the world.

There are three main reasons why the Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves are at the top. The gloves support the wrists, protect the knuckles, and are a perfect fit.

Plenty of gloves focus on wrist and knuckle protection but are nowhere close when compared with the Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves.

The main feature the gloves provide is the 5-layer foam protection. Each of the five paddings plays a vital role in protecting the knuckles from getting hurt. The first and second foams act as crash cushions and absorb the impact energy. The third and fourth padding disperses the impact energy, minimizing any damaging injury to the boxer’s knuckles. The last padding eliminates any force.

The dual wrist straps are the other best feature. They flawlessly lock the wrist in place to provide stability and perfect alignment with each thrown punch. All of this is possible because of the dual-x closure and fusion splinting technology created by Hayabusa.

The panels you see at the top of the gloves are for concealing four splints. These splints are used for keeping the wrist secure, and a bonus feature is protecting the back of the hand when used for blocking incoming strikes.

These gloves are made of Vylar Engineered Leather which the company made itself. In their research, the company discovered that Vylar leather is better than genuine leather in terms of performance.

Do you sweat a lot during training? No problem! The gloves’ microfiber thumb has got your back. Wipe away the sweat from your brow using the microfiber suede-covered thumb. It is a unique feature, and there is no doubt it will be valuable during a tough training session. 

5. Best Lightweight Gloves – Jayefo R-6 Boxing Gloves

Used for: Bags/pads, partner drills, and sparring

Key features: Thumb lock, cool mesh palm

Material: Leather

Color: Black, Red

Type: Sparring

For those that struggle with heavy gloves, you’ll feel great in these. They are available in 12, 14 and 16oz sizes. When strapped on, they’ll feel even lighter than that due to their build quality. 

The Jayefo R-6 Boxing Gloves are not limited to boxing but can be worn for any fighting style. These gloves provide excellent wrist, knuckle, and thumb lock protection despite their light feel. The thumb lock design is to protect your thumb from injury.

When sparring or working out with punching bags, these gloves provide the necessary padding to protect your hands. The leather is durable, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.

A secure wrist is essential when throwing punches. The Jayefo R-6 Boxing Gloves have a dual wrist strap, preventing common injuries that happen with incorrect technique. 

The cool mesh palm is another splendid feature that prevents sweaty and smelly gloves at the end of an intense training session. Ventilation is crucial, and the cool mesh palm allows your hand to breathe. You can wear them for hours without worrying about how to clean the inside of your boxing gloves.

6. Best for Training – Adidas Boxing Gloves – Hybrid 80

Used for: Bags/pads, partner drills, and sparring

Key features: Great shock-absorption, long-lasting, and durable exterior, strong wrist support

Material: Polyurethane

Color: Black, Red

Type: Training

For an all-around great pair of boxing gloves, Adidas have delivered. Adidas is a well-known brand, and their boxing gloves are of top quality. The gloves are used by beginners and professionals in various training sessions. The Adidas Hybrid 80 Boxing Gloves are great for hitting the bag, light sparring, or any type of cardio workout.

The foam construction is of good quality. The padding is an excellent shock absorber and protects the knuckles from severe damage. The wrist also has good support and padding, all thanks to the one-piece mold feature.

Both of these elements combined will protect your hands during a sparring session or when practicing power punches on a heavy bag. The perfect fit and alignment increase the speed of the punches thrown.

The Adidas Hybrid 80 Boxing Gloves are also easy to maintain. The leather is durable, so you don’t have to worry about discoloration or wear and tear.

Another feature, AeroReady, makes sure that your hands don’t remain sweaty. This helps during your entire training session, which could last for hours. It provides ventilation, and the moisture fabric gets rid of the sweat.

7. Best for Heavy Bag – Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Training

Used for: Bags/pads and sparring

Key features: Durable, easy to clean, mesh palm

Material: Vinyl

Color: Black, Red

Type: Sparring

Need a pair of gloves to cope with your powerful shots into a heavy bag? These gloves won’t let you down. They’ll cope with the powerful friction and compression forces of the heavy bag.

The Ringside Apex Flash Boxing gloves are worn by notable fighters who participate in boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. Many boxers opt for these gloves because they are suitable for all levels.

If we talk about the features, the Ringside Apex Flash Boxing gloves became famous because of the 2 1/4 inches Injected Molded Foam (IMF). They are different from the traditional padded foams because they do not include any layers.

The layers of foam, no matter how many of them are used, have to be molded in place. Instead, the IMF tech used in these gloves is a gel-type foam substance injected inside the glove, keeping it nice and solid. So, this is a one-piece injected foam, which is soft and durable.

A hook and loop closure makes the punching bag gloves convenient to wear and provides good support. The gloves are made from durable synthetic leather for easy cleaning.

The inner lining is of mesh palm and anti-microbial. These keep the hand cool, and the added vent near the thumb ensures that the gloves don’t smell after long hours of use.

Apart from knuckle and wrist protection, the attached thumb is another safety feature. It makes sure that the thumb does not cross the knuckles while punching. The IMF tech makes it an excellent choice for sparring and practicing power punches on a heavy bag.

8. Best Professional Gloves – Winning Professional Boxing Gloves

Used for: Sparring, competition

Key features: Durable, long-lasting, excellent protection

Material: Leather

Color: Blue

Type: Competition

These are the best gloves on this list for competition and the best quality boxing gloves on this list. Winning Professional Boxing Gloves have made it to the list of the top gloves used by professional boxers.

Why? Well, first of all, Winning is a Japanese brand, and we all know the quality of a product if manufactured in Japan. So there is no doubt that the company will deliver 100% quality.

The gloves are made for competition. Boxers of all weight classes and levels can wear these gloves when stepping into the ring.

The Winning gloves padding have earned the nickname “pillows”. This shows how soft, comfortable, and protected the hands are. Your hands can move freely and at the same time, land a solid punch. While they may be soft for you, they won’t feel that way for your opponent!

Winning uses high-quality foam for its padding. It is dense, durable, superb shock absorption, reducing the chances of injuries.

Winning Professional Boxing Gloves are an all-rounder. You can use it for anything, sparring, heavy bags, mitts, boxing bouts, etc. There is no limitation.

Winning Professional Boxing Gloves also provide excellent wrist support. If you have weak wrists or are recovering from an injury, wearing these gloves is the right choice.

Overall, these are the best professional boxing gloves. They have received an excellent grade in every aspect such as padding, protection, and comfort.

9. Best for Sparring – Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves

Used for: Training or sparring

Key features: Durable, gel-infused padding, powerful hook, and loop closure system

Material: Faux leather

Color: Black, Black/Pink, Black/Red, Black/Copper, Black/Green, Black/Metallic Blue, Black/Metallic Silver, Black/Orange, Black/

Type: Bag

If you want a solid glove for sparring, these are ideal. The Sanabul Essential Gloves put style and functionality on the table. For sparring, they ensure that you are comfortable and confident. They also ensure your opponent won’t be subject to badly padded gloves or cuts from cracks/rips.

They are considered one of the industry-leading manufacturers of top-rated gloves in the sports market. These gloves have been tested and recommended by pros of different fighting styles.

These gloves are built to last. Faux leather is used which is of good quality, so you can rest assured that the gloves will last for a long time. The stitching is excellent, and the fit is great.

The boxing sparring gloves are injected with gel padding. This is a single solid foam capable of stopping the impact and protecting the knuckles.

Also, the mesh palm feature prevents sweat and odor from building up, keeping your hands cool after a hard day of training.

Wrists are fully protected when boxing with the Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves. The velcro straps are tight and adjustable. There is no need to hold back on your power punches.

Finally, no glove is complete without the proper look, feel, and style. The Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves are available in different beautiful colors, with black being the base color. The exterior leather makes it easy to clean and maintains that brand-new look.

10. Best for Small Hands – Ruckus Female Boxing Gloves

Used for: Training or sparring

Key features: Designed for women, flyweight foam padding

Material: Faux leather

Color: Classic Blue, Classic Gold, Classic Pink

Type: Training

If you are a boxer with small hands, tired of trying different gloves to find the perfect fit, look no further. The Ruckus Boxing Gloves are engineered for those who struggle with larger gloves. They are marketed towards women but are ideal for anyone with a smaller fist.

The gloves provide essential features along with some updates. Let’s see what makes the Ruckus Female Boxing Gloves unique. It’s designed for women. It fits perfectly, it isn’t large or puffy, and there is no need to pull the straps hard to secure the wrists.

It has advanced and improved padding designed to protect the knuckles and increase the speed of the punch thrown. Instead of using the gel or the standard padding, Ruckus has used the triple-layer flyweight foam padding.

Flyweight is the weight class for a lightweight fighter. The flyweight foam padding means that it will provide essential knuckle protection. This is without compromising the boxers’ punch speed.

Ventilation is critical in a glove and Ruckus says that their boxing gloves are strategically ventilated. What this means is that the air pockets will keep your hands dry and remove any smell from the gloves.

11. Best for Fitness Classes – Sunny Days Entertainment 9Round Fitness Boxing Gloves

Used for: Fitness training

Key features: Lightweight, extra knuckle protection

Material: Faux leather

Color: Red

Type: Training

Just looking for a cheap pair of gloves for your fitness class? You can’t go wrong with these. They’ll give you the feel of boxing gloves, allowing you to get the most out of your fitness class.

Men and women can wear boxing gloves, but most gloves are not suitable for women boxers. It doesn’t fit properly, and that is the primary problem. Women spend a lot of time picking the correct size or adjusting the strap to tighten the gloves.

If they can find a proper fit, their wrist may seem secure, but the knuckle part of the area, even though it is fully padded may feel spacious.

Fortunately, these workout boxing gloves are unisex. The adjustable hook and wrist straps provide a comfortable and secure fit for every size.

The gloves are lightweight and offer great shock-absorbing properties. Durable and quality padding are essential to protect the knuckles from getting injured. Whether that’s practicing combo punches on a bag or sparring with a training partner.

Superior padding and lightweight gloves are the go-to choices for female boxers because it doesn’t put a dent in their punch speed. Fast and power punches are possible without the risk of a hand injury.

12. Best Stylish Gloves – Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Best for: Training or sparring

Key features: High-level shock absorption, microfiber PU casing, hand-sewn

Material: Polyurethane

Color: Black/Bronze, Black/Dark Camo, Black/Gold, Black/Pink Gold, Black/White, Gray, White, Khaki Camo, White/Gold/Black

Type: Training

Want to look amazing in the boxing gym? These gloves will make you stand out from the crowd. The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are all about quality, making them one of the best boxing gloves on the market.

A quick look at the exterior will reveal that the leather used in the manufacturing process is of durable quality. It is fully assembled and hand sewn in Thailand. The quality microfiber PU imported from Japan offers superior durability. Even after a year of use, you will not see any signs of wear and tear.

The padding on the front consists of four layers of foam, fully protecting the knuckles. The palm side of the glove, going all the way down to the wrist, has a medium-density foam. You won’t hurt your hand in kickboxing as all the head kicks are blocked with the palm.

If you’re concerned that your sweaty palms will build an odor, don’t be. The Perforated palm provides better breathability, just let it dry out.

13. Best for Comfort – Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

Used for: Training or sparring

Key features: Premium synthetic leather, full mesh palm

Material: Faux leather

Color: White

Type: Training

If you simply want a comfortable pair of gloves, you’ll love these. Everlast Elite Pro Training Gloves are not expensive and are completely worth it for training purposes.

You can practice combo punches on a heavy bag or mitts, go for a light sparring training session or rehearse your gripping technique. Getting the best boxing gloves and pads is important when starting out and you’ll love these. 

The material is of good quality. It is made of premium synthetic leather. The glove uses a single piece of closed cell foam from the knuckles to the wrist, providing complete hand protection. It keeps your entire arm, wrist, and fist in line. The 3-inch velcro closure straps ensure a firm and secure grip.

The inside material of the gloves is a moisture-wicking liner that absorbs the sweat from the skin. It also has a mesh palm feature for additional ventilation, and the opening near the palm keeps the sweat at a minimum.

Top 10 Best Boxing Glove Brands

Here is a list of the top 10 boxing gloves brands you should consider when buying yourself a fresh pair. We’ve chosen this list based on their consistency, value for money and construction quality. This is based on my experience of using all these types of gloves at one point.

1.    Winning

2.    Everlast

3.    Hayabusa

4.    RDX

5.    Adidas

6.    Cleto Reyes

7.    Ringside

8.    Venum

9.    Ruckus

10.    Top King

What to Look For When Buying Boxing Gloves

So, you are all set to make your first purchase? Whatever type of glove you want, make sure it provides these three essential things.

1.    Protection

2.    Durable exterior

3.    Cool Mesh Palm

Superior knuckle protection and a secure wrist lock minimize the injury to the hand. The quality padding ensures that it absorbs the impact, protecting your knuckles. A proper strap will lock your wrist in place, keeping your entire hand in line when throwing a punch.

With quality leather, you don’t worry about replacing your boxing gloves any time soon. It will last for years with zero to minimize wear and tear.

Ventilation is also crucial. You need to make sure that the sweat goes away so your gloves don’t stink. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time cleaning your gloves.


What is the price range of boxing gloves?

The range depends on the type of glove, the quality, the features, and the company. Gloves usually start from $30 minimum and go up to $150 or more.

Can I use boxing gloves for Muay Thai / MMA?

Yes, you can. However, boxing gloves cannot be used if you are competing in MMA events.

What do I need to wear under the gloves?

You need to wear a hand wrap. It provides extra protection to your knuckles, wrist, and thumb. For training, you can get gel padded hand wraps which are much easier to put on. 

What other equipment should I buy along with boxing gloves?

You would need a mouth guard to protect your jaw and teeth and a groin guard to protect yourself from below-the-belt shorts. Hand wraps for extra protection and boxing shorts.


There are numerous high-quality gloves available in the market. They are all capable of providing a decent amount of protection. However, if we talk about the best boxing glove in general, for me it would be the Cleto Reyes Lace Gloves.

These gloves are all-rounder and can be used for any type of sparring, training, or competition. They are made in Mexico to exceptional quality standards. These are gloves that are never going to let you down. 

With that being said, we loved all the gloves on this list. Make sure you choose a pair that are suitable for your skill level and activity. We hope you enjoy taking the next step on your boxing journey.

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