5 Best Boxing Body Protectors Reviewed in 2023 | Buying Guide

best boxing body protector

Boxing is a contact sport where the risks of sustaining an injury are very high. When training, you need to give yourself the best possible protection and that’s where a body protector comes in.

Thankfully, that’s where I can help. With my expert knowledge developed over many years of boxing training, I’ve scoured the market to come up with the best boxing body protectors available right now. I know how to find the best model for your needs.

In this post I’ll give you an in-depth look at the 5 best boxing body protectors. Whether you are a complete novice or looking to take your skills onto the next level, this list has everything you need.

Let’s get going!

Top Picks

Best ForPracticing full power hitsPunch mitt routinesBeginners on a budget
Product NameContender Fight Sports Body ProtectorRingside Gel Shock Body ProtectorBUKA Boxing Chest Guard
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Who Should Get This

Boxing body protectors are recommended for every boxing trainer who is serious about teaching their fighters the proper sparring techniques. They are also perfect for boxers who want to advance their skills onto the next level.

Even if they train in a controlled environment, boxers can easily injure their trainers when honing their skills. To reduce the risks but still allow their fighters to utilize their full range of movements, trainers should wear boxing body protectors during training.

What to Consider When Choosing Boxing Body Protectors That Fit You Best

Padding Quality

The main purpose of the body protector is to lessen the impacts of the strikes the wearer receives. The secret to this function lies in padding, which is the first thing you will need to look at when contemplating body protector options. 

Before opting for a product, you must consider what kind of training you will use it for. Naturally, the denser the foam, the higher the protection will be. For added security, it’s a good idea to use one that has multiple layers of foam padding.

Size and Weight

A body protector has to be padded enough to withstand striking. At the same time, it should be light enough to be worn for a long period of time. 

You will also have to make sure your shield allows you a free range of movements – especially if you are using it for active sparring. If your body protector is too heavy, this will affect your reaction time and will wear you down faster.

Quality and Durability

Most body protectors are meant to withstand great forces, but this quality needs to last as well. The first thing to check for quality is the stitching. It should be made uniformly, tightly, and from a thick and durable thread. 

The outer covering is another factor that will affect the lifespan of a body protector. Genuine leather is the most durable material, but it’s also the most expensive. On the other hand, synthetic leather is less expensive, albeit it will wear down a little faster.


If you are buying a body protector for professional use in a gym, it will be shared by several people – which means it will have to be adjustable. But even if you are using it for sparring with a partner or friends, you will still probably want the shield to fit all users. 

The better the fit, the more protected the wearer will be. Unless you are buying the body protector for your use exclusively, adjustability will play a significant role in your choice.

Best Boxing Body Protectors – Product Reviews

1. Contender Fight Sports Body Protector

Best Boxing Body Protector | Contender Fight Sports Body Protector
  • Best for: Practicing full power hits
  • Key features: Quick release buckles, adjustable, solid protection
  • Material: Thick shock absorbing foam and leather
  • Ability Level: Advanced

Designed with full protection in mind, this Contender Fight Sports body protector allows the coach to seamlessly incorporate body punches into the routines of their trainees. It can also be a great solution for home workouts and practicing sparring at home with a friend or partner.

Since its outer shell is made of synthetic leather, this body protector is not only durable but easy to clean as well. Its heavy nylon straps make it easily adjustable, and the quick-release buckles enable its easy removal from the body.

This Contender training body protector has a chest shield and rib guard incorporated into one effective system. The inner shock-absorbing foam protection is densely built and can uphold against to even the hardest punishment. At the same time, it’s incredibly lightweight, so it won’t restrict the wearer’s movements either.

This way, everyone from professional contact sport athletes to recreational boxers can train safely and use their full force. Their trainers or sparring partners can take their sessions to a whole new level and do this without risking getting injured.

2. Ringside Gel Shock Body Protector

Best Boxing Body Protector | Ringside Gel Shock Body Protector
  • Best for: Punch mitt routines
  • Key features: Complete coverage, gel shock-absorbing, adjustable
  • Material: Synthetic leather with gel foam padding
  • Ability Level: All

If you are training a professional fighter, this Body Protector will be in your corner to elevate your game, but it works just as fine for training amateurs as well. Not only does it cover the belly, but it provides complete side protection – making its use possible for developing power punches and kicks.

Whether it’s hit with a mitt or shoe, the durable synthetic leather construction will not budge. Plus, the padding made with gel shock technology will disperse any shocks before it even reaches the wearer’s body. This protector can be a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to prioritize safety while enjoying training or sparring.

This protector can be a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to prioritize safety while enjoying training or sparring. It even has adjustable straps that help mold the shield perfectly to the body, so the wearer can use their full range of mobility.

They can take powerful hits without risking injury, even from power punches and kicks. In fact, since the product is designed for this purpose, it’s recommended to hit it only with a glove or shoe.

3. Title Boxing Classic Body Protector

Best Boxing Body Protector | Title Boxing Classic Body Protector
  • Best for: Absorbing various punches and kicks
  • Key features: Padded shoulder straps, raised target zones, top-notch construction
  • Material: Multi-layer foam padding
  • Ability Level: Advanced

With its new, technologically advanced design, this Title body protector definitely provides a good value for the money. Despite being heavy-duty and extremely protective of all targeted zones, it’s super lightweight and adjustable.

The body protector is anatomically shaped, and its curve fits perfectly to the human body. Because of this form-fitting feature, its raised zones will always protect the most vulnerable parts of the body, which is their exact purpose.

While the entire body of the protector is equipped with multi-layer foam padding, the raised target zone is packed with an even denser foam. Regardless of the force the fighter punches, kicks, or strikes, the trainer won’t feel it.

The synthetic leather cover is crafted to endure round after round of training. This is partially possible because the material is sewn and not glued together. No matter how intense the training session gets, the trainers can stay safe and dry.

The inside of the protector is made from a moisture-wicking material, which also keeps the body cool. Adjustable padded shoulder straps, clips, and seatbelt back straps make this protector perfect for multiple users, as all of them could customize the fit.

4. RDX TKD Chest Guard Body Protector

Best Boxing Body Protector | RDX TKD Chest Guard Body Protector
  • Best for: Intermediate level boxers
  • Key features: Durable, reversible design, hook and loop nylon straps
  • Material: Hide leather with foam lamination
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Although it’s primarily advertised for Taekwondo, this RDX body protector can be used for any type of contact sport where there is a high possibility of chest or abdominal injury. It can be used by professional boxing coaches, in a home gym while sparring with an untrained partner, or even in basketball.

The tough and strong design will make the wearer confident in the protection they are getting. The patented Maya Hide leather used as an outer material is armor in itself, but it’s also padded with 18mm Eva foam and a 24 mm lamination. This enhances the protector’s shock absorbent capability and will make it last for a long period of time.

The PU piping and the triple nylon stitching ensure further durability. The body protector is easy to put on via the elastic straps that incorporate a hook-and-loop and end with a nylon strap for ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

While reversibility certainly adds to its aesthetic value, the main purpose of this design is that if the person wearing it gets too hot, they can just turn the protector inside out to cool their body.

5. BUKA Boxing Chest Guard

Best Boxing Body Protector | BUKA Boxing Chest Guard
  • Best for: Beginners on a budget
  • Key features: Wrap-around design, solid padding, lightweight
  • Material: Artificial leather and gel integrated foam
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Made of high-quality artificial leather, the outer material of this BUKA body protector is designer long-term use and has a high level of functionality. Despite being in the low price range category, it provides all the protection the wearer needs against beginner to intermediate level kicks and punches.

This is made possible with 3 layers of padding that’s designed for solid shock absorption. While these layers may seem thinner than in similar products, these are made of gel integrated foam, which can withstand a lot more force than regular foam filling.

Although it comes in one standard size, the straps in the back make it adjustable. The wrap-around design and the interlaced ties also enable a more secure fit – complying with all contact sport regulations. This way, it won’t slide up and down with movement and leave the target areas unprotected.

At the same time, this shield allows enough freedom to use the arms and the legs – perfect for active sparring as well. If both partners are wearing it, they can have a much better training experience without compromising each other’s safety.

My Verdict

Whether you are a trainer, an amateur, or a professional fighter who wants to practice sparring, having an adequate body protector is necessary for safe and effective training. While all of the products listed in this article can fulfill these purposes on their intended level, the most recommended one is Ringside Gel Shock Body Protector.

This shield is adequate for all levels of training, from beginner to advanced. With it, everyone can practice every type of kick, punch, and throw without risking causing an injury to the wearer. Plus, its shock-absorbing ability has impressed a large number of users both in professional and home settings.


Can I hit a body protector without gloves?

Since most body protectors are padded, hitting them without gloves would hurt your wrists and knuckles. Because of this, it’s not recommended to go gloveless when hitting these shields. Remember, you are striking a tough surface designed to withstand powerful forces, so it’s always better to be on the safe side and use boxing gloves.

If I wear a boxing body protector, do I need to wear focus mitts too?

You don’t have to, but focus mitts always provide a fighter with a more realistic fight simulation. So it depends on which techniques you want them to acquire and what motivates them the most. Some fighters don’t need focus mitts to get into the game, while others like to practice with the combination of mitts and body protectors.

How to keep a body protector clean?

Naturally, you can’t wash a body protector, but this is no reason not to keep it clean and tidy. Most of them are made of leather or artificial leather, so you can wipe them down with a wet cloth or sanitary tissue after each use, particularly on the inside. Let it dry on its own, in a warm and dry place.

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