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best bjj rash guards

With the continuing massive growth of popularity in martial arts, there has never been a time when more rashguards of different varieties have been available on the market. However, more isn’t always better, in fact, more can often be confusing.

I’ve been training in martial arts for the last couple of years and have even fought professionally, there is no doubt that having quality rash guards have allowed me to train at the best of my ability without being distracted by sub-par clothing.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the right choices when it comes to selecting the best rash guards for your needs. Remember, you can never have enough rash guards but even one rubbish rash guard is one too many.

Top Picks:

Best forBJJ enthusiast that wants a brand they can trustA style conscious Martial Artist on a budgetA martial artist that demands quality
Product NameSanabul Rash GuardLaFroi Rash GuardGold BJJ Rash Guard
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Who should get this?

If you’re serious about martial arts, keeping yourself healthy is essential. It is far too easy to sprain muscles, and injure training partners with loose clothing i.e. fingers or toes getting caught in a T-shirt.

Every martial artist should have at least 3 rashguards (ideally five)  so that they can pick out a fresh one before each training session. This is both hygienic and nice for your training partners!

Whether it’s boxing, karate, brazilian jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, mixed martial arts or any other form of combat sport, rash guards should be worn at all times to provide safety for the muscles and optimal hygiene.

What’s the Difference Between Rash Guards and Compression Shirts?

A rash guard provides protection for the entire length of the arm, whereas a compression shirt only offers protection until the end of the bicep. Fundamentally you’re looking for as much protection as possible when doing any martial art due to the strain you put on your body when you are training.

5 Best BJJ Rash Guards Reviews

1. Sanabul Rash Guard (IBJJF approved) – Best For the BJJ enthusiast that wants a brand they can trust

Sanabul is a tried and tested brand that produces high-quality combat sport products at affordable prices. They most certainly didn’t miss the mark with the Sanabul Rash Guard. Although the rash guard was designed with BJJ competitors in mind (the arm colors signifying the belt level of the competitor), it is most certainly a well-crafted rash guard that will do an excellent job at protecting you regardless of the combat sport you will be using it in.

Key Features

  • Revolutionary underarm mesh panel that helps moisture escape away from your body and keep you dry
  • IBJJF approved for no-gi competitions
  • Fast drying technology


  • Product and brand that deliver quality on a consistent basis
  • Highly durable, providing amazing bang for your $
  • Elegant design
  • SPF 50+ protection


  • Has been known to color bleed, ensure you give it a few washes in hot water first to avoid this from happening.


Overall, this is an excellent purchase for those looking for an affordable rash guard with breathable and drying technology often only found on higher price tag models. IBJJF has already approved this rash guard for competition use which is a really positive endorsement and means that you can go straight into a competition wearing this. Unfortunately, it isn’t perfect though, some customers have complained about the color bleeding issue mentioned above. 

2. LAFROI Rash Guard – Best For a style conscious Martial Artist on a budget

Although a relatively unknown brand, LAFROI have amassed a significant amount (in the thousands) of positive reviews for their rash guards. Not only are they slightly more affordable than the other options that I’ve picked out for you, they also have some pretty damn sexy designs too. If it is an eye-catching kick ass look you’re going for with decent build quality, a LAFROI rash guard might be the one for you.

Key Features

  • A selection of over 20 awesome designs
  • Elasticated bottom to ensure snug fit


  • Specially designed to reduce chafing 
  • Quality perspiration absorption technology
  • Cost-effective
  • SPF 50+ protection


  • Sizing can be a potential issue, recommended to go a size up


I love having a couple of these types of rash guards in my collection. When I’m feeling like a badass (it happens from time to time) and I put one of these on, it elevates me to a whole new level. What it makes up for in awesome design it lacks in durability, so don’t go hoping for this to last you a couple years. What you can expect from it though is a lot of compliments, decent protection and versatility in the activities you can use it in.

3. Gold BJJ Rash Guard – Best For the Martial Artist that demands quality

Gold BJJ have really done a great job with this rash guard. I’m not surprised though, as the company is run by BJJ enthusiasts that know exactly what is required of the rash guards they use in competition and training. With this in mind, you can expect this not only to be ideal for BJJ but also for any kind of combat sport training. These guys are so confident in their products that they offer a no questions asked return guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product. Not bad at all right?

Key Features

  • Flatlock stitching making chaffing a thing of the past
  • Color that won’t peel or flake
  • Optimized design to avoid rash guard from rolling up


  • Endorsed by IBJJF
  • A collection of colors available that can match your rank in BJJ or simply your color preference in general (don’t compete with the wrong color on in BJJ!)
  • Simple sexy design


  • Slightly more pricey than the other options
  • Some customers have found it a little tight on the neck


Although slightly more pricey than the other options, this product really delivers when it comes to truly understanding the needs of a combat athlete that wears a rash guard. This is likely down to the knowledge shared from the owners to the design team to get it just right. Very impressive rash guard with a whole lot of positive reviews, I want a couple of these in my collection ASAP!

4. Sanabul Funk Strike Rash Guard – Best For the Martial Artist that wants style and quality

Fancy a mixture of quality and eye-catching? The Sanabul Funk Strike collection may be just what you are looking for. As with any Sanabul product, you can rest assured that the product you receive will be well made and meet the requirements for whatever activity you decide to do with it. It’s more fun to kick ass while looking sexy, or so I’m told.

Key Features

  • Aesthetic design
  • Allows for improved blood flow
  • Effective ventilation 


  • Quality that has former UFC MiddleWeight champion Michael Bisping endorsing it
  • Super eye-catching design that will grab attention
  • Graduated compression allowing for optimal blood flow to muscles
  • Mesh underarm to allow for adequate ventilation for those heavy sessions
  • No shrinking or color running!


  • Can be a bit tight around the neck


If you’re keen on a solid brand name, you can’t go wrong with Sanabul. Not only does the Funk Strike collection ensure quality, the awesome designs will have you excited to go to practice when you put it on. 

5. Adoreism Rash Guard – Best For the Martial Artist that wants to stand out

Still haven’t found the design that is a perfect fit for you? Maybe it is time to check out Adoreism’s collection. They have some really awesome rash guards that boast many of the same benefits as the other more well-known pieces mentioned previously. You can rest assured you’ll be happy with the product you receive, hundreds of customers vouch for the quality and durability of Adoreism rash guards.

Key Features

  • SPF 50+ sun protection
  • Awesome designs
  • Anti-chafing 


  • New designs not found elsewhere
  • Flatlock stitching to keep things comfortable
  • Breathable material


  • Many customers recommend going a size up!


Although not created specifically for combat sports, the Adoreism Rash Guard can more than meet the requirements. With awesome unique designs, and features such as flatlock stitching and SPF 50+ protection you can’t go wrong with this piece. Just remember, go a size up.

Final Thoughts

Call me old-fashioned but when it comes to picking out products, I like going with brands I know I can trust.

That’s why I have rated Sanabul’s rash guards so highly in this review. Their consistent quality and features would make having a collection of Sanabul rash guards an excellent choice for any martial artist. 

However, although Gold BJJ rash guard is a far lesser-known brand, you can really tell the knowledge, love and understanding for martial arts that has been put into creating their rash guards. 

All in all, I would be really happy to have an assortment of Sanabul and Gold BJJ rash guards to add to my collection (wink wink Santa Claus).

Be sure to take into consideration all of the information shared in this comparison guide before making your final decision. This will ensure you can find the right rash guard to fit your budget and requirements.

Lastly, be sure to share this guide on your social media account so you can be that awesome friend that helped your connections pick out the right rash guards for them with the least amount of effort!


What features do the rash guards have?

Generally speaking, all modern rashguards should have a few key features in common. Firstly, they should be made of materials that offer quick drying. This ensures that when you are sweating like crazy it doesn’t leave you dripping everywhere. Secondly, quality rash guards should offer ventilation for the armpits. Then finally flatlock stitching is also a technique that is becoming more and more common to avoid chafing.

Do rash guards stretch over time?

You will generally find that a quality-made rash guard will not stretch over time. However, even with the big brands, it can happen from time to time. What I suggest is making sure you are taking good care of your rash guards, this means washing them and drying them appropriately after each use. Proper maintenance should significantly lower any chances of stretching occurring. 

How tight should a rash guard be BJJ?

You want to make sure that a rash guard is tight enough that it is able to compress your muscles appropriately. This is especially the case with martial arts. Loose-fitting rash guards protect your body from friction burns and bacteria getting into open wounds however it is only doing part of the job a rash guard should be doing. Your rash guard should be a snug fit, which means that it should be acting as a second skin.

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